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Have the worlds healthiest heart without dangerous drugs

If you could have the worlds healthiest heart and age young at the same time..

What would that mean to you?

Well, you could.. And it is simpler than you think!

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The Tsimane of Bolivia have the healthiest heart on earth-healthier than the Japanese. You can this be this healthy tooWhat makes the average Tsimane have the healthiest heart in the world? Research shows that the Tsimane of Bolivia Amazon Basin have a staple of home grown rice, corn, plantain, cassava, nuts, fish and meat. That is more complex carbohydrates, less saturated fats. They exercise 4-7 hours a day, mostly in foraging. They have the lowest body mass index! The average middle-aged Tsimane has arteries that are about 28 years younger than those of Westerners,” said Dr. Randall Thompson, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, Missouri, who helped lead the new work. How would you like to be as healthy as these people?

How To Have The World's Healthiest Heart

 Deep in the Bolivian Amazon lives a group of indigenous people who spend their days hunting and farming.

Researchers say this may be partly why they have some of the healthiest hearts on the planet.

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While every organ in the body is important, you would agree that the heart occupies a special place in the body.

It is the organ that takes much needed oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body

And this is just 1 of the important functions the heart performs


“The average middle-aged Tsimane has

arteries that are about 28 years younger

than those of Westerners..”

This according to Dr. Randall Thompson, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, Missouri, who helped lead the "new work."


        What does that mean?

It means that an 80 year old Tsimane has the heart health of a healthy American 50 year old..

..and by implication, the brain too!

That is, an 80 year Tsimane is the same biological age as a 50 year old Westerner!

If that does NOT get your attention, you might need to check your pulse to see if you're still alive!

This group of indigenous Bolivian consists of just 16,000 people


Since they have the worlds healthiest heart, they are also vigorous at any age.

They would not need Viagra-a drug that can give you a heart attack-according to the FDA..

Or Testosterone drugs, another class of drugs that can have you croak on top of your woman!

The heart is very involved in helping a man get a hard erection

Want the worlds healthiest heart,
want to age young?

If you want the worlds healthiest heart, your best bet is to find out what the Tsimane know and do..

..and imitate them!

Their modes of Transportation?

  • Walking

  • Biking

  • Canoeing

Their food staples?

  • Home grown rice

  • Corn

  • Plantain

  • Cassava

  • Nuts

  • Fish

  • Meat

That is their diet consists of:

  1. Complex carbohydrates

  2. Healthy fats

  3. And nuts

    ALL as natural and unprocessed as possible

Notice that the research does NOT say that the Tsimane are that healthy because they have superior drugs!

Of Cholesterol and worlds healthiest heart!

Notice they do NOT have to worry about lowering cholesterol!

The Tsimane are healthy because they have SUPERIOR LIFESTYLE!

Do you wonder why this research does NOT mention lowering cholesterol to maintain a healthy heart?

Why is that?

Which confirms the fact that the "lower your cholesterol or else mantra-and Statins" are a money making scam!

People with low cholesterol die younger!!

This has been proved.

The Tsimane have shown us all how to have the worlds healthiest heart

But here is one crucial prove they have given us..

Statins [Cholesterol lowering drugs] are a money making hoax!

In fact, Statins will destroy your health at several levels.

And I don't care what rosy pictures the "EXPERTS" paint about their virtues

If you do not believe me, look at the Tsimanes!

Heart healthy naturally-a doctor's take!

Here is a "former" heart surgeon who quit cutting peoples' heart open and swore off prescribing Statins, because he discovered it is a money making hoax

Here is his natural way to have the worlds healthiest heart without dangerous drugs

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How to be 30 years younger than
your biological age-the Tsimane way

Here is something I like to also emphasize

This research, apart from  showing us the Tsimane have the worlds healthiest heart, also tells us that an 80 year Tsimane is as healthy as a healthy 50 year old Westerner!

This is very remarkable!

What this means is you can be 30 years younger than your Biological age!

I hope you realize the significance of that!

Why you want the worlds healthiest heart

Here's a question that's hard to answer:


How to improve your cardiovascular health without dangerous statinsBeing heart healthy does not involve the use of dangerous statins. All it takes are healthy lifestyle choices as demonstrated by the Tsimane of Bolivia Amazon region!

Let's ask it anyway..

What's the most important organ in your body?

     Yeah, it's hard to answer.


Because every part of the body is important.

And they all work together to get you healthy


The heart is the organ that makes others function

  • It brings nutrients to other organs

  • It brings much needed oxygen

  • It helps scavenge wastes

  • It powers the brain-the brain, though 5% of body weight, consumes a disproportionate amount of total body supply of Oxygen-a whopping 20%!

    And the brain is the master computer that makes every other functions possible!

So if we ask the question again:

What is the most important organ in the body?

And your answer is the HEART..

You might be forgiven

Which is why you want the worlds healthiest heart;
especially since, if you imitate the Tsimane way of life, you could be 30 years younger than your biological age!

What if you're 30 years younger than your biological age-what are the implications?

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You could..

  • Retain your libido at any age

  • Reduce your risks of diseases normally associated with the aging process

  • Prevent wrinkles

  • Reduce the risks of losing muscle mass and tone

  • Reduce the risks of memory loss and Brain impairment

  • Live longer in good health

  • Avoid the side effects of synthetic drugs-because you won't be taking them! etc.

See why why you need to strive for the worlds healthiest heart?

