Is testosterone replacement therapy safe and is it the best way for you to increase sex drive and experience intense head to toe orgasm?

Is testosterone replacement therapy safe?

                And IF it is NOT    

What is the best way to safely increase testosterone, boost sex drive and experience amazing sex without jeopardizing your health?


Increase testosterone and boost serum nitric oxide naturally

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Symptoms of low testosterone in males

Health risks of low testosterone, the hormone responsible for male characteristics and hard erectionLow testosterone health risks include depression, erectile dysfunction, weight gain especially in midsection. Other risks of Low T are fatigue, hair loss, premature aging, erratic sleep pattern Unfortunately, testosterone drugs can give you a heart attack-according to the FDA. Other health risks of Low T Drugs include man boobs, shrinkage of the testes, low sperm count, infertility etc. Boost testosterone naturally, get your manhood back

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Increase Testosterone Naturally

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There had been a lot of noise lately about testosterone

So much so that the FDA felt compelled to warn about abuse of and dependence on testosterone drugs by men young and old

The raw deal about Testosterone

  •   Body builders are using it-some say, abusing it to bulk up

  •   Some older men are using it to feel young again
  •   Some young men are
      using it..

    in fact, some young men have a psychological dependence on testosterone drugs..
..they can't get hard without it!

What is hypogonadism?

How to boost your manhood without testosterone replacement therapyTestosterone replacement therapy poses risks of heart attack, stroke, enlarged breasts, infertility, shrinkage of the testes, low sperm count etc. Increase testosterone using the wisdom of your Mother..Mother Nature, that is!

Hypogonadism is the term used to describe the condition in which the gonads do not produce enough testosterone

There may be several reasons for this including:

  • Normal aging
  • Injury to the gonads
  • Disease
  • Lack of sleep
  • Surgery


What are the symptoms of low testosterone in males

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Low testosterone symptoms are very serious..

in fact, the symptoms of low testosterone directly affects a man's quality of life
Here are some of the symptoms of low T

  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Wrinkles
  • Poor memory
  • Poor sleep etc.

Bad news about testosterone replacement therapy

Now, here is research that says testosterone replacement therapy may not be safe

Specifically, this research says that testosterone replacement therapy may increase your risk of heart disease

What's more, according to this research, TRT as it is referred to, may offer NO benefits!

   This is how one of the researchers
   put it

"There is limited evidence on the long-term clinical benefits of TRT to effectively treat the modestly declining levels of endogenous testosterone levels of aging but healthy men"


"We strongly recommend that clinicians proceed with caution when considering prescribing TRT, and first discuss both the potential benefits and risks with patients"

Pretty remarkable thing for one of the co-authors to say

The point is, Testosterone Replacement Therapy [TRT] is a synthetic drug program

What is testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the external introduction into the body, of testosterone drugs

This is done mostly by injection, oral or patches

But there is a problem with this kind of drug intervention

First of all, testosterone drugs are..

..what else, DRUGS!

What these men are getting are synthetic forms of testosterone- testosterone drugs!

Your body recognizes testosterone replacement therapy as foreign intervention

And what the body determines as foreign, your body tries mightily to get rid of

This is the reason for organ transplant rejection

Transplant patients in most cases have to take anti rejection medicine



Types of Testosterone replacement therapy


Oral testosterone

You swallow this
But do you know what you are taking into your system by mouth

Here is a warning from a researcher

" a guy testosterone is functionally giving him a contraceptive"-Dr. Craig Niederberger, head of urology at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Continued the good doctor..

.."when taken as a supplement (as many guys are urged to do to improve their performance) – like injected, or in pill or gel form – testosterone or related anabolic-androgenic steroids can cause sperm counts to plunge!"


Testosterone  Injection

I don't know about you, but I do not relish poking myself every time I want to do my thing
It is just too clinical!
And all for a procedure that is NOT safe anyway?
One of the side effect of testosterone injections is aggression


Testosterone patch

This is a trans-dermal patch you put on your skin
Remember those animal patches we used to wear as kids
Yeah, that kind!
Only in this case, the patch is infused with a testosterone drug
The drug gets into your bloodstream through your skin


Testosterone implant

This scares me, believe me
In this procedure the testosterone Pellets or whatever is surgically inserted under your skin
And you know how the body reacts to a foreign object inserted into it
It sounds like some tracking device from an Orwellian world. No I'll pass!


