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In the age of Orwellian double-speak and information overload, non-toxic choice blog brings subscribers timely, natural health information that you might not necessarily hear on the evening news. But such information could enhance, maybe even save your life.

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Some of this information is in obscure, professional, low circulation journals
But no less important publications!

Some are on the shelves of dedicated, individual researchers

And some are deliberately being suppressed by powerful interests for the sake of profits!

Non-toxic weight loss..
antidote to global obesity

Take the world wide explosion of obesity for instance. Why are so many people overweight?

But there are so many weight loss programs out there, each claiming to be the best fat burning program on earth

If that is true, then how come a lot of people are still overweight?

Could it have to do with..

  • The proliferation of fast foods, laden with fat, salt, calories but little or no nutritional value
  • The take-over of farming by big agribusiness who have driven family farms out of business
  • The use of dangerous pesticides, synthetic fertilizers that have polluted the land and rivers and drinking water supplies
  • The presence of harmful chemicals in our foods, cosmetics, household products, and in the air we breathe

Get healthy and get older without getting old

As grim as all these sound, there are ways and information on how we can get healthy naturally and get off the drug manufacturers perpetual profit pony

There is actually a natural, healthy way to lose weight

And it does not involve subsisting on plastic food and sleeping at the gym

Most people do not have the time, and/or access to this kind of information. Which is where this blog comes in.

We will scan these, connect the dots and bring the results to you
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How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation And Satisfy Your Woman in bed

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Sugary drink damage Your Brain and Sexual Health

How sodas affect Sex

Sex is actually initiated by the brain

  • An erotic thought
  • Visual stimulation
  • A tactile stimulation

These can set in motion some complex biological actions

The heart is instructed to pump more blood to the penis to get it erect

Blood is prevented from leaking out by closing a penis valve until the man finishes his business

An impairment of the brain or heart can interrupt this process and cause erectile dysfunction in men and sexual problems in women

Here is how to increase sex drive in men

And boost libido in women-naturally



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See how to get rid of acne, erase acne scars from the inside out

Here's how to get rid of acne fast. With a combination of Facial Cleansers, Creams and Herbal Supplement, it is the best way to get rid of body acne naturally. Regardless of what causes acne, remove acne scars and get rid of acne from inside out without drugs

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Mushroom and Your Sexual Health

It is scary

Mushrooms reduces risks of Prostate Cancer

But what is even more scary is the fact that a lot of people may not not know they have it-until it is too late

I am taking about Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is one of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction

But ED is the least of your worry if you have Prostate Cancer
It is a silent killer-Prostate Cancer is; it is deadly


But here is research that offers some hope for men

Turns out eating mushrooms could lower your risk of Prostate Cancer

And help you retain your manhood without dangerous drugs

You might want to share this with your husband, father, brother, uncle etc.

Mushrooms are unique of all nature's creations
They are some of the most nutritious products on earth

They are also some of the most poisonous


Take advantage of mushrooms' power to nourish your prostate and reduce your risk of prostate Cancer
But be careful

There is now report of proliferation of poisonous mushroom species in North America ..

Growing in places where they could easily be mistaken for edible ones!

Why should you care?

Because these poisonous mushrooms look and even taste like edible ones

The most common of these poisonous mushrooms are the Amanita ocreata, otherwise known as the “destroying angel” and Amanita Phalloides, also known as the “death cap mushroom”  

You do eat mushrooms, right?
Do you pick your own mushrooms?
If you do, you had better be very careful!

Toxic Mushrooms WILL Kill YOU

These poisonous mushrooms would destroy your liver if ingested

To untrained eyes, these poisonous mushrooms look like safe, edible ones

If you ingest poisonous mushrooms, your options for staying alive are limited..
but you do have some options

  • Get yourself to a Hospital fast-maybe, just maybe that facility can save your life
  • Get a liver transplant
  • Make sure you have the Liver protective herb, Milk Thistle handy
    It is about the only herb known to counteract the effects of mushroom poisoning

Eat mushrooms to lower your risk of Prostate Cancer
And reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction


If you are not sure, leave mushroom picking to experts in the field


Buy your mushrooms at major supermarkets

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Testosterone replacement therapy how safe is it?

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Reasons natural female viagra is the best female libido enhancer

This natural female viagra is the best way to jack up femae libido. It's natural, lifts female libido with no side efffects. Female libido drug Flibanserin disrupts brain chemicals, barely beat a placebo in tests, has serious side effects Increase female sex drive naturally

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Good Health starts with Good nutrition

The World Health Organization stated that most diseases have their roots in poor nutrition

Unfortunately, we now consume more bulk but get little nutrition

Best food form organic super food

There are many reasons for this

  • The soil depleted of nutrients because of over farming
  • Pesticides and artificial fertilizers that have killed off nitrogen fixing soil bacteria
  • Over farming especially by big agribusiness
  • Harvesting of crops before they have a chance to mature
  • Addition of sugars in processed foods that compromise our health
  • Reduction in the population of bees and other insects responsible for plant pollination

The population of these insects are being depleted by man made chemicals

The consumption of too much bulk and little nutrition has resulted in:

  • Worldwide obesity
  • Spike in diabetes worldwide
  • Low immunity that opens people up to opportunistic infections
  • Young people are now less fertile than the generation of their fathers

The news gets worse

Germs have now outwitted most of our antibiotics

Illnesses that were once inconveniences can potentially kill you

It gets even worse if that's possible

Climate Change and Your Health

Global warming is melting ice that had been frozen for thousands of years
And some viruses that had been frozen for that long are waking up

These viruses may unleash diseases we are not familiar with

This can potentially cause world wide epidemic that could wipe out large population before treatments could be developed

Poor nutrition is a risk factor for almost all diseases known

In light of the low nutrients in the foods we eat now, the best bet to maintain your health is a supplement..

But not just any supplement..Food form supplement such as this Organic Mega Nutrition Supplement

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Why aging youthfully is about being healthy at the cellular level

Secrets to aging youthfully, aging healthy and living longer are no secrets-healthy and youthful at any age is possible

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How nitric oxide health benefits help attain good health

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How to cure blemished skin and blotchy complexion naturally

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