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Avoiding the health risks of sugar with healthy choices
May 12, 2014

Sugar is Destroying your Health

Your lifestyle determines your health.

Take the obesity epidemic for instance. Obesity-except in some instances of genetic disease-is a lifestyle disease.

The global spread of obesity can be traced to what people do, or don't do

1. Overeating 2. Lack of exercises 3. Lack of sleep

On top of all that is this report about how sugar consumption is fueling the global obesity epidemic

But, this is hardly news. We know this all the time.

This is how your lifestyle determines your health. Because you take your own hands to put this stuff into your mouth

What you buy at the supermarket is not sugar, but a chemical. What nature produces is different from that store concoction.

It been cooked, fractured, blanched, bleached-before it gets to you.

But that's not all the harm that sugar does. Sugar is implicated in diseases as diverse as

1. Obesity 2. Diabetes 3. Heart disease 4. Premature aging 5. Memory problems 6. Inflammation

Inflammation has been implicated in so many diseases such as aging, wrinkles, Alzheimer's disease, clogging of the arteries, arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.

And these are just a few of the ways sugar can undermine your health

You can not argue with the fact that the lifestyle you live determines your health

But, that's even the good news.

Some people, switch to sugar substitutes such as Aspartame. Yes, you know what Aspartame is-in its various incarnations

Equal, Sucralose, Nutrasweet etc.. If you know all these then you know what Aspartame is.

Aspartame is the most widely used sweetener in sodas-especially the diet ones. But it is in a lot of other foods too

Sugar is bad enough. Aspartame is really bad news So bad the FDA rejected this sweet poison 16 consecutive times!

The FDA of the time determined that this it was not fit for human consumption!! The same sweetener that's now in almost every food you consume..

1 Sodas 2 Ketchup 3 Almost all canned foods 4 Almost all prepackaged foods 5 Juice cocktails-these have not a single ounce of juice

How did a product labelled as unhealthy for humans end up in almost every food you consume? Corruption, that's how.

One of the breakdown products of Aspartame in your body is formaldehyde. You remember formaldehyde, don't you? NO?

Well, it is that chemical used to embalm corpses! Do you now find soda delicious? Aspartame causes this same chemical to accumulate in your body when you consume it!

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen-a cancer causing agent When you walk into a nail salon-at least in the -United States-you'll see a sign warning you of the presence of formaldehyde, and how it is known to cause cancer. You do pay attention, don't you?

Nail salon workers have been known to have cancer at a disproportionate rate.

If it is true that your lifestyle determines your health, then you can choose your state of health by the choices you make

So what choice do you have?
You can use

1. Raw cane sugar 2. Turbinado sugar 3. Honey-if you are not allergic 4. Raw sugar cane juice-if you could find it.

See, sugar is not really bad for you. What is bad for you is refined, processed sugar-and sugar substitutes

You don't need sugar substitutes. Nature has already provided the real deal. I'll be writing a small book on the dangers of processed sugar and sugar substitutes

I'll let you know when it is finished so you can download it. Look for it.

Till next time, Make healthy lifestyle choices Your health depends on it

Thank you

This is Teejay, signing off


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