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In the age of Orwellian double-speak and information overload, non-toxic choice blog brings subscribers timely, natural health information that you might not necessarily hear on the evening news. But such information could enhance, maybe even save your life.

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Some of this information is in obscure, professional, low circulation journals
But no less important publications!

Some are on the shelves of dedicated, individual researchers

And some are deliberately being suppressed by powerful interests for the sake of profits!

Non-toxic weight loss..
antidote to global obesity

Take the world wide explosion of obesity for instance. Why are so many people overweight?

But there are so many weight loss programs out there, each claiming to be the best fat burning program on earth

If that is true, then how come a lot of people are still overweight?

Could it have to do with..

  • The proliferation of fast foods, laden with fat, salt, calories but little or no nutritional value
  • The take-over of farming by big agribusiness who have driven family farms out of business
  • The use of dangerous pesticides, synthetic fertilizers that have polluted the land and rivers and drinking water supplies
  • The presence of harmful chemicals in our foods, cosmetics, household products, and in the air we breathe

Get healthy and get older without getting old

As grim as all these sound, there are ways and information on how we can get healthy naturally and get off the drug manufacturers perpetual profit pony

There is actually a natural, healthy way to lose weight

And it does not involve subsisting on plastic food and sleeping at the gym

Most people do not have the time, and/or access to this kind of information. Which is where this blog comes in.

We will scan these, connect the dots and bring the results to you
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Why aging youthfully is about being healthy at the cellular level

Secrets to aging youthfully, aging healthy and living longer are no secrets-healthy and youthful at any age is possible

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How nitric oxide health benefits help attain good health

Use nitric oxide health benefits to boost libido, lower blood pressure, boost memory, combat aging, boost immunity

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Reasons natural female viagra is the best female libido enhancer

This natural female viagra is the best way to jack up femae libido. It's natural, lifts female libido with no side efffects. Female libido drug Flibanserin disrupts brain chemicals, barely beat a placebo in tests, has serious side effects Increase female sex drive naturally

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Avoid viagra erection enhancers problems and increase libido naturally

Serious viagra erection enhancers problems are why you should increase sex drive without drugs

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Intense Workout Lowers Testosterone

You look good

No, you look great!

Big Biceps, bulging chest muscles, trunk like legs
Women love to feel your big muscles

They assume if you look this good, you must be a stud in the bedroom

Boy, are they in for a limp surprise!

That's because your intense workout routines all these years come at a high price..

Your manhood!

Too much exercise kills sex drive


Yep, research now finds that intense exercising lowers testosterone and kills male sex drive


How can this be?
Isn't exercise good for you?

Yes, it is
But too intense workouts lowers testosterone level in men

  • Yes, obesity is a risk factor for ED
  • Yes, exercising boosts immunity
  • But too intense workout kills male sex drive

Can you guess people who are susceptible to this Cause of low T?

How about..

  • Marathon runners/long distance runners
  • Intense weight lifters/Gym rats
  • Intense cycling etc.

So you see, looking good..
And being good in bed may NOT necessarily be the same thing!

Oh by the way,did you also know that too intense workouts disrupts a woman's cycle and hormonal balance?

Men who exercise moderately have better libido than those who go gong-ho in their exercise routine

Exercising is good for you, but too much of a good thing is bad for you

This research involved 1077 healthy men
Their exercise habits were analyzed


This research found that men who engage in intense workouts have low testosterone levels than those who do moderate exercises

Here is how Reuters puts it: " with the lowest intensity workouts were almost 7 times more likely to have a normal or high libido"

Guess what else is bad for in excess?

"Good Cholesterol"

High HDL level is unhealthy!

The story of cholesterol is more complicated than that

And some of what we've been told about it is FLAT WRONG

Anyway, going back to the men who look like Hercules who wimp out in bed

Scrunchy guys, rejoice
Hang around a gym long enough, and you'll get yourself a woman..

..the woman who used to be on the arms of one of those buff guys

But all kidding aside, this research confirms what I always emphasize in my writings

And that is: Nature loves moderation

So that too intense exercises lower testosterone and kill male libido does NOT surprise me

It's bad enough that the older you get, the lower your testosterone

To have that level further plummet while you think you're doing the right thing, is discouraging

BUT there is good news

Your serum testosterone does not have to decline even as you're getting older

And even when your testosterone level is low, there is a natural way to increase your testosterone and last longer in bed

I am not talking about Viagra
Viagra is a synthetic drug

Viagra has so many serious side effects

I am talking about this clinically proven male libido booster

This natural male sex drive enhancer boosts Testosterone and increases serum Nitric oxide

Click the link now

Make sure you exercise


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Amazing organic super food formula to get healthy for life

Best organic super food formula: What if you could use it to build a healthier version of you, disease proof your body and defy the aging process

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Use pine pollen testosterone, dramatically boost sex drive

Use pine pollen testosterone to boost serum testosterone and skyrocket your libido

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Best anti aging products for a healthy life

Use these anti aging products to prevent diseases and get healthy for life

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Sunlight boosts sex drive

The sun makes life possible on earth

The sun may also save your relationship

Which brings us to this research.

