Have you fallen for the cholesterol hoax that can ruin your health and send you to an early grave?

This cholesterol hoax has now been exposed as a Boogieman disease!

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The "New" cholesterol guideline of 2012

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The profitable scam has been in full swing with new cholesterol lowering drug guidelines

Those guidelines would have more than doubled the number of people on Statins!

      That was in 2012!

Here is the link to that cholesterol drug guideline

Unfortunately, that cholesterol hoax is still going strong!

Cholesterol IS good for You!

And lowering it with Statins could send you to an early grave!

Inconvenient truth about cholesterol drugs

Did you know authorities tried to ban the video above in Australia?
The truth it tells is just too inconvenient

There is a part 2 to this video too
Watch it below.
I hope the money mongers have not succeeded in pressuring the government to take that one down too!

Did you hear that?

These doctors say that the lower your cholesterol or die mantra, is a bold face lie-a money making scam!

Experts who have had enough of
the cholesterol hoax

These are experts who have decided to yank their brains from under
their feet

And drug companies have been working this scam for decades..

..at your expense!!

And I'll admit it's been extremely profitable too
But it is still a scam just the same!

Cholesterol Facts

  1. People with higher cholesterol-preferably over 150-live longer
  2. One thing common in Alzheimer's patients is low cholesterol
  3. Every cell in your body needs cholesterol
  4. 25% of your body's cholesterol is in your brain
  5. Your brain uses cholesterol to power electrical signals
  6. Your muscles use cholesterol in the production of energy
  7. Your liver uses cholesterol in the manufacture of hormones
  8. Your liver uses cholesterol to manufacture bile salts for digestion!
  9. 80% of your body's cholesterol is made by your liver-not from your diet!!
  10. And as admitted by the FDA, cholesterol drugs depletes your body's CQ10!

What is CQ10?

CQ10 is your heart's gasoline-its fuel

CQ10 is the nutrient your heart uses to generate energy, regulate heart rhythm etc.

Lowering it could give you a heart attack, heart failure!

Now, I ask you, a NUTRIENT this critical to health..
Why is it bad for you?

            IT IS NOT!

If you think cholesterol is bad for you, you've just been had by the cholesterol hoax-and its intention is to pick your pocket.

That's bad enough, but it gets worse

Your health could be irreversibly damaged!

The New Cholesterol Drug Guideline

Then in 2013, the FDA put out yet another cholesterol drug guideline

It, the FDA, recommended Statins use to include children as young as 12!

The New, New Cholesterol Drug Guideline!

Then we are told in late 2015 that we do not really have to worry about our cholesterol after all

Oh boy, what a relieve!

The Brand New, New Cholesterol Guideline!

Then comes yet another New Cholesterol Guideline [Nov 2016] that now says EVERYONE over 40 should be taking Statins!

Statins, low cholesterol and poor health

 Within days of the fan-fare of the unveiling of this cholesterol hoax gospel, even some doctors have started voicing some strong reservations.
 This skepticism is also shared by non-medical personnel who use common sense to reach the conclusion that..

  • A nutrient as beneficial as cholesterol cannot be as bad as Statin manufacturers would have you believe

  • Cholesterol lowering drugs are a very profitable money making scam..
    and this as it damages your health!

FDA Acknowledges Statins can trigger a heart attack

The FDA is all over the place regarding these boogieman drugs

While it [the FDA] acknowledges that Cholesterol lowering drugs can cause a heart attack, it nevertheless advises people to keep on taking them!

This, in spite of the fact that Cholesterol drugs are a profit driven hoax and are dangerous to your health

What are Statins?

Statins are drugs used to lower cholesterol
They have been a class of the most lucrative drugs ever!

The most popular and the one that has generated the most profits is
 Pfizer's Lipitor!

An Important Cholesterol Fact!

Cholesterol drug can give you a heart attack/stroke

Cholesterol drugs depletes your body's CQ10 level

What is CQ10?

CQ10 is what heart muscles use for energy .

