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Flibanserin the so called female Viagra can destroy your health
October 13, 2019

Flibanserin is NOT safe!

This week, I am concentrating on female health..
Specifically female sexual health

For a long time medicine had ignored female health
Most medical researches are done on white males

Remember Viagra?

Well, Viagra is not what I would recommend to any man

Viagra has serious side effects

Then the FDA finally approved Flinbaserin, the so called Female Viagra

Well, you guessed it
Flibanserin also known as Addyi has many serious side effects

In fact, this female libido drug barely beat a placebo in clinical tests
English translation: it is no better than a sugar pill!

Sex in general is deceptively simple
And female libido is even more complicated than that of men

Here is why women should not take Flibanserin and what to take instead to boost sex drive

Another take on female sexual health

Apparently, it turns out women have been using toothpaste as a sexual aid
Specifically, some women have been using toothpaste to tighten Vaginal muscles

I don't intend to explain it any further
I don't even think I can explain it as well as the article could

So here is the article

Read it for yourself


The FDA approved another female libido booster recently

I'll make a post about that at a later date

I'll let you know when that happens

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