The research found that you can boost your sex drive by spending time in the sun

Sunlight puts you in a better mood

Here are the ways sunlight boosts your sex drive

The sun puts you in better mood

Sunlight boosts the level of Serotonin


Serotonin is the good feel hormone
Serotonin lifts mood, reduces the risks of depression, helps you experience pleasure more intensely

Depression can lower your testosterone
Low testosterone is a cause of ED

But the consequences of low testosterone go beyond that

Depression also lowers female sex drive

Sunlight stimulates the production of Testosterone


Testosterone is the male hormone that makes a man, a man

It is also the the hormone that makes hard erection possible

Low level of testosterone lowers energy level

So if you suffer from a flagging sexual desire, get some sunlight

Getting some sunlight can help boost male sex drive

The sun stimulates the production of Estrogen


What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is the female hormone that makes a woman a woman

A low level of Estrogen can cause virginal dryness and weak virginal muscles
Virginal dryness can make sex painful

The sun stimulates the production of Estrogen


Adequate level of Estrogen helps women maintain adequate sex drive, and even fend off depression

Some time in the sun can help boost female sex drive without dangerous drugs

The sun helps the skin synthesize Vitamin D


The skin synthesizes Vitamin D when the sun hits it
Vitamin D is important in the synthesis of Collagen
Collagen is necessary for the synthesis of Testosterone

Low level of Collagen can cause wrinkles and premature aging

A low level of Vitamin D can result in low testosterone
Low level of Vitamin D can also lead to depression-depression is a risk factor for ED

Vitamin D level dips in winter and increases in summer
Men with adequate vitamin D had 25% more testosterone than those with a deficiency, according to this British research

You can also obtain Vitamin D by eating oily fish

The sun boosts the production of nitric oxide


When the sun hits the skin, the skin is stimulated to produce nitric oxide

Nitric oxide may be more important than testosterone to perform better in the bedroom and last longer in bed


That's because nitric oxide addresses the reasons why you have low sex drive in the first place

  • Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure
  • Nitric oxide improves blood circulation to the body in general-and to the penis and clitoris in particular

Nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat Erectile Dysfunction

See the benefits of nitric oxide for erection and general health

  • The sun boosts male and female sex drive
  • Sunlight increases Estrogen
  • Sunlight boosts Testosterone production>
  • Sunlight jacks up the production of Nitric oxide
  • Sunlight stimulates the skin to produce more Vitamin D

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Use nitric oxide erection formula get mind blowing sex

Best nitric oxide erection formula to transform yourself into ultimate sex machine.

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These easy ab exercises are the best ways to flatten your stomach

Do these easy ab exercises to lose abdominal fat, tone your tummy, and reduce your risks of cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, stress etc.

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Have you fallen for the cholesterol hoax that could damage your health

Did you know the great cholesterol hoax is a profit driven engine of lies and misinformation? Are you a victim of it?

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The dangers of herbal viagra and how to avoid being sick

Real dangers of herbal viagra and how to avoid them

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How cola drinks kill libido and how to get boost your sex drive

Learn how cola drinks kill libido and how to increase sex drive without dangerous drugs

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Acne Treatment from inside out

Acne is an equal opportunity infection
It afflicts young people and adults alike

Topical medications have been the traditional treatment to clear acne
Some of these medications are not for everybody
A lot of people have negative reactions to these medications

Then there is the use of antibiotics to clear acne
But the idea of treating acne with antibiotics is not that smart

Here's why

It is no secret that antibiotics are over prescribed
Some germs have now outsmarted some of our best antibiotics as a result

Besides, antibiotics kill off good gut bacteria too!

One of the contributing factors to acne breakouts, is poor digestion and poor elimination

You can see that disrupting the balance of gut flora by the use of antibiotic is NOT a good idea

Clear Acne From Inside out

Acne is an eruption that starts from INSIDE; that is, acne has more to do with your internal chemistry than outside.

Sure, some acne occur because of occupational and environmental factors
But most acne occurs because of internal biology
Which is why the best acne treatment should combine topical treatment with balancing internal chemistry

Unfortunately, most acne treatments do not include an Oral Acne Supplement

Cleansers, Creams and washes-these have their place.

Oral Acne Supplement

But what IF there is a way to also heal acne from the inside?

Well, there is!

The Acne Clear Kit consists of 5 effective systems

  • A Facial Wash
  • Acne Protection Cream
  • Acne Body Wash
  • Body Protection Cream


..there IS the addition of an Oral Acne Clear Herbal Supplement

This is the oral supplement that balances your internal chemistry

The addition of this oral supplement to clear acne and erase acne scars is what makes this superior to others

  • A sluggish liver
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Poor digestion and elimination
  • Low immune system etc

These are some of the causes of acne

The ingredients in this oral acne supplement..

  • Cleanse the liver
  • Aid digestion
  • Calm the nerves
  • Balance hormones
  • Neutralize free radicals etc.

Here is the link to the best acne treatment

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