It is the nutrient your heart also uses to keep its rhythm
In other words, Co-enzyme Q10 is your heart's "gasoline"

This is the very nutrient cholesterol drugs deplete

A low level of CQ10 will give you a heart attack or stroke!


A drug supposedly meant to benefit heart health can actually give you a heart attack!

Do you now see why Statins are a cholesterol hoax masquerading as a beneficial drug?

Let's make another bold, shocking statement-a statement that the FDA now agrees with..

Your dietary fat intake has little or no correlation with your blood cholesterol

       Know why?


About 80% of cholesterol in your body is made by the liver!

This fat intake-cholesterol connection, has been at the heart of the lower your cholesterol hoax

But it is a fallacy..

according to those who know more about about the topic

It had been discredited decades ago-but who was listening?

   NOT the FDA!

So if this bankrupt narrative has been discredited, how come all cholesterol lowering drugs have not been banned?

Cholesterol drugs can cause Erectile Dysfunction

Cholesterol drugs can lower Testosterone


Low cholesterol is a risk factor for erectile dysfunctionLow cholesterol is a risk factor for low libido. Cholesterol is needed to synthesize testosterone, the male erection hormone

Well, testosterone, and Anabolic hormones for that matter are made from cholesterol

If your cholesterol level had been lowered with cholesterol drugs, your body may not have enough raw material to synthesize testosterone.

Your may become a wet noodle in the bedroom, rather than a man of steel!


Cholesterol drugs can ruin your sex life..

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Why do you have to lower cholesterol?

If you put this question to cholesterol manufacturers, they would tell you it is to lower your risks of heart disease and strokes

Which is very ironic!


   Because according to the FDA:

One of the side effects of Cholesterol drugs is..
..are you ready for this?

Heart attacks, strokes and heart failure!

Remember the FDA is the agency that approved these drugs in the first place

This is why a lot of experts regard statins a money making cholesterol hoax

But this is not the only risk of cholesterol drugs


Now Let us make another bold statement..

Cholesterol drugs have NOT been proved to lower your risks of heart disease/heart attack!

In fact, the opposite is true!!

Why you may not want to lower your cholesterol with drugs

Here are some of the health risks of low cholesterol

One of the serious side effects of cholesterol drugs is memory loss
Low cholesterol is also a risk factor for poor memory!

  • Low testosterone is one of the health risks of low cholesterol.
    If your cholesterol is too low, you might produce some weepy, wimpy sperm-you might not be able to have babies; because cholesterol is needed for the synthesis of testosterone.

  • Higher risk of Alzheimer's

  • Higher risks of cancer

  • Premature death

  • Higher risks of heart disease

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Higher risks of fatigue

  • Infertility

  • Liver damage

  • Diabetes

  • Muscle damage

  • Infertility

  • Memory problems

Health Risks of cholesterol drugs

Yes, this cholesterol hoax can cost you dearly

Here are some of the risks of Statins [Cholesterol lowering drugs]

  •  Memory loss

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Confusion and disorientation 

  • Joint pain

  • Muscle damage 

  • Nerve Inflammation 

  • Blurred vision
  • Kidney damage  

  • Liver damage 

  • Spike in insulin level


Cholesterol drugs and your liver

Testosterone chemical structureThe chemical structure of testosterone is actually similar to that of cholesterol. Testosterone, the male erection hormone is synthesized from cholesterol. Low cholesterol by inference is a risk factor for low testosterone and erectile dysfunction

Here is where the FDA warns about the health risks of cholesterol drugs to your liver

Now, testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol

80% pf your body's cholesterol is manufactured by your liver

Your diet has little or nothing to do with your cholesterol level!

Now if your cholesterol level is low-maybe as a result of taking cholesterol lowering drugs, how is your body going to get the raw material to synthesize Testosterone?

It is now clear how statins ruin your sex life

But it is worse than that

The liver is the detoxifying factory in your body

It also manufactures vitamins, digestive enzymes, recycle red blood cells etc.

Are you one of those fooled by slick cholesterol scam advertising?

The barrage of ads in all of media say you  have to lower your cholesterol level with their drugs or else..

Which leads to the next logical question: Why should you lower your cholesterol?

