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Coffee helps you lose weight and prevent Brain degeneration
September 03, 2017

Coffee melts fat and protects against memory decline


Coffee , Weight Loss and Brain Health

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Table of Contents

  • Coffee and Weight Loss
  • Coffee and Parkinson's Disease
  • Coffee and Alzheimer's Disease

weight loss power of coffee

If you search online for coffee and weight, what you'll find are contradicting information

Some would say coffee causes weight gain
Another is sure coffee causes weight loss

So what is the truth?

I call it the coffee confusion

You would remember that I sent you a report about a research
That research claimed that coffee can prevent your brain from recognizing sugar.
You are then more likely to eat more sugary foods..

That is, coffee can makes you fat

Here again is the link to that coffee research

You would remember that I disagreed with that research
Well, to back up my skepticism are a few other researches that say otherwise

These found that coffee packs a whopper of health benefits

I don't know how long you've been on my list.
But I sent you a piece sometime ago about the benefits of coffee

Maybe you have deleted that email by now

But, there are plenty of research to back up my skepticism of that previous research..
Plus new findings about the weight loss benefits of coffee

I have made an update about this in a blog post

Read about the power of Coffee to help you lose weight

And other benefits of Coffee such as:

  • Coffee reduces your risks of Parkinson's
  • Coffee lowers your risks of Alzheimer's disease!

Read it!

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