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How to live longer in good health and without dangerous drugs
November 05, 2017

Eat less fast intermittently to avoid age related diseases and stop aging cold in its tracks


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Table of Contents

  • Eat less age Young
  • The Healing power of Stress reduction
  • Aging secrets of Yogis/Yoginis
  • How to have the healthiest heart in the world

Eat less age young?

Yes, we all grow old

But is it possible to grow older without falling apart as the years go by?

What most of us are worried about is NOT that we grow older
What we are all scared of are the indignities associated with growing older

  • Susceptibility to diseases
  • Inability to do the physical things we used to do
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of our youthful look
  • Slow reflexes
  • Loss of libido etc

Here is a news item from NBC Morning News on November 3 2017
The report cited a new research that concluded that restricted calories can delay aging and boost brain function
Here is another report that says that calorie restriction can help us live longer

You would forgive me if I get irritated by these researches


Because this is NOT really news

I guess it's not valid unless some guys-or gals, with all the letters of the alphabet after their names, say it is

Restricted calories prolongs life and delay brain aging!

Well, this "news" is at least 4 Thousand years late!

That's about how long Yogis have been preaching this gospel
I am not talking about some half baked Yogis you see on Television talk shows

I am talking about Yogis/Yoginis who have dedicated their lives to Spiritual Advancement through intense meditation and self discipline
These are very, very rare today

Anyway, the most important aspects of this Yogic anti aging regimen are:

  • Restricted calories-Most Yogis eat, at most 1 meal a day
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Stress reduction
  • Cultivating your mind
  • Control of emotions
    • Not too excited when things are great
    • Not too down when things are bad
    • A sense of forgiveness
    • Rarely getting angry
    • Slow to take offense
    • Always cultivating a sense of humility
    • Practicing mindfulness
  • Giving freely without double intent
  • Giving without taking away the dignity of the receiver
  • Answering the call of nature
  • Getting enough sleep
  • A sense of gratitude even when things are not too great

They, the Yogis, understood/understand the toll that emotional stress can inflict on the physical

Even modern doctors are now acknowledging that stress reduction is a major part of getting healthy and aging young

So you see, this method of calorie restriction to delay aging and boost brain function is NOT new

In fact, there is an ancient book that condemns gluttony and encourages occasional fasting
You might have heard about the book
It is called The Bible

Another one of those ancient books actually recommends that its adherents fast for months every year
It's possible you've heard about that book too
It is called The Koran

Now, you understand my irritation when this research was reported with such fanfare
Actually I regarded this research as Plagiarism

The reason we get older in poor health-a feature that is prevalent today, is due to our unhealthy lifestyle choices

And here is something that might surprise you
At the root of a lot of our ill health are medications

You don't believe me?

Read this book written by a medical doctor called "Death By Medicine"
I am sure you can find the book on Amazon

Take the Tsimane of Bolivia Amazon Basin for instance

Follow the link to learn the Tsimane secrets of being 30 years younger than your chronological age

Would you believe these people have the healthiest hearts in the world?
In fact, the average 80 year old Tsimane has the heart of a healthy 50 year old American!

  • They do not take drugs
  • They have no iphone to stare at for hours at a time
  • They eat what they grow and what they can catch-their foods are NOT MADE
  • They have strong community bonds
  • We, on the other hand, have thousands of Facebook friends but do not know the name of our next door neighbor

    We are constantly engaged with our ipad, ipod, or whatever pod we happen to be carrying at the moment
    There is no downtime, there is no time for reflection

    We are constantly subjecting ourselves to great stress

    And we wonder why we are overweight
    We wonder why we are sick

    But you do not have to participate in these unhealthy lifestyle
    For the most part, good health is a choice!

    You can get older in good health

    And you do not need dangerous drugs to do that either

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