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People With High Cholesterol Live Longer!
April 20, 2015

Folks With High Cholesterol Actually Live Longer

Did you know people with high cholesterol actually live longer?

You would remember I sent some information about about cholesterol fraud that lasted for decades before the authorities confessed to its profit driven motivation.

These cholesterol fraud has actually cost you; and I'm not just talking about money

So why Am I still talking about it?

Risks Cholesterol Drugs

Because these class of drugs have not been banned! I still see the ads for cholesterol lowering drugs on television

Never mind that cholesterol lowering drugs can..

  • Damage your kidneys
  • Damage your liver
  • Cause memory impairment
  • Cause vision problems
  • Cause infertility-cholesterol is needed for the manufacture of sex hormones etc.

Welcome to the profit driven Cholesterol Hoax

So why has these poisons NOT been banned?

If the authorities say that we really do NOT have to worry about cholesterol, that means you don't need them, right?

Won't it make more sense then, to ban these drugs that are not only useless but dangerous?

WHY? How about profits?

Since you subscribe to Natural Health News Newsletter, you knew several years ago the cholesterol drugs money scam

Because I have been warning-on my website and in this Newsletter-about the health risks of cholesterol drugs and the big hole it can drill in your wallet

I have also been warning about the fact that you can't depend on the government to safeguard your health

This cholesterol fraud that had been allowed to go on for decades is your proof-if you ever need one Securing your health-that's your job!

You do not have to be a doctor.
In most cases, you only have to use common sense and listen to your body.

Now, let's apply some common sense on this cholesterol drug hype. Most of the Cholesterol in your body is in your brain.. A whopping 25% of it!

Now ask yourself this:
If Cholesterol is that bad of a Boogieman as the drug companies would have you believe, all of us should be Epileptic by now

Bears and Cholesterol

Consider this also..
Bears-at least in winter during hibernation, can have cholesterol level as high as 500!!

Yet, heart attack/heart disease is rare in Bears!

Research all over the world have, for decades, documented the dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs

Not only that, these researches have also documented that low cholesterol is a grave danger to your health

Why have not these researches been reported on the evening news? multi-billion dollar reasons-that's why That's how much profits these bogus drugs have made for their manufacturers Who says fraud doesn't pay. This cholesterol fraud sure has-big time

And how about the authorities charged with protecting your health?
Well, you know how well they have done that job-as evidenced by this cholesterol drug scam-and others I will be informing you about And those are the ones we know

But this is not the only instance in which regulators seem to have colluded with drug companies
Now, let me give you some homework.
Yes, I used to be a teacher

Anyway, listen to drug ads on television over a 3 day period. You would be shocked to find out that these drugs resemble chemical weapons destined for careful disposal by Hazardous material experts.

BUT, these are what you are supposed to ingest. And the litany of side effects-as confessed to in those ads-testify to their dangers

So what options do you have? Read this Newsletter diligently and encourage your loved ones to Subscribe to Natural Health News

There are other scams out there, not just about cholesterol fraud. Remember in a previous piece, I told you about a doctor who actually discovered the major cause of Cancer and how to beat it
In 1931!

Won a Nobel Price for it too!!
If you missed that piece, the link above is where you can read about a post I made about that

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