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Lack of Sleep increases Your risk of heart attack
January 20, 2019

Get Some Sleep Or Risk a Heart Attack

heart disease risks of too little sleep

Have you heard some people brag of being able to make do with very little sleep?
They make it sound as if it is proof of their virility

It is NOT!

Too little sleep is more serious than people think and it is nothing to brag about

Sleep deprivation is a risk factor for a lot of diseases;
in fact, it won't be a generalization to state that sleep deprivation is a risk factor for almost every disease known

This should not be surprising at all

Cycle of Life

Humans operate on a 24 hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness
This cycle is known as the Circadian Rhythm

Most of creation operates on one cycle or the other-even planets and comets
Haley's comet comes to mind in this regard-a comet that appears on earth every 75 years

Seldom does a human see Haley's comet 2 times in his/her lifetime!

Human Circadian rhythm controls almost every aspect of existence, from fertility to immunity
This cycle controls the gestation period of ALL animals and man

Get Some Sleep Get Healthy

Now comes this report that says that sleep deprivation can cause heart disease

The research found that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep have a 27% higher risk of heart disease than those who get 7-8 hours

Not only that, sleep deprived men have a higher risk of Erectile Dysfunction that those who get adequate sleep

Can it Get any Worse?

It is more serious than that

Sleep deprived drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers on the highway
Just pray one of the people they kill or injure is not you or your loved one

And the problem is going to get worse
What with millions of people on their phones, ipad, and eyes glued to television sets till late hours of the night!

Here is even more bad news about lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is also a risk factors for

  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation
  • obesity
  • Low testosterone
  • Stress
  • Brain impairment etc.

All of the above are risk factors for heart disease, erectile dysfunction, low immunity and poor health in general

I am sure you are aware of the loud din of testosterone drugs and other ED drugs on all of media

Most of the men targeted by these ads may NOT need ED drugs

What they need may just be more sleep and good nutrition


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