10 ways to increase sperm  motility fast dramatically boost sperm count and morphology increase male fertility

How to increase sperm motility and increase male factor without dangerous drugs

How to boost sperm motility, increase sperm volume, enhance sperm morphology naturallyBoost sperm motility, increase sperm volume, enhance sperm motility and boost male factor fertility Increase the chances of your sperm fertilizing the female egg and making a baby

           Low sperm motility causes male

Natural Male Infertility Treatment

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What is sperm motility?

Sperm Motility Definition

Male Sperm motility

is a measure of the speed 
at which sperms swim towards the female ovum in the vagina

The success of this process is how your woman gets pregnant
Low sperm motility is a major cause of male infertility

But there are ways to increase sperm motility-naturally

            Low Sperm motility..

            and its effects

  •  Most men would not talk about it

  •  A lot of women suffer in silence

  •  She may be reluctant to bring
     it up-at least not too often

  •  She does not want to emasculate
     her man

  •  You the man feel less of a man

  •  YOU the man, may end up losing
     your woman..

    This is why it is imperative to find ways to increase sperm motility

Reasons for low sperm motility

How to dramatically boost low motility in males10 methods to dramatically improve sperm motility and boost the chances for pregnancy This is a natural male infertility treatment that can help reverse the frustrating experience of not being able to conceive

Causes of low sperm motility

In order to effectively increase sperm motility, we have to know why motility is low to begin with

    Here are some of the reasons your sperm is wimpy

  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor nutrition
  • Testicular infection
  • Congenital disease of the testes
  • Drug use
  • Marijuana smoking
  • Smoking in general
  • Drug abuse
  • Some Prescription drugs
  • Radiation/Prostate treatment

      Which leads to the next logical question

Can Sperm motility be treated

That is..

..can you increase sperm motility and fertility without synthetic drugs?

                The answer is ..


10 natural ways to increase sperm motility

So how do you give your sluggish sperm a kick in the you-know-what?

          How about these 10 ways

Best way to increase sperm motility and enhance male fertilityHow to naturally increase sperm motility, boost sperm volume, enhance male fertility to increase a man's chances of getting a woman pregnant

1 Eat Selenium rich foods

Selenium is very important for sperm health
In fact, half of your body's Selenium supply is in your sperm store!

Adding nuts to your diet is a way to increase your sperm motility without drugs

Selenium food sources: Nuts [Brazil nuts highest], Brewer's yeast, Mushroom, Eggs, Tuna etc.

2 Get Quality Sleep

Get quality sleep to increase sperm  motility and get your manhood backGet enough sleep to enhance the quality and quantity of your sperm, boost sperm motility and increase male fertility

 Sleep affects every aspect of your health
Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone, causes fatigue and lowers sperm count

3 Eat Arginine Foods

The arginine advantage for boosting nitric oxide, sperm quality and male fertilityArginine is a natural molecule found in common foods Arginine helps you get hard and stay hard longer, and increase sperm motility

Arginine is a precursor to the synthesis of nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is the natural molecule that beat Viagra in clinical tests!

Arginine food sources: Watermelon Nuts Legumes Spirulina etc.

4 Eat foods rich in Zinc

Zinc is required for the manufacture of sperm It is also required for healthy sperm morphology

Zinc food sources: Dark chocolate, Mushrooms, Legumes, Pumpkin seeds etc.

5 Stop smoking

Smoking destroys your manhoodSmoking can have negative impacts on your sex life Your sperm motility and morphology could suffer if you are a long term smoker

If you smoke, STOP!

 Apart from the fact that smoking affects your manhood negatively, smoking also makes you stupid

Smoking is a risk factor for lower your sperm count and poor sperm morphology

6 Lose weight

Lose weight if you're overweight
Obesity disrupt hormone balance It also increases stress hormone production

7 Reduce Stress

Stress disrupts every aspect of your life
Reduce stress to increase sperm motility

8 Get Off Testosterone Drugs

If you are on testosterone drugs, you may want to talk to your doctor
2 of the side effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy are low sperm count and shrinkage of the testes

9 Stay away from steroids

Steroids can lower your sperm count and shrink your testes
Steroids can also disrupt your hormonal balance And that's for starters!

You want higher sperm motility?
Stay away from steroids!

10 Ride Bike, Horse? Get a softer seat

Bike and horse riding can put pressure on the very nerves and muscles necessary for sex
At the very least get a cushioned seat

Alcohol lowers male fertility

Another major thing to avoid if you want to boost sperm volume and increase sperm motility is..


Male infertility

In a lot of cases, couples assume it's the woman's fault that they could not conceive a baby

But male infertility is now a common problem

And low motility is one of the causes of male infertility

That's why any couple trying to make a baby should also consider the man as the source of the problem

That's why it is YOUR duty to bring it up!



