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Heallthy naturally by making healthy choices
March 17, 2014

Increase your libido without the danger of testosterone drugs

This was going to be about another topic, but the approval of another testosterone drug by the FDA made me change the topic.
I need to tell you about this drug.

The nonstop ads about testosterone drugs have drowned out the fact that there is a natural way to increase testosterone without drugs

Aveed is the latest to join the infamous club of testosterone drugs with serious side effects. Even the FDA could no longer ignore these dangers. It issued safety warnings about the heart attack risks of testosterone drugs Here is the link.

You can satisfy your woman in bed alright; you just might fall dead on top of her from a heart attack.

What the FDA failed to also mention, is that there are other serious health dangers in taking testosterone drugs, such as:

  1. Infertility
  2. Shrinkage of the testes
  3. Higher risk of prostate cancer
  4. Liver damage

Isn't it ironic?

A drug that's supposed to jack up your libido and make you the man, can potentially destroy everything that defines you as a man!
Read more about testosterone drug risks by clicking the link

I don't know about you, but I'll pass
I know we're going to die-some day. But anything that's going to kill me is not going to get my help

You should pass on testosterone drugs too. You value your health, don't you? O.K then.

And as if the health risks of testosterone drugs already in the market is not bad enough, here comes another-Aveed It is significant to note that the FDA had already rejected this drug-3 times!

What's the concern?

The reservation FDA expressed was that of clogging of the blood vessels in the lungs by one of the ingredients in Aveed, namely castor oil!
Since this drug is administered by injection, this concern is well founded.

Then in an about face, Aveed was approved in March, 2014 But I will be surprised if you or your loved ones will be taking it. Even though castor oil was the main concern of the FDA about this new drug, it is a safe bet that other problems will crop up.

It happened to other drugs of its ilk. And all that time, as with Aveed, approval was granted over the objection of some scientists and consumer advocates.

All these other side effects would only be known by the harm they cause users; English translation? You, or the man in your life will be the guinea pig for this long term "experiment."

It is hard to make the authorities recall a drug after it enters the market. Notice these testosterone drugs are NOT being recalled even after it is acknowledged they can be harmful That is, you are on your own

You can keep on ingesting testosterone drugs at great risks to your health, or you can explore natural ways to boost your lbido

So, if not testosterone drugs, what then?

Glad you ask!
Men are anxious about being vigorous at any age
There is a natural way to boost testosterone

Pine pollen is such a product

It is not made, it is straight from Mother Nature
But pine pollen is more than a safe natural testosterone booster. Turns out pine pollen is one of the most nutritionally dense product on earth, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acds etc.

Read more about the nutritional power of pine pollen at this link
Which is why increasing testosterone with pine pollen is a better way to go because some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction actually need good nutrition-which pine pollen supplies

And here is where to buy pine pollen natural libido booster

Click on it now to get your manhood back without the side effects of drugs

Till next time
This is TJ saying, get healthy naturally


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