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How much do you know about what adversely affect your health
October 01, 2017

What You don't know can send you to an early grave


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Table of Contents

  • Africa Mole Rat-Key to Opioid Crisis?
  • Nitric Oxide Beat Viagra in head to head tests
  • High Fat Diet-Key to Weight Loss
  • People with high cholesterol live lionger
  • People who are immune to AIDS Virus

Did you know there was a time when it was illegal to advertise drugs directly to the public?
And drug salespeople were prohibited from visiting doctors to peddle their wares
Well, that was decades ago!

Do you watch Television?

Of course you do

I was watching television the other day, and I was really surprised at the number of drug advertising

But what is more surprising is how anyone could advertise products with so many adverse effects on human health with a straight face!
And those are the ones admitted to by manufacturers

And these are legal and approved?

Why on earth would anyone take these drugs?
Why would the FDA approve such concoctions with these adverse effects?

And the drug manufacturers would even help you pay for your medications if you could not afford to fully pay for them

Nice guys, right?


Did you know most of these medications actually suppress your immune system?
So you say, so what?


Your immune system is your body's Defense Department
Imagine the United States having no Department of Defense?
Even a ragtag bunch of marauders could walk in and take over

That's what would happen if your immune system is suppressed
The marauders in this case are germs and opportunistic diseases!
Your immune system is what defends your body against these diseases

Now, see if this sounds like good medicine to you..

A substance that's supposed to heal you, destroys your ability to defend yourself against diseases!

Is that good medicine to you?

But that's the only way these drugs can get to work in your body?

Your immune system seeks out and identifies foreign materials that try to sneak into your body
Once identified as foreign, it then marshals its defense mechanisms to destroy and eliminate that foreign material, preventing it from harming your health

It's no unlike a security guard preventing a thief from breaking into your house

Your body's immune system recognizes these drugs as foreign materials..
..and would eliminate them from your body..
..which would prevent these drugs from even getting into your body.

Your Body's Defense Department Compromised

The suppression of the immune system is why a lot of people on drugs suffer "secondary infections and diseases"
These drugs work against your body, instead of giving it what it needs to heal itself
That's why they have side effects

Here is another sinister part of these synthetic drugs

Did you know that you may have to be on some of these drugs for life?
Now you know why the drug companies would help you pay for your drugs initially
They'll get their investments back, and then some, over your lifetime

Did you know the best way to burn fat is to eat more fat?
That contradicts the eat low fat diet to lose weight mantra, doesn't it?

Did you know that mice cannot get AIDS?
Yep, they are immune to it

Did you also know that some descendants of those who survived The Plague are immune to the AIDS Virus?

How about the African Mole Rat

Did you know the unique characteristics of the African Mole Rat?
These rats are almost totally immune to certain pains

This is particularly important to humans
Because pain is one of the most common complaints
Pain medications are one of the most prescribed in the US

I do not need to tell you about the epidemic of Opioid in the United States

Here is the point

A lot of Opioid addicts started on these drugs to alleviate excruciating pain
And before they know it, they are hooked

Which makes the study of the African Mole Rat even more important

What secrets does this rat hold?

Native to East Africa, these rats are blind
In fact, these rats are so unique I am going to write further on them
And their implications for human health
I'll let you know when I make that post

If we invest more on this kind of research, won't it help mankind instead of the drugs with their dangerous side effects

Did you know people with high cholesterol live longer-and that those with low cholesterol die younger?

I know, I know

That seem to contradict "Conventional Wisdom"

But take a look at this article
Did you know the FDA acknowledged that cholesterol drugs could give you a heart attack?

Did you know nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat ED?

And according to research, Viagra increases your risk of Melanoma, a deadly form of Cancer

The point I am trying to make is that you should take your health into our own hands

Make sure you open the email I send you weekly to keep up with my latest research

Or the drug companies would monetize your health

They make money, you live a marginal life

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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