If You cant get erection on demand here are tips to get a hard penis


How to get hard fast and last longer in bedHow to get hard penis fast give your woman intense orgasm every time and be the best lover she ever had

If you cant get erection at will, does it mean you need ED drugs?

Of course NOT!

In fact, some ED drugs can give you a heart attack!

I didn't say that-the FDA did!


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If you want to be the man you used to be, you can be a vigorous male without the health risks of dangerous drugs

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How to Get Erection on DemandIf you cant erection use these tips to get your manhood back


..you consistently fail to get hard, check your heart!



Erectile dysfunction may be a way your body is

warning you that you are about to have a heart attack!

Health Risks of ED Drugs

Do not fall for testosterone drug advertising on television  
There is a natural way to jack up your libido.

And it won't have you fall dead on top of your woman either


The In Your Face Low T Ads

  Unless you've been on Mars, you've seen the never ending advertisements about testosterone drugs..

Is it Low T?..
               the ads ask

Scary prospect for men who would like to be vigorous at any age..

..and define their manliness by an adequate level of that all important male hormone

If you cant get erection on demand, it is as if you're less of a man


Maybe it is NOT Low T!

And even if it is, there is a better way to increase sex drive without
drugs anyway!

According to the FDA, Viagra is dangerous to your health!

Hard erection naturallyHere is how to be the man you used to be Overcome ED without the risks of erection drugs that the FDA warns about

    What to do when your man 
can't get it up

  You see these testosterone ads everywhere..
  On television, Radio, Print and even on the Internet

  Why is that...?

Because low testosterone scares the hell out of men, and rightly so too

Then, there is the feeling of inadequacy, shame and anxiety that a man feels if he cant get erection

It is this fear that drug companies hope to monetize-with DRUGS, of course..

Complete with all the horrible side effects that synthetic drugs are famous for

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Libido Self Confidence
and Profits

These side effects of testosterone drugs have prompted the FDA to issue warnings about the dangers of testosterone drugs

A man who cant get erection on demand is a nervous wreck!
The drug companies are determined to exploit that fear

Get rock hard naturally

And there is gold alright-for any company that comes out with a safe libido booster that works long term

But so far, what's been in the market place are dangerous erection drugs with serious side effects

That you cant get erection is no reason to ignore these risks..

FDA Warning About Vigor-25

Then there are those male enhancing drugs that promise you'll be a stud in the bedroom..

if you would just open your wallet and drop a few dollars

But before you open that wallet of yours, consider the case of Vigor-2

Vigor-2 is a male enhancing supplement that's supposed to work like Viagra.

That comparison alone should have been enough to scare people away..
after all, Viagra itself is dangerous to your health

Anyway, the FDA warned people to stop taking this supplement

According to the FDA this supplement ..

  • Could be fatal if taken with some drugs such as nitroglycerin

  • Can cause a dangerously low drop in blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks and death, if combined with certain drugs!

What you need is to boost your libido without drugs

Cant Get Erection-here's how to get hard penis.. no dangerous drugs needed

   Aaaaaah... yes!

If you want to be the man you used to be, but find you cant get erection at will, what you need is a testosterone drug, right?


I know you've seen those testosterone ads on television, on the internet etc.  

How can you not-they are everywhere

They promise you can get your manhood back-for a fee

But here are a few things they forgot to mention

Health risks of testosterone drugs

The dangers that testosterone drugs pose to your health are very serious indeed.

Serious enough to warrant this warning from the FDA about how testosterone drugs can harm your health

In fact, according to the FDA, Testosterone drugs can give you a stroke!

Take a look at that FDA warnings I talked about earlier

Here are some of the dangers testosterone drugs pose to your health

  • A man can develop female characteristics such as enlarged breasts
  • Higher risks of breast cancer
  • Higher risks of prostate cancer
  • Shrinkage of the testes
  • Lower sperm count
  • Thickened blood that can lead to blood clot, heart attack and stroke
  • Infertility-isn't that ironic
    The very drug that's supposed to restore your manhood can have you shooting blanks!

Health risks of low testosterone

These are what scare men about inadequate testosterone level

  • Premature aging
  • Premature death
    This post low testosterone can send you to an early grave
    How about another research from the University of California, San Diego. This one found that low testosterone increases your risk of early death by a whopping 33%!
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Mood Swing
  • Low sperm count
  • Weight gain-around the mid section
  • Fatigue
  • Slow metabolism
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Loss of muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Sleep problems
  • Wrinkles and age spots
  • High cholesterol
  • Memory problems
  • Higher risks of arthritis
  • low testosterone can cause high blood pressure
  • low testosterone can cause hair loss
  • Low testosterone increases your risk of Alzheimer's disease and/or brain inflammation according to this report

How to Skyrocket your libido

  If you're asking yourself: Why can't I get hard anymore, then you may want to pay particular attention because you can regain your libido..


