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In the age of Orwellian double-speak and information overload, non-toxic choice blog brings subscribers timely, natural health information that you might not necessarily hear on the evening news. But such information could enhance, maybe even save your life.

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Some of this information is in obscure, professional, low circulation journals
But no less important publications!

Some are on the shelves of dedicated, individual researchers

And some are deliberately being suppressed by powerful interests for the sake of profits!

Non-toxic weight loss..
antidote to global obesity

Take the world wide explosion of obesity for instance. Why are so many people overweight?

But there are so many weight loss programs out there, each claiming to be the best fat burning program on earth

If that is true, then how come a lot of people are still overweight?

Could it have to do with..

  • The proliferation of fast foods, laden with fat, salt, calories but little or no nutritional value
  • The take-over of farming by big agribusiness who have driven family farms out of business
  • The use of dangerous pesticides, synthetic fertilizers that have polluted the land and rivers and drinking water supplies
  • The presence of harmful chemicals in our foods, cosmetics, household products, and in the air we breathe

Get healthy and get older without getting old

As grim as all these sound, there are ways and information on how we can get healthy naturally and get off the drug manufacturers perpetual profit pony

There is actually a natural, healthy way to lose weight

And it does not involve subsisting on plastic food and sleeping at the gym

Most people do not have the time, and/or access to this kind of information. Which is where this blog comes in.

We will scan these, connect the dots and bring the results to you
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Acne Treatment from inside out

Acne is an equal opportunity infection
It afflicts young people and adults alike

Topical medications have been the traditional treatment to clear acne
Some of these medications are not for everybody
A lot of people have negative reactions to these medications

Then there is the use of antibiotics to clear acne
But the idea of treating acne with antibiotics is not that smart

Here's why

It is no secret that antibiotics are over prescribed
Some germs have now outsmarted some of our best antibiotics as a result

Besides, antibiotics kill off good gut bacteria too!

One of the contributing factors to acne breakouts, is poor digestion and poor elimination

You can see that disrupting the balance of gut flora by the use of antibiotic is NOT a good idea

Clear Acne From Inside out

Acne is an eruption that starts from INSIDE; that is, acne has more to do with your internal chemistry than outside.

Sure, some acne occur because of occupational and environmental factors
But most acne occurs because of internal biology
Which is why the best acne treatment should combine topical treatment with balancing internal chemistry

Unfortunately, most acne treatments do not include an Oral Acne Supplement

Cleansers, Creams and washes-these have their place.

Oral Acne Supplement

But what IF there is a way to also heal acne from the inside?

Well, there is!

The Acne Clear Kit consists of 5 effective systems

  • A Facial Wash
  • Acne Protection Cream
  • Acne Body Wash
  • Body Protection Cream


..there IS the addition of an Oral Acne Clear Herbal Supplement

This is the oral supplement that balances your internal chemistry

The addition of this oral supplement to clear acne and erase acne scars is what makes this superior to others

  • A sluggish liver
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Poor digestion and elimination
  • Low immune system etc

These are some of the causes of acne

The ingredients in this oral acne supplement..

  • Cleanse the liver
  • Aid digestion
  • Calm the nerves
  • Balance hormones
  • Neutralize free radicals etc.

Here is the link to the best acne treatment

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How nitric oxide health benefits help attain good health

Use nitric oxide health benefits to boost libido, lower blood pressure, boost memory, combat aging, boost immunity

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Amazing organic super food formula to get healthy for life

Best organic super food formula: What if you could use it to build a healthier version of you, disease proof your body and defy the aging process

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An ellagic acid detox, the key to good health and youthful aging

An ellagic acid detox is how you do total body cleanse. A toxic system can mimic the symptoms of ohter serious diseases. And these are often misdiagnosed. This is why you need to cleanse yourself of toxins, parasites, yeast, candida, heavy metals etc.

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Have you fallen for the cholesterol hoax that could damage your health

Did you know the great cholesterol hoax is a profit driven engine of lies and misinformation? Are you a victim of it?

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VigRX Plus Compared to Viagra

VigRX Plus compared to Viagra-what are the results?

Do you suffer from ED?
Is your first reaction reaching for the blue pill?

Why Am I asking this?


Before you do that, there are a few things to consider

Viagra is an ED drug that carries some health risks
This is why some men resist taking it

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Risks of Viagra

  • Flushing
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Nasal congestion
  • Visual problems
  • Hearing problem
  • Cancer
  • Vision problems
  • Priapism
  • Viagra is a synthetic chemical compound
  • Has to be taken an hour or so before sex

Libido Benefits of VigRX Plus

  • All natural
  • Contains Bioperine
  • Boosts erection without side effects
  • Longer thicker erection
  • Helps you last longer
  • Clinically proven to jack up libido
  • No prescription needed
  • Effect is cumulative
  • Boosts serum nitric oxide

This is bad for business and would cut into the bottom line of Pfizer, the maker of Viagra

So in order to stem this Pfizer targets Viagra ads to women to break down men's resistance

Maybe you think this is a wrong headed strategy
But consider this:

What is the best way to get to a man?
Through his woman, of course!