 The drug companies answer...To lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases


Very noble of them, won't you say?

They are not even motivated by profits-only by a desire to make you healthy!

The healthiest heart in the world!

But this is what put a lie to cholesterol drug hype.

Did you know that the healthiest hearts in the world belong to the Tsimane people of Bolivia?

This people have never heard of, let alone use Cholesterol drugs before..

In fact, they do NOT use any synthetic drugs at all.

And yet, an 80 year Tsimane is the same biological age as a 50 year old American!

Think about that for a minute.

Nitric oxide and a healthy heart

Foods that boost serum nitric oxideNitric oxide is a molecule that beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat ED It is a heart healthy nutrient that also improves brain health and boosts energy

Nitric oxide is the heart healthy molecule that was declared Molecule of the Year in 1992.

In fact, research into nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in 1998

This natural molecule:

         The folly of statins

Now, let's accept for the sake of argument that statins do lower cholesterol
 But there are a few problems even if they do

For one, cholesterol lowering drugs have horrible side effects, AND..

Lowering your cholesterol level will NOT reduce your risks of heart attacks, strokes or other heart related diseases!

Their ads  admit that, albeit in fine print. Read it!

Please read that again, because it is  NOT a misprint.

Cholesterol is just the perfect boogieman for perpetual profits, that's all.
 But here is something else in the cholesterol debate..

Low cholesterol is a risk factor for a lot of diseases.
Researches have borne this out in several countries

The cholesterol hoax is a profit driven engine of misinformation, lies and outright fraud!

These guidelines are how drug companies hope to turn millions of otherwise healthy people into perpetual patients, for the sake of perpetual profits

Where have you seen this movie before?

    Oh, yes!

With that sweet poison, Aspartame, in all its incarnations.

A poison that political intrigue put on your dinner table

And who can forget GM [Genetically Modified] seeds, that seed companies want to use-and are actually using-to destroy natural foods, and substitute their harmful versions, for what nature has spent millions of years perfecting!

Those movies, in all their harmful takes, are still playing-to the detriment of your health

While the FDA regarded this as new guidelines, a lot of people regard it as..


 A fraud, that is!!

Why do these people feel this way?

  • Maybe because researches over the years have documented the dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs..

  • Maybe because cholesterol lowering drugs are actually ineffective in enhancing people's health.. 

  • Maybe because the huge profits statins have generated-and are still generating-for their manufacturers make telling the truth impossible!

Low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack, Alzheimer's, and ill health in general!

  • Low cholesterol is a risk factor for poor health!

  • A cholesterol of 240, according to research IS actually a healthy level.

  • AND did you know low cholesterol level is actually a risk factor for heart attack and Alzheimer's disease?

  • The highest concentration of cholesterol in the body, is in the brain-in fact. 25% of the body's cholesterol is IN THE BRAIN!

  •  Have you ever wondered why we are not all catatonic epileptics by now?

  • Cholesterol is what the brain uses to power electrical signals

 If the brain needs cholesterol to function-and it does-, it follows then that a too low level would impair brain function, right?

  This is simple common sense conclusion, except to some self serving experts, who have got their cholesterol levels too low to think properly.

  Cholesterol Drugs damage the liver

If you lower cholesterol levels with medications..

..have you really enhanced the health of the patient?

So the liver says to itself:

This idiot is trying to undo the work I just did. So the liver makes some more cholesterol to undo that foolishness!

Know why?

 Because the level may NOT be high in the first place!

Your liver monitors the amount of cholesterol in your body and makes more..

So cholesterol level goes up again, the medication is used to lower the level-a perpetual cycle of profits for the pill's manufacturer.

The liver, the cholesterol manufacturing factory, is now being overworked and may be damaged

This is one of the ways Statins damage the liver.

The liver, master organ damaged by this cholesterol hoax

 The liver:

  • It is the primary detoxifying organ in the body

  • It synthesizes hormones. Guess what the liver uses to manufacture hormones?
    That's right, CHOLESTEROL!

