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In the age of Orwellian double-speak and information overload, non-toxic choice blog brings subscribers timely, natural health information that you might not necessarily hear on the evening news. But such information could enhance, maybe even save your life.

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Some of this information is in obscure, professional, low circulation journals
But no less important publications!

Some are on the shelves of dedicated, individual researchers

And some are deliberately being suppressed by powerful interests for the sake of profits!

Non-toxic weight loss..
antidote to global obesity

Take the world wide explosion of obesity for instance. Why are so many people overweight?

But there are so many weight loss programs out there, each claiming to be the best fat burning program on earth

If that is true, then how come a lot of people are still overweight?

Could it have to do with..

  • The proliferation of fast foods, laden with fat, salt, calories but little or no nutritional value
  • The take-over of farming by big agribusiness who have driven family farms out of business
  • The use of dangerous pesticides, synthetic fertilizers that have polluted the land and rivers and drinking water supplies
  • The presence of harmful chemicals in our foods, cosmetics, household products, and in the air we breathe

Get healthy and get older without getting old

As grim as all these sound, there are ways and information on how we can get healthy naturally and get off the drug manufacturers perpetual profit pony

There is actually a natural, healthy way to lose weight

And it does not involve subsisting on plastic food and sleeping at the gym

Most people do not have the time, and/or access to this kind of information. Which is where this blog comes in.

We will scan these, connect the dots and bring the results to you
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Why aging youthfully is about being healthy at the cellular level

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The great cholesterol hoax that could permanently damage your health

The great cholesterol hoax is a profit driven engine of lies and misinformation

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New Blood Pressure Directive Puts 100 miilion More on Medication

Did you see the New Blood Pressure Directive?

Well, you had better take a look
Because if you had normal blood pressure on Nov. 12 2017, you might high blood pressure on Nov. 13!

That's because 21 experts determine that the old definition of high blood pressure of 140/90 is no longer adequate
Now that has been redefined-revised down to 130/80!

This was the result of a study sponsored and paid for by "The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology."

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means that..
.. nearly 50% of American adults...
a whopping 80% of people aged 65 and older..

"..will find that they qualify for blood pressure medication and will need to take steps to reduce their blood pressure."

That's about 100 million more people to market blood pressure medication to
Oh, the study did recommend that these additional people should be put on medication!

If you suspect you have high blood pressure, please see your doctor immediately.

But why this revision?

The old guideline had been adequate for the last 14 years.
So why the change?

The study never justified this change with any statistics of an uptick in heart disease, strokes or heart attacks
But what is certain is that IF these new PATIENTS take this advisory and get on high blood medications, drug companies are set to make a fortune

50% of American adults AND 80% of people aged 65 and older translate to a huge market
What is also curious about this directive is that there is hardly any mention of lifestyle changes to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases

Here is something you need to be aware of.

Side Effects of High blood pressure medications

  • Cancer
  • Strokes-that's right!
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Liver damage etc.

Want to enhance your cardiovascular health?

Read this post

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If you cant get erection forget ED drugs You can jack up your libido naturally

If you cant get erection, use a natural way to increase your sex drive and regain your manhood

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Kitchen Spice Melts Away Excess Fat

Can you believe it

This kitchen spice melts fat away!

Forget expensive concoctions
Research found that the common spice Cinnamon helps you burn fat

The essential oil Cinnamaldehyde, in Cinnamon is responsible for this fat burning miracle
Cinnamaldehyde is what gives Cinnamon its unique flavor

If you've ever visited Starbucks, you would notice a jar of Cinnamon sitting among jars of sugar and other sweeteners

If you're wondering why..
That's because apart from Cinnamon helping you burn fat, it also helps your body metabolize sugar!

Research of Cinnamon Weight Benefits

Researches in mice and humans found that Cinnamaldehyde boosts metabolism
Good metabolism is the key to losing weight and getting slim

Good metabolism-Key to Weight Loss

Unfortunately, a lot of overweight people have slow metabolism

This may be due to several factors such as:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor nutrition
  • Sluggish thyroid

This research stated that Cinnamaldehyde activates thermogenesis

What is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the process by which your body generates energy

Some companies have jumped on this term to peddle what they claim is the ulltimate way to boost metabolism and lose weight

But not so fast!

Because, what these companies are selling are stimulants that have caught the attention of the FDA

The FDA has banned all product containing Ephedra

The FDA had also banned weight loss products containing HCG!

Guarana, another herb claimed to boost thermogenesis has also run afoul of the FDA

Cinnamon is natural!

We all use it in cooking, flavoring wines etc

This is another good news from Mother Nature

If you really want to lose weight, stay away from empty promises

Nature will NOT yield anything without effort.
I bet you know that from experience.

So Eat your Cinnamon..


Watch this Quick Fat Elimination Video to get the body you want

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Why Dieting Does Not Work-What Works to Lose Weight

The US is fat

The world is fat

In fact, the US and UK have the fattest young girls in the world

Why is this?

10 Most Obese States in US

How about all the diet programs floating around?

Which goes to show you that dieting does NOT work
If it did, everyone would be fit by now

The health risks of obesity are very serious

Why can't you lose weight?

Here are some reasons you can't lose weight-they are the reasons you're overweight to begin with!

The average American consumes 22.2 tablespoons of sugar everyday
In fact just 2 sugary drinks a week-may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Counting Calories Does Not Work

Your body needs food
And if you deprive it, it would punish you by holding on to the little you eat
It's not personal, it's survival

This is why dieting does NOT work

But here is what works to help you lose weight and keep it off-for good

Watch this quick weight loss diet video

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High Doses of B Vitamins Are Cancer Risks

High Doses of B Vitamins Dangerous to Your Health

Are Vitamins are a waste of money..
Or worse, dangerous to your health?

Here is research that says that high doses of Vitamin B6 and B12 raises a man's risk of cancer by 3-4 times!

And if the man smokes, he is really asking for trouble-his risks skyrocket
Surprisingly, this risk does not apply to women!

Up to 50% of Americans take supplements
But are these supplements a waste of money-or even dangerous

Here is what a lot of people do not realize
Most supplements on the shelf are synthetic chemicals
Some of them are even derived from Petroleum

And a lot of these supplements are even synthesized by subsidiaries of drug companies!

Read the labels on your supplement bottle
They are a combination of "ISOLATES" and rocks..Seriously!

Your body does NOT recognize them as natural
Your body treats these synthetic chemicals as foreign intruders

Do you know what the body does to foreign materials in it?
It tries to destroy/expel them
This is why most drugs have side effects

But some of these supplements are even worse
They are synthetic analogs of what occurs in nature
Unfortunately, a synthetic analog is not the same as what occurs in nature

Take Aspirin, for instance.
Aspirin is ONE of the natural chemicals that occur in the Willow tree
Bayer trademarked the name and holds the patent to Aspirin

So you're saying..
Wait a minute..

You can't patent a natural product!

Sure you can..

If you synthesize its "chemical analog" in your fancy laboratory

The Aspirin you buy at you drug store is NOT a natural product
It is a synthetic analog of what occurs naturally in the Willow tree
That's why Aspirin has serious side effects-IT IS NOT NATURAL

Now, back to those B Vitamins?

If you want to consume natural B Vitamins, consume some Moringa, or meat

But one of the best natural sources of balanced B Vitamins, is Brewer's Yeast

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The quick weight loss diet-the fat burning secret of celebrities

Get the quick weight loss diet-the secret to prevent the health risks of obesity and a fat stomach

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How nitric oxide health benefits help attain good health

Use nitric oxide health benefits to boost libido, lower blood pressure, boost memory, combat aging, boost immunity

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