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The extinction of western male may have started
August 13, 2017

Is this the extinction of western male?


Did you see the report?

That report says that the Western male is progressively becoming infertile

Is this the beginning of the extinction of Western male?

While that may be a alarmist conclusion, there is no doubt that Western males are now producing weepy, wimpy sperm that may result in weaklings

In fact, according to this research, sperm count in Western countries-read North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe had dramatically plummeted in the last 37 years..

What this means is that even in the midst of many female eggs, these lazy sperm cells may not be able to swim to the eggs to fertilize them

Even in the lucky event that they do, these wimpy sperms may produce some weaklings

The average Western male of today is more tha 59% less fertile than the generation of his father

His sperm concentration has also gone down a whopping 52%!

This research drew much concern among scientists, not because it is the precursor to the extinction of Western male ..
But because it may also signal something going on that we may NOT be aware of yet

Incidentally, the only places in the world where sperm count stays consistent are Africa, Asia and South America!

Why all these?

Well, some of the reasons put forward include:

  • Obesity
  • Hormone disruptors such as BPA
  • Some medications
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Lack of sleep
  • Testicular Cancer etc.

These and more are the reasons sperm count and sperm concentration have declined

These are some of the reasons that scientists think might be responsible, but they are not quite sure

But here is one thing the study does not mention

The male hormone, Testosterone level has also been declining in these men in the last 30 years

Here is another point

Some have noted that men-a good number of them-are now looking more like women!
What some have dubbed "The Feminization of Men"

That's a generous term;
Some people have dubbed the phenomenon : The Wimpy Male Syndrome

Erectile dysfunction is also affecting younger and younger men in Western world-certainly in North America

So much so that some men even in their 20s now use and abuse Erectile Dysfunction drugs..

To a point that these young men-who should be at their sexual prime-CANNOT get a hard erection without these drugs!

Hence the ads for "Low T Drugs" by Big Pharma

But before you fall for Testosterone drug marketing, you need to read about the health risks of Testosterone drugs according to the FDA

In fact, 6,600 consolidated testosterone side effect lawsuits were set for June 12, 2017..
and that was for just 1 drug, Androgel!

Even though this report may not spell the extinction of Western male, it is a wake up call that something that may have serious health implications is afoot

Why can't these young men get erection..
and how can these men improve their sperm count and sperm volume?

Read this article on how to boost sperm count and sperm concentration

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