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L-citrulline the key to heart health and a man's libido
July 06, 2014

Citrulline-the healthy amino-acid to protect your heart health

There are reasons why you should be informed.
May be you don't watch all the distractions on television.

But some times, some news grab my attention. There is now a buzz about L-citrulline

Another hype on the way to profits?

Take testosterone drugs, for instance.

Then there are erectile dysfunction drugs

Is L-citrulline in the same category as these drugs?

You are aware that the FDA has issued health warnings about erectile dysfunction drugs and testosterone drugs, right?

BUT, these drugs have not been recalled!

The various lawsuits against testosterone drug manufacturers are crawling their ways through the United States legal system.

The manufacturers-and their supporters-say they are safe.
Their critics, with as much vigor, say they are not

And the FDA says they are not safe either-hence the safety warnings!

May be you are saying to yourself: "I am not a man, I don't have to worry about erection drugs."

You better worry about these drugs, because testosterone drugs for instance, pose health risks to women too!

In the quest for natural alternatives, men may have found a natural libido booster in L-citrulline.

What is L-citrulline?

An amino-acid that is abundant in Watermelon, walnuts, cucumbers, legumes, onion, garlic etc.

Citrulline helps the body produce another amino-acid, Arginine.

What has all this have to do with a man?

Everything-that has to do with his manhood, and health in general

  1. Citrulline helps the body produce more Arginine
  2. Arginine helps the body produce Nitric Oxide
  3. Nitric oxide is a potent erection booster.

But nitric oxide does more than that.

It helps lower blood pressure

Nitric oxide improves the flexibility of your your arteries, dilate blood vessels for better blood flow.

It also reduces the risks of blood clot, and lowers the risks of strokes.

Nitric oxide helps lower blood pressure. It protects the heart and the whole cardiovascular system

Nitric oxide is thus a very important nutrient for both men-AND women

Nitric oxide Research

In fact, the research into the health benefits of nitric oxide won Dr Louis Ignarrio and his colleagues, the Nobel price in medicine.

I just made a post about the health benefits of nitric oxide at the link above. Go read it.

The importance of citrulline revolves around the fact that it is a precursor of Arginine; and Arginine is a precursor of the all important Nitric oxide.

Citrulline is thus a nitric oxide booster.
Citrulline is thus an alternative way for men to boost libido and improve overall health

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