Male infertility is now a big problem Any couple trying to make a baby should also consider the man as the problem

Here is why

Male infertility has become an epidemic in the Western world

Research shows this generation of men is not as fertile as that of their fathers

In fact this research shows that today's male has 20-30% decline in sperm count, that falls in the range of male infertility!

Sperm Decline in Western World

Sperm count and consequently male fertility has been declining about 10% per decade for the last 40 years!

       That is alarming!

Lower fertility lower Birth Rate

In some European countries, fewer babies are born that the population is actually declining!

Unfortunately in some of these countries, more females are born than males

I know what you're thinking

That's where I want to be..

..there are more females to each male!

Would increasing sperm motility reverse this trend?

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Birth rate

What does birth rate have to do with sperm motility?

Everything apparently!

Birth rate depends on male and female fertility

Male fertility has been declining at a steady rate for decades

That means fewer babies are born because males produce.. 

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm morphology
  • Low sperm volume

Do you have ideal sperm motility

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Sperm ovum fertilization processWays to increase sperm motility and treat male infertility to boost your chances of fertilizing a female egg

The answer to that question may determine IF you and your woman can conceive a baby

Sperm motility is one of the strong determinants of male fertility
Increasing sperm motility could be the difference between viable or wimpy sperm


Good sperm motility is just 1 factor among many, that determine male fertility

There other factors that determine whether a man is fertile or not


Male infertility is the inability of a man's sperm to fertilize female ovum and lead to successful pregnancy

There are many factors that can contribute to male infertility besides low sperm motility
These include..

Sperm Count

Sperm count is the number of sperm cells per unit volume Low sperm count is one of the indicators of male infertility

If you have low sperm count it would be hard for your sperm to fertilize a female ovum

   What does that mean?

It means you have a lower chance of making a baby
That's depressing!

Even IF you do not want a child, you still want to be sure you could make one if you wanted to

You would still want to increase sperm motility to produce viable spermatozoa

It's just one of the things that men feel make them .. well, MEN

Is your sperm motility high enough to fertilize a female egg


Have you ever run to catch a train or a bus, only to miss it
You were not fast enough

Frustrating, especially when you have to get somewhere at a certain time

If you are not the boss at your job, you better be ready for some tongue lashing when you finally make it to work


Your sperm cells have to get to the female egg
And there is a time window to do that

But your sperm cells have a harder time trying to catch up with the female ovum than you have trying to catch a train

With you, another train would be coming soon
For your sperm cells, there is only this 1 chance

But it gets worse..

for your sperm, that is!

Does your sperm have the right motility?

The sperm cell that hopes to succeed in fertilizing the female ovum has to compete with thousands of its cousins!

Sperm cells behaving badly

Can't you just imagine each sperm shoving the others out of its way

You can just hear each sperm yell at the others:

Get the hell out of my way!

Good Sperm motility to fertilize the female eggNatural ways to treat male infertility by increasing sperm motility, sperm morphology and sperm count to increase the chances of fertilizing a female egg

It's NOT personal..

It's a matter of survival

In this case, a matter of fertilization

A lazy, wimpy sperm has no chance..
it is doomed by its low motility

Have you ever been in a race?

Have you ever won a race?

Feels good, doesn't it?

Winning sperm cell fertilizing a female eggAfter ejaculation the race to the female egg starts between sperm cells There could be only 1 winner The sperm cells with slow motility fall behind. Normally, only 1 sperm cell would fertilize the egg-the one with the highest motility! The rest are losers!!

Low sperm motility treatment

Increase sperm motility to win the motility race

Sex is actually more complicated than people think

After ejaculation..

The race is on..
among sperm cells, that is!

Sperm cells naturally start to swim towards the female ovum


         There is a little problem!


..there are a lot of problems

Increase Low Motility for higher chance of Pregnancy

Each of the thousands of sperm cells is trying to beat the other to get to the female ovum


Because your woman cannot get pregnant without a sperm cell fertilizing it

The first sperm cell to get to the egg succeeds in fertilizing it..

and you now have a beautiful baby on the way!


  • IF you have low sperm motility, these lazy sperms can't get to their destination fast enough

    The chances of these slow idiotic sperms fertilizing female egg is low to nothing
    They are just too slow!

  • If your sperm volume is too low
  • If your sperm morphology is unhealthy

A baby may NOT be on the way!

How fast should your sperm

be to beat its cousins to

female ovum?

That is..

What is the right sperm motility

Can you get pregnant with low sperm motility


Maybe increasing sperm motility is not an option for you for some reason

But there are a few options

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Artificial insemination

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