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Are computer printed foods coming to your dinner table
July 26, 2020

How is it going?

I hope you've eaten something today

But even if you had, the folks at one of America's premier eateries, is thinking about you
You do eat, don't you?

Anyway, while you were busy going about your business, KFC-yes that KFC, is about to roll out a new high tech menu

How would you like a computer assisted munchie?



See, Kentucky Fried Chicken, in collaboration with an Irish company, is about to bring you a food you've never seen before

How exotic is this food?

How about 3-D Printed Chicken Nuggets

Wait a minute now-before you start screaming bloody malpractice..
You need to know that these Computer printed chicken would still..

  • Taste like..
  • Smell like..
  • And feel like the real thing

Don't you just love science?


  • You do not need to hatch a chicken
  • Wait for it to grow up
  • And have animal lovers come after you for slaughtering these helpless birds

And here is something delightful about all this
Animal lovers would love this king of technology
A cruelty free way to enjoy I mean, chicken

BUT why stop there?

Maybe we could extend this technology to say..

  • Beef..?
  • Pork?

Hey, we could all become vegetarians AND STILL have our meat too!

What a world!

While you are munching on that shenanigan-no pun intended, read this piece on non-toxic living

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

Protect yourself and your loved ones

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