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It's a toxic world, BUT You can be healthy
October 15, 2017

Get healthy in a toxic world


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Table of Contents

  • Polluted Bodies
  • Heavy People
  • Hormonal Imbalance Making You Fat
  • Drugs Destroying Your Immune System
  • Keys to Good Health
  • Vaccine Kills?

Chemicals known to cause Cancer or Birth Defects or other Reproductive Harm may be present in FOODS or BEVERAGES sold or served here

Where do you think this quote comes from?
This is a restaurant warning you that the food you eat at its restaurant..

The food you pay your hard earned money for..
Could give you Cancer!

Oh, by the way, that poster is from Macdonald's
Yes, that Macdonald!
The happy place that you and your loved ones probably frequent

And you thought I am being an alarmist when I say the planet is polluted

Remember that British girl who died after receiving the HPV vaccine?

Well, let's ask ourselves
Is this Vaccines safe-or even effective?

I am sure you read the newsletter I sent you that told you about another research:
That girls in the US and UK are the fattest girls in the world

Ok , so some of us eat more of


fat belly diet


flat belly diet

But a lot of overweight people eat right, do not overeat..
AND are still overweight


Why can't you lose weight and keep it off

Could it be the pollution of foods-not only from the factory..
But right from the farm itself

What do you say about food plants that have been modified to manufacture their own pesticides?
If these pesticides kill pests, what are they doing to your body over decades of consumption

These are the little things you may not think about
But these little things affect your health big time

Did you know that most corn and beets in the US are from GMO seeds?
And most of the sugar in the US is manufactured from this altered beets?

How about hormone disruptors such as

  • Antibiotics in livestock
  • BPA in your foods and the environment
  • Over-prescription of antibiotics

The result is that a lot of germs have now developed resistance to our most powerful antibiotics
An illness that used to be a mere nuisance can now send you to an early grave!
The overuse of these antibiotics have also resulted in unhealthy intestinal flora

The disruption of hormonal balance is also one of the major causes of obesity and depression

I am going to make some bold statements..

And I want you to think about it seriously
The obesity epidemic is due to 5 major factors

  • Poor gut health
  • Lack of exercises
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • In fact, these 5 factors are NOT just the causes of worldwide obesity
    They are the major causes of most illnesses!


    Here is the good news
    Take care of these 5 factors and you may never be sick again!

    The earth is being polluted for profits
    It is now hard for some of us to blame the Chinese for climate change
    The rash of hurricanes and floods put a sock in these peoples' mouths where sane argument could not
    These floods and hurricane are causing dormant viruses to wake up
    And they may just wreak havoc on human health

    Our bodies are full of pollutants

    • Heavy metals
    • Lead
    • Organic chromium
    • Parasites
    • Even radioactive materials

    And it does not matter where on earth you live
    These toxins are in your body
    Heck, some of these toxins are even found in the umbilical blood of babies

    Now, think about that for a minute
    These are babies who are yet to take their first breaths!
    These toxins need to be cleansed from your body
    Because these toxins are why a lot of people are sick

    But hey, they have the drugs to mask the symptoms

    But what IF you can cleanse your whole body of toxins

    Your Doctor is supposed to heal you

    How about the drugs your doctor hands you to heal you
    Well, what do you say to a drug that is supposed to cure an illness but has 10 side effects

    The ads for most of these drugs tell you that these drugs may lower the ability of your body to fight infections

    Now, let's stop right there!

    What does that mean?
    It means these drugs destroy your immune system
    Do you know how serious that is?

    Your immune system is your body's defense department
    If your ability to fight infection is destroyed
    You are now vulnerable to all kinds of secondary infections

    That's why some patients die from these secondary infections than from the disease

    But the drugs HAVE to destroy your immune system!

    Or your immune system, in its infinite wisdom, would recognize them as the foreign materials that they are
    And expel them from your body

    And then you are told NOT to take the drugs IF you are allergic to it or its ingredients

    Wait a minute!

    How do you know you're allergic to a drug you know nothing about
    What are these ingredients and how would know you're allergic to them?

    Why would they do that?
    It's called a Disclaimer
    They hope to insulate themselves from legal responsibilities if the drugs harm you

    They can then claim:
    Hey, we warned them about it!

    Am I against Allopathic medicine?

    Not at all!

    Allopathic medicine excels when it comes to trauma,br /> If you find yourself in an accident or you fracture a limb, you better get yourself to the nearest hospital

    But a substance that:

    • Raises your risks of death
    • Make you more likely to commit suicide
    • Can cause internal bleeding that could be fatal

    That to me is not medicine
    That is a POISON

    But that's exactly what you are told about these drugs on television
    You don't believe me?

    Monitor these drug ads on television for 3 days
    Let me know what you think

    Coming Next Week

    Would you willingly take a poison IF it is so labeled?
    Don't be too sure until you read my next email
    Make sure you open it. You may just be surprised

    Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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