  • It manufactures digestive enzymes

  • It manufactures red blood cells

  • It manufactures vitamins etc.

Cholesterol, your liver and sudden death

From the forgoing, you can imagine the harm, that any damage to your liver, can do to your health

But this is the same organ that cholesterol lowering drugs can, and do damage!

And if it is severely damaged, your only options are..

  1. A liver transplant
  2. Or death

Even the FDA acknowledged Statins damage the liver

So, don't think the regulating agencies are not aware of the health risks of statins


This cholesterol hoax has just been too profitable, that's all!

The FDA issued warnings about the dangers of cholesterol drugs some years back.
I know what you're thinking.

If the FDA knew about these dangers, why not ban these drugs altogether?
And why haven't you heard about these warnings?

Well, ask the FDA!

Your children on drugs-Statin drugs, that is!

Remember I said earlier that the drug companies wanted to expand the pool of perpetual patients

In 2012, the FDA recommended that some teenagers be put on statin regimen

In the United States, it was recommended that 9-11 year olds be screened for cholesterol levels-this was in December 2011..

AND, if these kids are from families with histories of cardiovascular diseases, and their cholesterol levels are "deemed" to be high, they could be put on statin medications.

The idea was to expand the pool of perpetual patients on statins

That's what I call cholesterol hoax on steroid!

Can You Spell P-R-O-F-I-T-S?

I know you could!

That right there, is at the heart of this cholesterol hoax.

Get enough of us on it for more profits!

Perpetual patients for perpetual profits

But, these people are not just perpetual patients, they would be perpetual victims of this massive cholesterol hoax

Fortunately, ALL these guidelines have now collapsed under the weight of Truth about this cholesterol scam

Explosion of cholesterol drug prescriptions

There has been a dramatic increase of people on cholesterol drugs in the last decade

Except, a lot of these people are NOT really sick!

What do I mean?

Well, consider this..

Cholesterol hoax model-treat the symptom, not the underlying disease

If you are hungry, and you feel faint, eating would alleviate the problem, won't it?

Now, let me ask you a question:

Is the hunger or the fatigue you feel a disease that needs medication, or is it the lack of food in your system?

If some one had offered you a drug to treat your hunger, you would regard him/her as an idiot..

..or worse,


That's because you know the fatigue is a symptom of hunger, and the hunger is a symptom of lack of food in your system

The simple solution is to eat!

Well, high cholesterol-IF it is high at all- IS a symptom

And treating this symptom with drugs is as foolish..

fraudulent-as treating hunger with drugs!

This is NOT my opinion.

This is the opinion of experts who have actually done the research-experts who have not been corrupted by money and who have refused to fall for the cholesterol hoax

Low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks-AND more.

Know the Facts Save your heart

The FDA issued warnings about the new cholesterol drug, PCSK9 inhibitors

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has become aware of cognitive adverse events related to a closely watched group of experimental anti-cholesterol drugs.."

English translation: If you take these drugs, your brain can become mush!

We've known this class of drugs such as Statins cause cognitive impairment, memory loss, amnesia confusion.

Yet Statins have not been banned, even in the face of the recognition of this cholesterol hoax

Cholesterol is needed by every cell in the body. This may be why Statins cause muscle damage

But more so, cholesterol is needed by the brain to transmit messages-in fact the brain is the site of highest, single concentration of cholesterol in the body...

A whopping 25% of it at that!

Remember earlier, the FDA acknowledged that Statins may cause brain impairment?

Now we have some idea why

The truth is, that statin manufacturers have been perpetuating this cholesterol hoax for decades; and I must admit, it has been a lucrative scam. Unfortunately, you might have been one of those hurt by these drugs. But you now know better!

In the face of this cholesterol hoax..

  Who can you trust?

  • Not the government

  • Not the drug companies!

  • Your doctor-make sure s/he is not on take by drug companies!

  In Conclusion:

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Remember, this cholesterol hoax lasted for decades..

Actually, it's still going on
Cholesterol drugs are still on the market..

..with billions of dollars in profits for drug companies

Where was the government all these years?

That's right!

Apparently on the side of the drug companies?

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