Testosterone gel

You rub this on your skin and your skin is supposed to absorbed it
Apart from the risks of testosterone drugs, this particular one poses special health risks to females
Coming into contact with this gel by pregnant women can cause problems with the fetus
Coming into contact with testosterone gel by young girls can trigger premature puberty-a risk factor for Cancer later in life!


And you pay for what this expert says has dubious benefits and may even do more harm than good!

On that note, let's examine how far testosterone replacement therapy can set you back

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?

Not cheap!

How safe is testosterone
replacement therapy?

Health risks of testosterone replacement therapyTestosterone replacement therapy can give you a heart attack Increase testosterone without drugs and get hard and last longer

It is unsafe

I didn't say that-this research does!
And the FDA agrees



Testosterone drugs have very serious side effects!

What are the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?

  •  Shrinkage of the testes

  • Lower sperm count

  • Enlarged breasts

  • Heart attack

  • Depression

  • Erratic sleep

  • Lack of energy

  • Hot flashes-believe it or not!

  • Infertility

With all these risks -and there are more..

Would you consider testosterone replacement therapy for yourself?

      I didn't think so


What IF you could increase testosterone without drugs and boost your level of nitric oxide naturally..

No dangerous drugs..

No subjecting yourself to the dangerous side effects of dangerous chemicals put together in a fancy lab..

Are YOU a vigorous male?

Is it Low T, the ads ask

Low T is scary alright
    But before you become a guinea
      pig for a money making scam that
can destroy your health..

You need to ask yourself the very important question..

     Is testosterone Replacement therapy

     There is no consolation in croaking on top of your
      woman while you're having a good time

FDA warns about heart attack, stroke risks of testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone drugs can give you a heart attack according to the FDA Increase testosterone naturallyTestosterone drugs side effects include heart attack, low sperm count, infertility, shrinkage of the testes etc.

 Think I am being dramatic?

 Well, would you believe one of the
 risks of Testosterone drugs is heart

That's not me talking

That's straight from the mouth of the FDA!

    So if you ask the FDA..

 Is testosterone replacement therapy safe,

 it's answer on the link below addresses that question
 Hint: The FDA says TRT is NOT   

Here's where the FDA says testosterone drugs can give you a heart attack

Some testosterone therapy drugs
that can give you a heart attack

Heart attack risks of Testosterone drugsGet hard fast without dangerous drugs Get hard at will Stay hard for as long as you want Satisfy your partner in bed

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      There are more of these bad boys!

What is testosterone?

   Chemical Structure

Testosterone the male hormone for rock hard erectionTestosterone is a male hormone-an androgen, synthesized mainly by the testes Cholesterol is needed for the synthesis of testosterone; In fact, the chemical structures of cholesterol and testosterone are very similar. Testosterone boosts sex drive. That is how you get hard penis and last longer

Testosterone is a male hormone or androgen
It is responsible for most of male characteristics

The buzz it's been getting lately has to do with penis erection

The seemingly striking differences between men and women are due to testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for male characteristics, including the ability to get hard erection

Which is why men are worried if they think the very thing that makes them men is declining

So, they are looking for a fix
That's not unreasonable


How safe is testosterone replacement therapy

We have the experience of hormone replacement in women as a guide
and the experience is NOT that pleasant

Testosterone is more than a sex hormone

Testosterone is NOT just for hard erection
A woman's body also produces testosterone, though at a lower level

Testosterone is needed by men and women.. more so than women

What is testosterone replacement therapy used for

Testosterone replacement therapy is the procedure to increase body testosterone with testosterone drugs
This is supposed to make up for the testosterone the body had lost for various reasons

Why replace testosterone?

Because some men have, or have been told that they have low testosterone
But the body does not appreciate this kind of help

The best approach is to correct the reasons why testosterone is low in the first place!

