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Sleep deprivation poses Alzheimer's risk
April 27, 2018

Lack of sleep destroys your brain cells


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Lack of sleep is a risk factor for a lot of diseases

O K, you know sleep deprivation can destroy your libido

But did you know sleep deprivation can damage your brain?

Research has now linked lack of sleep to the serious brain disorder, Alzheimer's disease

Even being sleep deprived by one day poses a higher risk of this disease


Well, according to this research, sleep deprivation increases the level of beta Amyloid in the brain

Beta amyloid is the by-product of the brain's metabolism

Normally. this waste is cleared and prevented from affecting brain performance

With lack of sleep, beta amyloid clumps together forming plaques

How does this impair brain function?

Well, these plaques interfere with the ability of brain cells to communicate with one another

Here is how serious that is

Just 1 night of no sleep can cause a 5% increase in beta amyloid accumulation

That is huge!

But this is not the only risk of sleep deprivation

  • Sleep deprivation is a risk factor for poor bedroom performance
  • Lack of sleep is a risk factor for heart disease
  • Lack of sleep poses a higher risk of obesity
  • Depression is another risk of lack of sleep
  • Lack of sleep lowers your immunity, opening you to opportunistic diseases

Want to prevent your brain from turning to mush?

Get some sleep-at least 8 hours a night

Making do with less is nothing to brag about-there is a price to pay

A very high price!

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Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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