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Is your doctor killing you-slowly?
January 22, 2017

Your doctor is killing you slowly


Your doctor is killing you, not because s/he wants to, but because s/he relies too much on the false information presented by drug companies

Information is health..
But only the right information

See, a lot of doctors prescribe drugs armed with only the information provided by their manufacturers.

The frequency of a drug's prescription in most cases, depend on how often these doctors are taken on "information tours" [Bribed tours?] by drug companies

So is your doctor killing you by colluding with drug companies.. not informing themselves thoroughly-outside of drug companies Presentations?

"Your doctor is killing you" may seem to you as a strong statement..


Have you listened lately to drug advertising on television?

Here is one about managing-not cure, mind you-Rheumatoid Arthritis:

The risks of this drug include..

  • Tuberculosis
  • Lower Immune System
  • Heart Attacks etc.

And I have only listed just a few of what may happen to you if you use this drug as prescribed!

But with a straight face, the ad goes on to laud the benefits of this toxic substance!

And Oh yes, to let you know what nice guys they are, the drug company would even help you pay for their drug, IF you cannot afford it!

Very nice of them, won't you say?

I remember reading this book..
..a book that makes the statement, your doctor is killing you even more relevant.

The Kidnaping Of Health

The book is called "The Kidnaping of Health"

And health has been kidnapped alright-by drug companies!

In the process to monopolize information, they have prevailed on regulators to make sure that contrary information are stifled.

What is your best asset in maintaining good health?

  • The best supplements?
  • Good Sleep?
  • Reducing Stress?

All these are very important in your good health strategy

But, I submit to you that your best asset in getting healthy, is the right information

The right information is health

The right information is how you will know that most of the information out there is wrong, or deliberate lies.

And the motive for all these is nothing but the need for profits..

At your expense!

You don't believe me?

Take the cholesterol "noise" for instance

Did you know that people with high cholesterol live longer?

And how about if I tell you that low cholesterol is a risk factor for:

  • Heart attack
  • Memory problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility etc.

So why take cholesterol drugs?

Read more about this cholesterol money making hoax by following this link

Here is another one

  • Would you believe Viagra can give you Melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer
  • Viagra can also give you a heart attack
  • Blurred vision and hearing problems are other risks of Viagra

But why take Viagra?

Would you believe nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head test to treat ED?

And, it is natural!

In fact, nitric oxide is one of the best supplements for erection, heart health, brain health etc.

Erectile Drugs Can Cause Priapism

And here is something as serious

There is a risk that almost ALL erectile drugs pose-


What is Priapism?

A condition in which an erection lasts too long and won't go down!

This can cause serious damage to your penis such as penis fracture!

This happened to a 29 year old man who cannot now ever get erection..
Or even pee normally again!

He took an erection drug and is disabled for life!

He wants the manufacturer to pay-he's suing

This is why if you think you're losing edge in the bedroom, you go natural..

Like the natural libido booster I sent you in my last e-mail

And you can get a 15 day supply of VigFX FREE

I am writing an article about this young man too

I'll inform you where to read it when I finish

Now are you wondering why I speculate


Your doctor is killing you

We do not know what we think we know

This is a constant refrain of mine

And every day, surprises from nature prove that statement right!

Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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