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The health risks of testosterone drugs have spurn several lawsuits
April 05, 2014

Lawsuits about testosterone drugs risks have now mushroomed

I have written about all this before but the ever increasing numbers of lawsuits about testosterone drugs call for more emphasis

What's fueling testosterone lawsuits

This is more important because a lot of men are still falling for testosterone drug advertisements on television and online

The latest lawsuit in this barrage is from Philadelphia by a man who had a heart attack he attributed to taking the testosterone drug, Testim, a testosterone drug manufactured by GlaxoKlineSmith

This is why I am talking about the dangers of testosterone drugs-again

FDA's Testosterone drug risks warning

You would remember that I made a post about testosterone drug risks a while back

As if that's not enough, the FDA issued some safety warnings about the heart attack risks of testosterone drugs

I guess no one told these men of this FDA warning

If no one did, I am doing it now

But if they had been reading this newsletter, they would have known

That's why I hope you'll do your friends a favor and encourage them to subscribe to Natural Health News newsletter now

Testosterone drugs pose more serious health risks to you, and to any female-young and old-around you

The vigorous male-a healthier way

It is my hope that men will get the message that a strong libido is not worth the risks that testosterone drugs pose, especially when there is a natural alternative for getting a hard erection

Read this post to see why some think the testosterone scare is just that-a scare, and how you can increase your sex drive if it is low in the first place

It's natural, or it's poison

Besides, flooding the body with synthetic testosterone-which is what testosterone drugs do-is unhealthy

This is why the body reacts negatively to these chemicals because it does not recognize them as natural-so it [the body] tries to get rid of them

Testosterone drugs have been very lucrative for their manufacturers, but profits should not come at the expense of your health.

And you know what's really tragic about the whole thing?

A lot of men who have trouble getting erection do NOT need testosterone-synthetic or natural!

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