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The cost of belly you may not want to pay
July 02, 2017

A big belly would cost you more than money


The fat tax movement is gaming momentum around the world

From soda tax to sin taxes on "fattening foods"

Obesity is now worldwide

You do not need me to tell you that

What is a fat tax?

A fat tax is tax levied on "fattening foods"

This is one of the high cost of belly fat you may be paying in one form or the other

This Belly Fat Video shows how dangerous belly fat is
But more importantly, it also shows you how to lose stomach fat fast..

In as little as 21 Days

By increasing the prices of these fattening foods, authorities hope to discourage their consumption

Every form of this fat tax has been tried, with Denmark leading the charge a few years ago.

And, you guessed it
This strategy has not worked
In fact, it has caused some economies some pain.

Enter Dubai

In 2013, Dubai came up with what it considered a novel solution-a new twist in the weight loss controversy.

Your weight in gold!

Dubai promise?

Lose weight earn real gold according to how much weight you lose!

That's right, real gold!

Don't count on that kind of generous offer in your country

This is the way Dubai hoped to encourage people to lose weight.

Dubai recognized the high cost of belly fat-and was determined to do something about it

I would be the first to concede this is a strong incentive

But you know that approach would generate some controversy-and it did!

Why reward bad behavior, some detractors of this twist asked

Recall the controversy over the imposition of fat tax on fattening foods in Denmark.

Denmark, the first country to impose comprehensive fat taxes was forced to rescind those "sin taxes".

Denmark quickly learned the hard way, that people do things out of personal motivations

If you show people what's in it for them, they would invest their time and energy.

This works better than threatening, shaming or punishing them

What's in it for you is your health

Because of all the high cost of belly fat, your health is the one that should concern you the most

A big belly and obesity put you on the path to poor health and premature death

A lot of people consider fat taxes government intrusion into personal lives

But what is your take on private companies installing gymnasiums in the workplace?

Isn't that a subtle coercion?

Besides, do you object to government regulations of clean water, medications and highway safety etc.

Why should obesity get a pass?

Besides, we all are paying these fat taxes, whether we are overweight or not.

Anyway, whichever side you're on in this debate, there is no denying the fact this is a planet of obese people.

The need to lose weight is urgent because the consequences of obesity are very serious.

This is not just for the obese, but for all of us.

Because you are already paying these fat taxes whether you know it or not

Several ways..

  1. Higher insurance premiums for all-the insurance companies would not raise the premiums for just obese people for fear of discrimination lawsuits
  2. Higher medical costs for all
  3. Lower productivity because of missed work days due to the complications of obesity
  4. Lower material resources and health care availability to all because the obese consume more than their share of resources

Yes, you are paying for your neighbors obesity!

If you want to lose belly fat and get fit overall, then go watch this video on how to lose stomach fat and get fit overall

This beats the fat tax approach, which some people consider as shaming and punishing obese people.

What do you think

Till next time..

This is Teejay saying..

Always, always make non-toxic choices!


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