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What IF you're paying to undermine your own health?
May 26, 2019

Are You paying Undermine Your Own health?

YOU are the best suited to look out for your health

The FDA allows:

  • Up to 2 maggots in your spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce
  • Up to 15 fruit fly eggs
  • No more than 1 rodent hair per 100 grams of Peanut butter etc

I hope I haven't spoiled your appetite

That's not all either


Who is looking out for your interest?

The folks who are charged with protecting your health have colluded with big companies

If you know the extent, you would be tearing your hair out

If you thought that's really horrible, how about this?

Did you know some ingredients banned in the European Union are in cosmetics in the US?

So those high priced lotions, serums shampoos you lather on your skin, may be killing you slowly
The Europeans certainly think so; that's why they banned them

Whatever gets on you could potentially get in you
That's how trans-dermal medicines work

Your skin is the largest organ in your body

This is why you should always choose Organic Vegan Skin Care Cosmetics


Who is looking out for your health?


IF you do not, no one will!

You don't believe me?


What if I told you someone actually discovered the major cause of Cancer and how to defeat it?

And what IF I tell you this is actually an old discovery

How old?

How about 1923!

How do you know this discovery is not a sham?

How about IF I told you this brilliant scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery

IN 1931!!

You don't win the Nobel Prize in medicine by being stupid, do you?
In fact, this brilliant scientist IS the ONLY person to ever win 2 Solo Nobel Prizes

I know you are wondering:

Why isn't this discovery not being shouted fron the rooftop everywhere

Why is it not a service announcement on every Television station everyday?

I'll be writing about this remarkable man and his discovery later
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Do you take Statins?


Here is another class of drugs where the government, drug companies and even doctors have colluded

Orwellian language has been deployed to ram this dangerous drug down your throat

But read this post to see how this class of drugs can:

  • Destroy your health
  • Give you a heart attack-yes, you read that right!
  • Destroy your sex life
  • Destroy your memory etc.

You and you only are the best person to protect your health

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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