That's how Adam bit the apple in defiance of divine instruction

Because of the side effects of Viagra, some men are not too keen to gulp down a drug that can destroy their health

Who stands to benefit from a man's hard erection?
His woman of course

Plan B on the part of Pfizer is to get to men through their women

Pfizer has also succeeded in getting permission to sell Viagra Over The Counter in UK in Spring 2018
This will help it maintain and expand its grip on the ED market

Pfizer feels a need for all these measures to fend off competitors as its Viagra patent is about to run out

But did you know the natural molecule nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head test to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

That's right!

Nitric oxide beat Viagra to boost libido
But nitric oxide is more than just a molecule

Nitric oxide addresses the reasons your sex drive is low to begin with
VigRX Plus helps your body produce more nitric oxide

In fact, researh into the health benefits of nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize for Dr Ignario and colleagues in 1998

And did you know that nitric oxide beat Viagra in tests to treat ED

With VigRX Plus Compared to Viagra?

It's no competition!

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The dangers of herbal viagra and how to avoid being sick

Real dangers of herbal viagra and how to avoid them

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Use nitric oxide erection formula get mind blowing sex

Best nitric oxide erection formula to transform yourself into ultimate sex machine.

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VigRX Plus Compared to ED Drug Androgel

Androgel, is a topical ED drug made by Abbvie
You apply this gel to your stomach, upper arm or shoulders

But Androgel is a drug with dangerous side effects

So what are the result of VigRX Plus Compared to ED Drug Androgel?

June 5 2017 was the date when 6600 consolidated cases was supposed to have been heard
These men claimed to have been harmed by using Androgel

In one case, a judge levied a $140 million dollars against Abbvie.
Another judgement of $150 million dollars was also levied against Abbvie about Androgel

Abbvie understandably rejected these judgements by appealing

What are the side effects of Androgel?

This testosterone drug poses a health risk to females

Coming in contact with this gel can result in premature puberty in young boys and girls

These include:

  • Premature puberty in young people
  • Enlarged genitals
  • Increased libido

Experts warn can predispose these to Cancer as adults

Pregnant women coming in contact with this gel put their unborn child in danger
Coming in contact with this testosterone gel can cause damage to a woman's fetus

That means if you use this gel, you cannot hug your daughter
You cannot hug your pregnant wife or any pregnant woman

When VigRX Plus is Compared to ED Drug Androgel what do you get in terms of price

This drug is NOT cheap
VigRX Plus on the other hand can be had for less the price of a night out
And unlike Androgel you do not need a prescription

But here is one very important distinction when you compare VigRX Plus to Androgel

VigRX Plus is ALL natural

Androgel is a synthetic chemical with serious side effects

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Best nitric oxide foods for best sex

These nitric oxide foods dramatically boost sex drive

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Tlando Testosterone Drug Rejected by the FDA

The FDA advisory panel rejected testosterone drug, Tlando
The vote was 13 to 6 against approval

Lipocine, Tlando's manufacturer disagreed with this FDA finding

Testosterone replacement market is a potentially lucrative one
And every drug company wants a share of those profits

Testosterone Drug Health Risks

But one thing that is common to ALL these libido drugs is a litany of serious side effects
These side effects can actually send you to an early grave
Which is why the FDA rejected Tlando


Well, here are some of the side effects of Tlando

  • Heart attack
  • Increase in blood volume that can lead to heart attacks and strokes
  • Increase in heart rate
  • High blood pressure etc.

FDA had rejected it on a previous submission

The Low T Gold Rush

Every pharmaceutical company is determined to exploit the anxiety of men over "Low T"
Not to talk about the fact that Testosterone is actually an anti aging hormone

A low level of testosterone can lead to:

  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Onset of wrinkles
  • Fatigue

But testosterone drug risks are very serious

The potent question: Is it Low T, has so many men scared

That is why, in spite of the side effects of these Low T drugs, some men still gulp down these toxins

Here are some libido Drugs..
And they ALL increase your risk of heart attacks

You would remember that Abbvie has been sued many times because of the side effects of its testosterone drug, AndroGel

One of those lawsuits ended with Abbvie being fined $140 million dollars
Another lawsuit resulted in a $150 million dollar fine

Abbvie has since appealed those verdicts

Other testosterone drug manufacturers also face lawsuits
Endo, the manufacturer of Auxilium has fared better-so far than Abbvie when it comes to lawsuits

It is certain that more lawsuits would be coming even against Endo

What these dangerous drugs fail to take into account are reasons testosterone is low in the first place

These include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition etc.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Men

Taking testosterone drugs IS Hormone Replacement Therapy for men
And you know the history of HRT

These drugs-which are synthetic chemical isolates, disrupt hormonal balance
Hormonal imbalance is a serious condition that can result in unpredictable results..
Including the atrophy of the organ[s] responsible for producing certain hormones

The safe and effective way to increase testosterone is to give the body what it needs to synthesize testosterone on its own

Your body knows what to do IF you give it what it needs

Want to increase testosterone and increase sex drive without the risks of drugs?

Follow the link

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Use natural testosterone boosters regain your libido boost performance

The best natural testosterone boosters Restore your manhood so you can satisfy your woman in bed. Be the best lover she ever had when you give her toe curling orgasms over and over

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Avoid viagra erection enhancers problems and increase libido naturally

Serious viagra erection enhancers problems are why you should increase sex drive without drugs

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How chocolate increases nitric oxide for better bedroom performance

How chocolate increases nitric oxide for mind blowing sex

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If you cant get erection on demand boost libido with these tips

10 reasons why cant get erection, and how to increase your sex drive and regain your manhood

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