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The American Heart Association dropped the ball on coconut oil
July 30, 2017

Coconut Oil And the American Heart Association Fallacy


Did you see the directive put out a few weeks ago by the American Heart Association?

That directive said that Coconut Oil is NOT healthy for you

It was never explained how a healthy product conveniently transformed into an unhealthy one!

I registered my disagreement with that stupid notion at the time
This is part of the war on fat-especially tropical oils

Coconut oil IS good for you

These are the same people who told you that lowering your cholesterol with drugs enhances your Cardiovascular health
We now know that's a lie too
That is part of the Statin manufacturers' propaganda to make money off a boogieman disease

If it is just a lie, it would be bad enough
But these lies could kill you
In fact, Statins destroy your health

But let's return to Coconut oil for a moment

Do you know why some people cannot lose weight?

They consume low fat diet-as advised by their particular weight loss program

That's right!

Low fat diet diet makes it difficult for you to lose weight
In order to lose excess fat, you have to eat more fat

I know it sounds like a contradiction

Low fat diet also increases your risks of cognitive problems

Have you wondered why the war on fat coincides with the explosion of worldwide obesity?

According to Dr Fife, coconut oil can stimulate thyroid function.
This in turn increases metabolism, producing more energy and staving off hunger.
And you know one of the keys to losing weight is good metabolism
Not only that, Coconut oil is anti bacteria, anti viral!

Did you also know that every cell membrane in your body contains cholesterol?

Every cell contains that much maligned "nutrient" CHOLESTEROL!

And, won't you know it, the highest concentration of Cholesterol in your body, is in your brain

Cholesterol actually boosts your immunity!

And here is another big surprise- High Cholesterol reduces your risks of Alzheimer's and brain impairment

So you see, it's imperative for you to take the opinions of self anointed experts with a grain-no, a bucket of salt

After all, it's your health!

Till next time..

This is Teejay saying..

Always, always make non-toxic choices!


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