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Eating more eggs prevents heart attacks and strokes
May 28, 2018

Eat more eggs to reduce your risks of heart attacks and strokes


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To lower your risk of heart attack, eat more eggs!

Say what?

Won't eggs raise your cholesterol level?

That's the argument of those who want to sell you cholesterol drugs

Here is the report that found that eggs are good for your heart

White eggs

Most people have fallen for the cholesterol hype for decades
In fact, a friend of mine always skim off the yolk of eggs before frying them

She had fallen for the cholesterol hoax
The yolk is where most of the nutrients reside in eggs

Cholesterol is good for you

That's right!

Cholesterol is a healthy nutrient

Low cholesterol is a risk factor for a host of diseases including Cancer

So why take Statins?

Progressive doctors have been warning for years that cholesterol drugs are a money making scam
In fact, cholesterol drugs can give you a heart attack
Cholesterol drugs can damage your liver

I made a post about the fraudulent nature of cholesterol drugs

Go read it to see what I am talking about

Want to be heart healthy?

Eat more eggs and read the post

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Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

Thank YOU

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