  Yes, there are so many reasons why you need to boost low testosterone, not just for getting a hard erection, but for overall health

Now, you see why men are concerned about low testosterone levels.
That you cant get erection is one thing.

But the other serious side effects of low testosterone is more scary than the inability to get a hard penis

Erectile dysfunction drugs are what you want to avoid, on account of their side effects, as stated above

What is testosterone anyway?

Get Hard Penis NaturallyTestosterone is a male hormone that helps get hard erection But testosterone is more than a hard erection hormone. It is also anti-aging and more.

  Testosterone is a male hormone that gives men their male characteristics...

  • Deep voice

  • Facial Hair

  • Sperm production

  • Big muscles

  • Motivation etc.

     Testosterone Not Just a Male Hormone 

    But testosterone is also produced by the female ovary, because this hormone plays important bio-chemical roles in male and female bodies

    The testes produces testosterone under instruction from the hypothalamus, and pituitary in the brain

    That would suggest that any injury in this part of the brain can cause low testosterone and thus low libido I know that if you can't get erection, you might panic and feel you can't be the man you used to be


    That is no reason to despair, because there is hope.
    Your lifestyle may be why you cant get erection

    If that is true-and it is for some men, it actually is good news!


    What that means is, all you need to get a hard penis is to change your lifestyle, and regain your manhood.

Erection dysfunction help

Now, there are various reasons why you cant get erection on demand

We'll examine these reasons
When we do, I bet you would have less anxiety


Because the solution may just be as simple as getting a good night's sleep

 Good news, right?

  Thought I heard you breathe a sigh of relief!

   Why you cant get erection

Why is it hard to get erection, especially when you used to be able to?

There are so many reasons why getting an erection may be hard for some men

Of course, you've heard about Viagra, and other drugs like it, but are you familiar with their side effects?

I do not have to list for you the serious harm that these kind of drugs can do to your health

You can read about the health risks of Viagra by following this link

Now let's us see why you may not be able to get and maintain a strong erection


Age and testosterone declineIt is true that testosterone level declines with age. But men can retain their libido and get erection on demand

Yes, age may be a reason why you cant get erection.
That's because testosterone level declines with age

Testosterone level reaches its highest peak at the height of puberty

Decline of Testosterone Over Time

It is true that testosterone level diminishes with age
But that does NOT mean you cannot pop in the bedroom

It is also a mistake to think that ED is a disease of older men

Peak testosterone for peak bedroom performanceBeing able to get a hard erection on demand boosts a man's confidence and self extreme Erection Dysfunction and/or Premature ejaculation destroys a man's sense of self and confidence. It can also destroy his relationship. Depression and self destructive behaviors are other consequence of ED. Keep reading for the solution

     ED and Young Men

Did you know that millions of young men in their twenties have trouble maintaining a hard on?

The truth of the matter is that even if you're getting older, you can still retain you libido

And if you think you have lost it, you can regain your libido the natural way
That you cant get erection may NOT necessarily have anything to do with age

    Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is a major risk factor for low testosterone.
Lack of sleep disrupts the body's Circadian rhythm.

Get enough sleep to boost testosteroneLack of sleep would rob you of your manhood. Testosterone, the male hormone is synthesized at night. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, irritability, stress, slow reflex, obesity, depletion of nutrients etc. And would you believe all these are risk factors for erectile dysfunction Get enough sleep or suffer from the Limp Dick Syndrome

Lack of sleep is a major risk factor for low testosterone.
Lack of sleep disrupts the body's Circadian rhythm.

This rhythm not only regulates many processes in the body, it is also a factor in the production of hormones

Read how lack of sleep lowers testosterone

Sleep deprivation may be why you cant get erection


The world wide obesity epidemic is why some governments are now treating it as a public  health emergencyOverweight people are more susceptible to almost ever disease-diabetes, heart disease, memory problems, diabetes, depression etc. Obese men have about 33% lower testosterone than their fit counterpart

Obesity is a risk factor for a host of diverse diseases.

These risks include low testosterone, heart disease, brain impairment, type II diabetes, hormonal imbalance.

Ironically, these are also risks for low testosterone and by implication, erectile dysfunction

Obesity is a risk factor for:

  • Depression

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Stress etc.

