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Cholesterol drugs could give you a heart attack
October 06, 2019

Are You on Statins?

Have you seen the latest ads about Qunol? The main thrust of this ad is that you should take their Qunol IF you are on Cholesterol drugs


What is the connection between Qunol and Cholesterol drugs [Statins]

If you have been reading the emails I send you, you would notice that one of the constant themes in my pieces is this.. ..that the Cholesterol drug hype is a money making scam

Now back to the Qunol ads

In one of the newsletter I sent you sometime ago, I informed you that the FDA came out with a new directive about cholesterol drugs

Specifically, the FDA "advised" Statin manufacturers to fortify their drugs with Co-enzyme Q10


Because Cholesterol drugs deplete your body's supply of Co-enzyme Q10

So what is Co-enzyme Q10?

Co-enzyme Q10 is to your heart what gasoline is to your car
It is what your heart uses to power itself and keep its rhythm

What are the implications of low CQ10?
A heart attack and/or stroke, that's what!

That's the why of that Qunol television ads that I referenced above

The FDA recognizes, and admits that Cholesterol drugs could give you a heart attack and stroke!!
And that's just 1 of the many side effects of Statins

Say what?

Aren't cholesterol drugs supposed to PREVENT heart attacks and strokes?

Why would a drug that's supposed to prevent a disease put you at a higher risk of same disease?

That's exactly what the hoax is!

Here is my take on the cholesterol debate

Click the link to read it

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