The Tsimane have the lowest incidence of:

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Low glucose and most normal body mass index of any people on earth

According to this research..

"..the Tsimane, a forager-horticulturalist population of the Bolivian Amazon with few coronary artery disease risk factors, have the lowest reported levels of coronary artery disease of any population recorded to date."

Why is this?

Well, according to this research from Lancet, [Published March 17 2017] the Tsimane are physically active, exercising 4-7 hours a day-and they rarely smoke!

This exercise derives from their daily routine work.
They are a hunter-gatherer society

Their diet is extremely low in sugar and fat.

Being a forager society, their diets necessarily consists of plenty of fruits, vegetables and mostly foods in their raw states

According to the conclusion of this research, 

".. Americans were five times likelier to have heart disease than the Tsimane."

"Almost nine in ten Tsimane had no risk of heart disease."

Which points to the fact that lifestyle choices play pivotal roles in heart disease, aging and health in general!

But here is the tragedy, as the research duly noted, as these healthy people are introduced into "civilization"-read Western diet and exploitation-their risks of cardiovascular diseases would rise exponentially

Not only that, tourism, which follows this kind of discovery-fueled by the need for profits, would eventually corrupt their way of life..

And destroy their health!

Not even a remote society who had been doing things the healthy way for millenia are immune to this kind of "progress"

But we should be imitating the lifestyles of these healthy people
Their healthy lifestyle is what gives them the worlds healthiest heart

Your Body on Synthetic Drugs

Have you been to a modern hospital lately?
They look like the dashboard of  giant space vehicles..

Modern machines humming, whirling, spinning!

The gadgets are impressive alright
Yet, we are as unhealthy as ever!

The Tsimane are healthy BECAUSE they shun drugs and have healthy lifestyles

Which is  in contrast to so called modern society where there is a drug for every itch

  The harvests of excesses and neglect

  • Ever younger people having heart attacks

  • Younger people less fertile than the generation of their parents

  •  More people on medications than ever before

  •  Every aberrant behavior now has a medical syndrome assigned to it

  •  Younger people suffering from erectile dysfunction than ever before

  •  Younger people suffering from stress as much as older ones

  • More drugs having side effects worse than the diseases they are  prescribed to treat-and that's when they are used as prescribed!

The people with the worlds healthiest heart  have no need for these gadgets..

And yet, they, on average are 30 years younger than their Western counterparts!

What does that tell you?

How do you secure yourself the worlds healthiest heart?

What we have today is "disease management.."
..for the sake of profits!

What the Tsimane have shown us is a confirmation of my constant MANTRA!

And that is..


No drug needed.

In fact, drugs send thousands of people to emergency rooms every year!

Good health with healthy lifestyle choices

Here is one thing we know though-as proven by the Tsimane

Your body has built into it what I call  "The Perfect Health Blueprint"

Your body follows this blueprint-all things being equal.
Dis-ease sets in when your body deviates from this blueprint

But here is what is also remarkable about the body

Your body also has the ability for Self Correction when it deviates from this Perfect Health Blueprint

This is how your body heals itself!

The worlds healthiest heart with the body's native intelligence

Which brings us to this truth-as demonstrated by the Tsimane:

  • Your  body knows what to do to get you healthy-provided you give it what it needs to do that job

  • You can age youthfully-remember according to this research, the average Tsimane has arteries that are 28 years younger than that of the average American!

  • Your health and happiness do NOT depend on the accumulations of material comforts-these healthy people have little in material comfort..

    ..they have no iphones that cause them to walk off a cliff because they are too engaged with it to pay attention etc.

  What's more..

  • They have no running water, no electricity

  • They do NOT eat processed foods

  • They need food? They grow it.

  • Game? They go catch it!

  • They live as nature intended-what I call advanced simplicity!

How much about the body do we really know?

But the Tsimane may force us to rethink what we think we know.

For instance, the Tsimane have very high level of C-reactive proteins!
High C-reactive protein is normally indicative of inflammation

And this is normally associated with high risks of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes

This happens NOT to be true in the case of the Tsimane!

Each of them on average has the worlds healthiest heart


Is it possible that we do not know what we thought we knew?

But here is one thing we know:

Health in general and cardiovascular disease in particular is determined NOT by genes but by lifestyle!

This is the sober truth we are learning from the Tsimane people

Imitation, the best form of flattery

So how can you imitate the lifestyle of the Tsimane..
..after all, you may not want to revert to the hunter gatherer lifestyle?

In this case, imitation is a matter of life and death.

Having the worlds healthiest heart is a noble endeavor that could save your life and help you age young and healthy

      Healthy heart checklist

 Observing the lifestyle of these people who have the worlds healthiest heart, here are some of the ways to imitate them

  • Eat right-even in our society of processed food laden with sugar and artificial flavors, that is possible

  • Reduce stress to a minimum

  • Exercise regularly

  • Stay off dangerous medications

  • Get your heart healthy

  • Get social with family and friends-social isolation is unhealthy.
    The Tsimane are very social people

Being healthy is how you would not need these dangerous medications

Download your FREE copy of "Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick" to learn how not to be sick in the first place..
instead of trying to get healthy after the fact.

You have seen how the Tsimane have proved most of the talking heads you see on Television WRONG
Here is the blueprint for health in practice-not theory.

You can't argue with success!

After all, these people have the worlds healthiest heart..


They are about the most youthful people on the planet!

Imitate them and..

  • Get healthy!

  • Age young

How to help the world get healthier

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