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The many pink pill problems are reasons women are avoiding Addyi,the so-called female Viagra?


With these many pink pill problems, why would the FDA  approve the female Viagra, Flibanserin?

Boosting female sex drive naturallyFemale Sex Drive Enhancer-No drug required!

    How do you get your sexy back
     if you are a woman?

How about with something that helps skyrocket female sex drive without the side effects of Flibanserin ..

That is how to skyrocket female sex drive safely-Naturally

       What are the side effects of


Female Viagra Problems-how serious are they?

And how about these:

Provestra-Sexual Vitality Booster for Women!

  • Low Blood Pressure

  • Dizziness

  • Sleepiness

  • Nausea

  • Fainting

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

And those are the ones we know now

We know from experience there will be more..

..many more!

Women get their own Pink Pill

Why not?

Men have their own Blue Pill

Why not one for women?

It's only fair, right?

Well, don't be too sure about that

What is this Female Viagra

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  In this case, it is the Pink Pill, Flibanserin

  After intense lobbying by the manufacturer, the FDA voted to recommended [June 2015] Flibanserin for approval by a vote of 18-6

Now that the pink pill, aka female Vigra, aka

Flibanserin has been approved

Some women organizations are jubilant.

  I guess the FDA buckled under the accusation, spearheaded by Even the Score, of gender bias

 But Even the Score is a front for Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Flibanserin

  The score will be even alright, as the side effects of this drug pile up over the years, just as those of Viagra did and still do

Think Viagra is safe?

See the side effects of Viagra at this link

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  Don't think the drug companies-or even the regulating agencies will tell you.
  After all, they are the ones who approved these dangerous drugs to begin with!
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Does Flibanserin Work?

The FDA data says it doesn't deliver, on top of its serious side effects

Remember the FDA had rejected this drug on 2 separate occasions

Now, it has gained final approval!

Never mind that Flibanserin delivers poor results-almost no better than a placebo

And some serious, maybe even life threatening, side effects!

How serious are these Pink Pill Problems?

This drug manipulates the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin in the brain

Once again drug companies are trying to monetize the anxiety of lack of sexual desire in women just as it did with erectile dysfunction in men

Of no concern at this time are these pink pill problems that can endanger your live

Flibanserin, a Female libido Booster?

Not on your life!
Yes some women groups are celebrating FDA's action

But, I submit that, that celebration is premature

Experience with Male Viagra calls for tempering that celebration

And those pink pill problems that are acknowledged are serious enough to temper the enthusiasm just a little bit

Legacy Of the Blue Pill

  Where have we seen this movie before?

  Oh, yes..

It was on Viagra, the block buster Male libido enhancer-and about 25 more like it-that have generated billions of dollars for their manufacturers

These drugs did give-and keep on giving
The gifts these class of drugs have been giving men are serious side effects.

   Some lost their careers; some their health!
   Because one of the side effects of Viagra is
   Memory problems

   That's not all either

   Another side effect of Viagra?

   Vision Problems

What's that about being careful what you wished for, you just might get it?

I am betting that over time, pink pill problems would be no less severe

These pink pill problems are serious enough, and those are the ones admitted to by the manufacturer

Now that female Viagra, Flibanserin, has finally been approved, those taking it would be guinea pigs for data gathering for the next 3 years

But here is why the FDA rejected this drug before

Actually, the FDA rejected it twice before!


   It delivered very poor results!

You would think the FDA would have rejected it because of the side effects listed earlier on

But that this drug performed poorly the first time around should not surprise anyone

Pink Pill Problems-Not Just With Flibanserin

According to some people, here is another class of drugs looking for a disease

They have even given the manufactured disease, a fancy name to make themselves sound impressive

In this case the name given to this female sexual dysfunction is..

  Sounds like a disease alright!
  Don't know what HSDD is?

That's because you're not an initiate of Orwellian-Speak.

It means, Hypo-active Sexual Desire Disorder!

  Impressive, isn't it?

You suffer from this disease if you lack sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity.

    That's it!

Never mind that this might be due to many factors that would not respond to this kind of intervention

Female sex drive reboot-No drug

Just as with men, low sexual desire is a complex issue..

only more so with women

The causes may cover a wide range

Causes of Low libido in Females

  1. Sleep deprivation

  2. Underlying illnesses

  3. Depression

  4. Poor Nutrition

  5. Organic malfunction or damage

  6. Low immunity!

  7. New motherhood

  8. Relationship problems

  9. Birth Control Pills

  10. Low Testosterone

  11. Religious Conditioning!!

       Reviving Female Sex Drive

Low libido in females is generating as much anxiety as erectile dysfunction in men

But how on earth is this kind of drug going to correct these?