See why some men have Low T


Testosterone decline and age

It is normal for Testosterone level to decline as men get older
The decline is about 1% a year after the age of 30 0r 40
But that does not mean that you cannot perform in bed

Unusual Testosterone Decline in
Young men

While testosterone declines with age, the steep decline in the last few decades is NOT normal

Between 1997 and 2007, the decline of men's testosterone level is a whopping 20%!

Why this decline in testosterone, a hormone that makes a man a man?

Is nature now producing weepy, wimpy males?

Besides, ED may have nothing to do with age
There are other factors that affect male and female sex drive, besides age

How to increase testosterone without the risks of hormone replacement therapy

But what if you can boost your testosterone level without the risks of synthetic drugs?

An approach that helps the body do what it does anyway is the smart and healthy approach
That is how you increase your testosterone level naturally

How sunlight boosts testosterone and increases nitric oxideSunlight increases the production of testosterone and nitric oxide by your skin Sunlight boosts the production of Vitamin D and Collagen by the skin Collagen and Vitamin D are essential for the production of Testosterone Sunlight safely increases Testosterone and boosts serum nitric oxide Nitric oxide is the natural molecule that beat Viagra in head to head clinical tests to treat Erectile Dysfunction Research into nitric oxide at UCLA [Los Angeles] won the Nobel Prize in 1998!

Is Testosterone Replacement
Therapy safe?

It depends on who you ask

Ask manufacturers of testosterone replacement therapy drugs
..and they would swear on a 10 foot stack of Bibles that they are

Ask those who had to endure the side effects of these drugs, you get a different answer

But if you ask me and the researchers involved in this cited study..

..the answer is NO

Testosterone replacement therapy is NOT safe

So, you ask..

How can I boost my sex drive
without drugs?

Here is how to naturally increase testosterone and boost serum nitric oxide

nitric oxide erectionThe natural molecule, nitric oxide beat Viagra in clinical trials to treat erectile dysfunction Research into the libido boosting power of nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in 1998

While it is a good idea to focus on testosterone as the culprit in Erectile Dysfunction, there are other Erection Killers besides testosterone

In fact, you could have normal testosterone level..

AND still NOT be able to perform in bed

     And worse still..

  •  You could have adequate testosterone level

  •  Get hard erection alright..

But come too soon in bed-a kind of Erectile Dysfunction known as Premature ejaculation

In a lot of cases, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation occur together

In such a case it is as important to stop coming too soon as it is to defeat ED

Things that affect penis erection

There are many factors involved in male erection than the level of testosterone

The causes AND treatment of sexual dysfunction in women are even more complicated!

Is Female Viagra Safe?


Despite the fact that the FDA recently approved Flibanserin, aka Addyi-the so-called Female Viagra, there are reasons for women NOT to take Flibanserin

So the level of testosterone in your body is NOT the only factor that determines if you're going to be a virile male or wet noodle
in bed

Nitric oxide boosts male
and female sex drive

There is another molecule that may be more
  important than testosterone for hard erection

That molecule is nitric oxide

Nitric oxide boosts male sex drive

Nitric oxide boosts female sex drive too

nitric oxide beat Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction in clinical tests

Nitric oxide sex enhancer

Here is the amazing news about nitric oxide
Nitric oxide boosts sex drive in men and women!

Would you believe nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat erectile dysfunction?

Nitric oxide erection

Research into the health benefits of nitric oxide for health in general-and its ability to boost libido in particular, won the Nobel Prize in 1998!

Viagra ripped off nitric oxide research

Here is a little secret
Did you know that the synthesis of Viagra was based on this research?

But there is a difference

  • Nitric oxide is a natural molecule
  • Nitric oxide addresses the causes of ED at the same time
  • Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure-high blood presure is a risk factor for ED
  • Nitric oxide dramatically increase sex drive in males and females

What about Viagra?

  • Viagra is a synthetic chemical
  • One of the risks of Viagra is heart attack
  • Viagra can cause blurred vision

Read more about the side effects of Viagra

Increase testosterone naturally

You've seen why you should go natural at all time

Avoid the health risks of testosterone replacement therapy

Increase your testosterone level naturally, safely


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