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Gender Cross Marketing of Drugs-have you heard of it?
November 24, 2019

Testosterone Therapy for Women?

Have you heard about the term Cross Gender Marketing?

Well, it is the idea of marketing a product meant for one gender to another

This time, it is the recommendation to prescribe testosterone gel for post menopausal women

This does not sit well with some folks-including yours truly

You would remember that testosterone replacement therapy for men has many side effects..
Side effects so serious that most men would rather skip this unnatural therapy

Which makes sense


Because there is a natural way to increase testosterone, that's why

You've been reading the emails I send you, right?
You know that I raise issues with synthetic drugs

If testosterone replacement therapy is dangerous to men, how would it affect female health?

Yes, the female body produces testosterone, but at a lower level than men-just as the male body produces Estrogen

But nature moderates the levels of these hormones
Too much estrogen in male body and too much testosterone in female body creates serious problems

This is one problem of transgender people who take hormones

But testosterone gels pose unique problems for young girls and pregnant women

So even IF testosterone replacement is a viable option for you as a woman, you better not hug little girls or pregnant women

Young girls who come in contact with testosterone gels are at risk of early puberty-a risk for Cancer as adults

For pregnant women?

There is a risk of damage to the fetus!

What causes menopause in women is the imbalance of hormones and the changes that come with the aging process

But is this the result of normal aging or is it the result of Premature aging?

There are reasons now to think that the aging process and its associated consequences could at least be delayed

Here is what I think

Sex is a biological necessity and your Civil Right
This right extends to every one whatever the age

Even menopausal women can increase sex drive and minimize the risks of menopause

What do you think?

Till next time, take care and always make healthy choices.


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