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What dose it take to make a baby?
June 26, 2020

Are You man enough

Did you know that male infertility is now a major problem in Western world?

Why doesn't this problem occur in African countries?

Why has birth rate declined in a lot of European countries?
There is now higher women to men ratio in these countries

But why are today's men less fertile than the generation of their fathers?

Infertility is not necessarily a woman problem-the man MAY be the problem
Male infertility is a concern to both men and women

Here is what you need to ask yourself

  • Why do men now have low sperm motility?
  • Why has sperm count plummeted more than 30% in the last 4 decades?
  • Can men increase their fertility and increase their chances of making a baby?

These are the things this new post I just put up on increasing male fertility naturally talks about
Click the link to read it

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P.S: Find out how to Increase male factor fertility in this post NOW

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