So, if you are overweight, the solution to your low sex drive may lie in you losing excess weight

     Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition lowers testosteroneGood nutrition is required for the production of testosterone. Zinc, Selenium, cholesterol among other nutrients, are required for the synthesis of testosterone and sperm


Poor nutrition is at the heart of many illnesses.
For instance, zinc and selenium are required for the manufacture of sperm

Arginine and collagen are required for the production of testosterone; and healthy cholesterol is essential for the production of hormones

If you're wondering why you cant get erection and give your woman satisfying orgasm, consider eating a nutritious diet; that may be your only problem


Stress is a KILLER!

Stress is the gateway for so many ailments including..

  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low testosterone
  • Brain impairment
  • Stroke
  • Premature death etc.

The list goes on.

Reduce your stress level, and you could be on your way to some bliss in the bedroom

    Statin Use

These class of drugs are some of the best selling drugs-ever.
Statins are drugs used to lower serum cholesterol

They have generated so much profits for their manufacturers
But, did you know that Statins can cause impotence, vision problems-to name just a few

Statins may be why you cant get erection

How Statins Destroy Your Hard Erection

Statins lower your cholesterol
Never mind that cholesterol is needed by every cell in your body

Some startling facts about cholesterol

  • Cholesterol is needed by every cell in the body

  • 80% of your cholesterol is made by your Liver-what you eat has little or nothing to do with your cholesterol level!

  • The highest concentration of your body's Cholesterol is in your brain-a whopping 25% of total!

  • Cholesterol is needed in the brain to transmit electrical signals

  • Cholesterol is needed in the manufacture of Testosterone

  • Low cholesterol is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease!

  • Low cholesterol is a risk factor for infertility!!

I know, I know

These facts about cholesterol seem to contradict the ads you see on television about lowering cholesterol

These ads are considered fraudulent by some experts-see why

But from the above list, it is clear that use of Statin may be why you cant get a hard erection

   Lack of Exercises

Boost your sex drive with regular exercisesExercises increases blood circulation, lower blood pressure, enhance mood, fight fatigue and boost testosterone production

The World Health Organization stated that a lot of diseases are the direct result of lack of exercises and poor nutrition

Exercises reduce stress, help good sleep, improve circulation, improve memory, delay aging and boost testosterone level

Being a couch potato can have serious negative effects on health-including erectile problems


Yes, sodas..

..those sugared drinks some gulp down by the liter will kill your manhood
Sodas lower testosterone level.

Sodas contain phosphoric acid and Carbonic acid.
These can zap your libido by lowering your testosterone level!

 High Blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause not only erectile dysfunction, but strokes, kidney failure, heart attack etc.

And a strong erection depends on good blood flow to every part of the body and particularly to the brain and penis High blood pressure makes good blood flow a little harder

Other reasons why you cant get erection include...

Smoking destroys your manhoodSmoking loads your body with dangerous chemicals. These toxins include Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, cyanide. Smoking causes hardening of the arteries. This arteries impairs their ability to synthesize nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is needed for male and female libido. Smoking also causes fatigue. Sex requires energy. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide compete with Oxygen in the lungs of a smoker Oxygen is needed for life to exist. Lack of oxygen causes fatigue and is a friendly environment for Cancer cells to proliferate The research that verifies that, won the Nobel Prize for Dr Otto Warburg-in 1931!


Smoking introduces so many poisons into your blood stream-toxins such as cyanide, arsenic-two of the most toxic substances on earth

And that's NOT the whole of it, either.
Smoking also puts formaldehyde and carbon monoxide into your body

In fact, cigarette smoke contains hundreds-yes-hundreds of toxins Smoking causes hardening of the arteries.

This prevents adequate blood flow. Not only that, carbon monoxide deprives your body of oxygen

Inadequate blood flow, low oxygen supply, hardening of the arteries... ...Why would some one who smokes wonder why he cant get erection?

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption

  2. Hormone Therapy

  3. Disease of the testes

  4. Drug Use

  5. Some medications

If any of these risk factors apply to you, then you know why you cant get erection.
And you know what you can do about it


How to get your libido back

  • Eat right
  • Lose weight if you're overweight
  • Stop smoking
  • If you do drugs, stop it! You want to be able to perform in the bedroom, don't you?
  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Get off the couch and exercise Keep your stress level low
  • Drink plenty of water, not soda. Treat sodas as the sugared poisons that they are

And above all, make sure to increase your testosterone naturally-no drugs-to jack up your sex drive

That way, you won't be one of those men who wonder why they cant get erection

How to Get Hard Dick

Watch this Video to learn How to Get Hard Dick On Demand

Get Hard for As long as you want..

Give Your woman screaming orgasms

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And above all, make sure to increase your testosterone naturally-no drugs-to jack up your sex drive

That way, you won't be one of those men who wonder why they cant get erection

Here again is how you can restore your libido and start popping in the bedroom-again!

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