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Cholesterol Drug Lies Can Kill You-If you fall for them
December 13, 2016

Cholesterol Drug Lies Can Kill You-IF you fall for them


Don't look now, but there seems to be a concerted effort to salvage the reputation of cholesterol lowering drugs.

Even after the FDA warned about the heart attack risks of Statins, reports keep coming out about "new found benefits" of this class of drugs

Here is one such report
But I'm not buying it, neither should you!

The risks of cholesterol drugs go beyond heart attacks

Remember I told you about the faked research from Harvard University concerning sugar
Read the report.

Do you know how dangerous cholesterol drugs are?
Read this post about the health risks of statins and the money making scams they are!

You want to be healthy?
You better make sure your cholesterol level is at least 190!

I know, I know..
That contradicts all you see on television and the advice from your doctor

Cholesterol drugs are a money making scam!
A lot of folks now know that

Which is why you may be seeing "new benefits of cholesterol drugs" popping up from "Researches."

Let's state this categorically: Cholesterol drugs are a money making scam!

The FDA agrees they are dangerous to your health, but have not banned them.

Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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