Add to that the admitted side effects of this drug, what you have is a disaster waiting to happen

So those who are uncorking some bubbly on this kind of Gender Sexual Equality, should do so with their eyes open

They need to ask men about Viagra Erection Enhancers Problems

Boosting Libido, whether it is female libido or Male libido, with drugs is not a good idea

Testosterone drugs have not fared any better either

The side effects of testosterone drugs are reasons a lot of men have filed lawsuits in U.S courts against their manufacturers

       How Does this Pink Pill Work-
             Or Does it?

Oh, here is how this female Viagra, Flibanserin works:

   It "changes the brain chemistry to
      enable sexual desire"

English translation:

It disrupt normal brain function

Now, you do not have to be a scientist to know the implications of disrupting normal brain chemistry

Remember other drugs that disrupt brain chemistry

  • Anti-depressant-most prescribed drug in the U.S!

  • ADHD Drugs-prescribed for children and adults!!

  • Ask those taking them 

I am not a prophet, but I am willing to bet that this will be one of the most serious of the pink pill problems

I mean brain impairment and mood disturbance

Of course, you won't hear about them until years from now..

until the health of many have been damaged!

And only after the manufacturer has raked in billions of dollars in profits

Won't it have made more sense to require the manufacturer to solve these pink pill problems before it even submits it to the FDA

   But, don't bet on that 

Because what you would be told is that the benefits out weigh the risks

Which to them is good enough unless you're the one subjected to those risks!

Best Way to Increase Female Sex Drive

These numerous and serious female Viagra problems is an early indication that the movie will be the same

   We've seen that movie before too!


At decades of Cholesterol Drug Hoax theater

Then in 2015, we were told we do not have to worry about our cholesterol, after all!

     Wait a minute!

Can we ask Cholesterol drug manufacturers to return the billions of dollars they have made running this scams for decades?

Well, don't bet your lunch on that either!!

But if you think Flibanserin is the only female sex drive enhancer looking for approval, think again.

There are so many of them-from European countries..
and from the United States- in the pipeline

The market for sexual problems is huge.
The profit potential even bigger. Sex for men and women is an emotional issue

But I predict that pink pill problems will parallel those of men

Don't believe these side effects are dangerous?

Would you believe there have been at least one case in which a male erection booster caused Penis Fracture!

That is, Your Penis could snap like a twig!

In fact, almost all the ED drugs approved by the FDA is a potential Penis Snapper

   Think I'm making it up?
   On the packages are warning about the risk of

Priapism is a condition in which erection lasts for more than 4 hours-it
  just won't go down!
  This is painful and can cause penis fracture

  I wish I was making this up!
Now, what are you going to do with a fractured Penis?

   Don't answer that!

Now the FDA has approved female Viagra, Flibanserin

Not that those pink pill problems have magically disappeared

 But not to worry

  Profits trump people

Isn't that the unspoken mantra of drug companies?

How else would you explain these drugs you see advertised on television?

Some of the side effects of these drugs are so scary you would hesitate to flush these drugs down your commode for fear they might corrode it!

DRUGS have side effects: If you know one that does not, let me know when you leave a comment

       A woman's guide to Reviving
        sex drive-Naturally!

Is there anything safe that can skyrocket female libido?

An effective libido booster for women that has none of the pink pill problems we've been talking about?

Yes, of course

       Help Your Body Help You

Here is one natural option from mother nature herself

The body knows how to balance its own chemistry if you give it what it needs

 Think about this for a moment..

Most of the biological processes occur without your awareness and intervention

Even the deceptively simple act of breathing is an unconscious act that happens without your awareness most of the time

The only time you are aware of these processes is when something is wrong..

Like the body not getting what it needs to perform that function!

So instead of dealing with these pink pill problems, here is-what else-a pill!


   Here a is radical idea, though..

   How about if we give the body what it
   needs to balance its own chemistry
   so you can increase sex drive without the
   health risks of drugs?

That way you can get back your sexual desire without endangering your health!

Natural way to satisfying
sex for women

But you do not have suffer these pink pill problems

Or be part of this grand and potentially dangerous experiment


You won't be taking it!

Take advantage of the proven safe female sex drive boosters on this page
Here they are once again

The Instant Arousal Cream
For Women


   Your health is your responsibility.
   Here's how you can help spread the word about
   non-toxic health

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