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Does Sleep deprivation lower testosterone and destroy your libido?

     Yes it does!

   How so?

Because testosterone is produced at night darkness!

So, that little night light may actually be lowering your libido without you knowing it

But the bad news about sleep deprivation does not end there!

Sleep deprivation can also lead you to an early grave
Lack of sleep is a risk factor for a lot of diseases, not just your sex drive


Why do you have to know if sleep deprivation lowers testosterone or not?

To retain and boost your libido..

..and because information heals better than drugs..

the right information, that is!


              For your over all health!

     Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can cause heart attacks, obesity diabetes, ED, Low T etc.sThat sleep deprivation lowers testosterone is not in dispute. Refusal to sleep would destroy your manhood. Get some sleep, increase testosterone, jack up your sex drive

Testosterone drugs can give you a heart attack.
Says who? Says the FDA

Boost Testosterone Naturally

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 1  Fatigue

 2  Depletion of body Nutrients

 3  Lower Nitric Oxide level

 4  Memory problems

 5  Slow reflexes

 6  Lack of coordination

 7  Slurred speech

 8  Higher risks of accidents

 9  Obesity

 10 Type II Diabetes

 11 Disruption of Circadian Rhythm

 12 Stress/Depression

 13 Erratic Mood

 14 Brain impairment

 15 Irritability

 16 High Blood Pressure

 17 Heart Attack

 18 Strokes

 19 Lower Immunity

   Would you rather sleep and
get back your manhood..


   Would you gulp down drugs for what are essentially symptoms

Some of these risks are what a lot of people take medications for

In a lot of cases, all they may really need is a good night's sleep!

These ailments are going to explode in the near future

What with our "modern" world of computers, iphones, ipads etc.

Why can't you get to sleep

A lot of people, young and old, are engaged with these devices night and day
There is no down time anymore

A lot of us are on these devices to the wee hours of the morning

These people are under stress even if they don't know it

We are already seeing the consequences

Young men in their 20s are less vigorous than the generation of their fathers

Better Sleep for Better healthSleep Well for Good Health

The Wimpy Male Syndrome?

They have low testosterone levels

This has led to what some regard as the "Feminization" of men

What some have dubbed "The Wimpy Male Syndrome"

If you really want to know why sleep deprivation lowers testosterone, these young men, with their tired glassy eyes, are your poster boys

Some of them turn to, and abuse erection drugs.

This can create some psychological impotence down the road

And that's exactly what we are seeing

About 18-20 million young men in their 20-30s can't get erection consistently!

      The Case for Good Libido

Why would you want to know why and how lack of sleep affects testosterone production? 

If you do, you would realize that your E.D problem does NOT necessarily need a drug solution.

In fact, erectile dysfunction drugs would do you more harm than good

But here is one major fact that will convince you that a good night's sleep and adequate testosterone level are intimately linked..

..a direct evidence that lack of sleep deprivation lowers testosterone level:

    Testosterone, the male

  hormone is produced at night..

           While you sleep!

So what do you think would happen if you do not sleep?

And here is the irony.

  •  Lack of sleep lowers testosterone level
  •  Low testosterone causes sleep deprivation-a 
     vicious cycle

Here is how you can really prove to yourself that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone and depletes your stamina for sex

Try staying up 24 hours straight, and see how you perform in the bedroom

 The many ways sleep deprivation lowers testosterone

Testosterone Chemical StructureSleep well Increase testosterone. Because lack of sleep is a major cause of low T. Sleep deprivation can cause stress, obesity, low immunity and thus low testosterone

Production of testosterone is closely linked to sleep

In fact, good health in general, is dependent on a good night's sleep.

Melatonin Libido and Health

But that's not all

Melatonin, the sleep hormone is also produced in darkness.

The slightest night light disrupts its production and alters metabolism, according to a study from Ohio State University.

This research states that   "..light exposure at night may disrupt the expression of clock genes, which help control when animals eat and when they are active."

  But Melatonin is more than a sleep hormone

  Melatonin is normally secreted by the pineal gland :

1  Prevents unnecessary weight gain

2  Helps in cellular repair

3  Aids cardiovascular health

4  Helps lower systolic blood pressure

5. Helps regulate human internal clock associated with the
   Circadian rhythm etc.

How sleep deprivation lowers
   testosterone and depletes
energy for sex

Sleep deprivation lowers Testosterone and Melatonin. Melatonin regulates Circadian Rhythm. Testosterone is produced at nightSleep deprivation lowers testosterone Lack of sleep depletes Melatonin. Melatonin regulates testosterone!

The less you sleep, the more difficult it will be for you to sleep!

Would you believe that lack of sleep will also lower female sex drive?

The drug company have jumped on monetizing the anxiety of women about low sex drive too

Now, the FDA has approved Female Viagra, a dangerous drug that barely works

Sure, you can take Testosterone drugs

But before you do, you might want to read about the health risks of testosterone drugs

If you do not believe me, at least you'll believe the FDA

Here is the FDA warning about testosterone drug risks

What you need to know about
low testosterone and sleep deprivation

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Humans and animals operate on the Circadian Rhythm-a 24 hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness
Even plants operate on this cycle

All of Nature is dependent on one cycle or another

      Circadian Rhythm and The
Cycles of Nature

Cycles are not confined to earthly objects either

Even Heavenly bodies operate on their own cycles

  • The moon-a 28 day cycle
  • The earth-a 3651/4 day cycle
  • Haley's Comet on a 75 year cycle of appearing on earth
  • Food plants are dependent on cycles

The evidence that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone level is even direct by looking at the function of the Circadian rhythm

The Universe seems to be designed to operate on cyclic rhythms

Can you imagine what would happen if any of these heavenly bodies deviate from their cycles?

All life on earth would perish, that's what!

Why then do you think you can violate our own cycle without consequences?

Disruption of the Circadian Rhythm has very serious consequences

People who work graveyard shift can testify to that

Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone by disrupting hormonal balance-among its many serious consequences

Increase your testosterone level naturally by clicking this link

Man has mastered the particular plant food cycles or he would have starved to death a long time ago

Low T, Hormones and Sleep

Hormone production in particular is highly dependent on Circadian Rhythm

Testosterone drugs have been aggressively marketed-preying on the anxiety of men

The aggressive promotion of, and the billions of dollars in profits from Viagra and like drugs, is common knowledge

But do not be impressed with these ads

For the sake of your health and your wallet!

If you know that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone production level, then doesn't it make sense to get enough sleep?

That beats gulping down dangerous drugs that can have you drop dead on top of your woman?

Think I just made that up?

Well, one of the side effects of Viagra is that of a heart attack.

Guess who said that?

The FDA!

The agency that approved the drug in the first place

Read about FDA's heart attack warnings on Viagra here

       Sleep Deprivation Depletes

If sleep deprivation depletes body nutrients, it is easy to see how sleep deprivation lowers testosterone. 


Because proper nutrition is required for the production of testosterone.

For instance, Zinc, and Selenium are required for the health of the testes.

The Testes  are responsible for the production of Testosterone. 

But Selenium is also an antioxidant. And according to the FDA, Selenium may be a cancer fighter too

It may lower the risks of Prostate cancer

Role of Selenium in protecting your health in general..
..and your Sexual health in particular!

Here's how the FDA [grudgingly] acknowledged the antioxidant and Cancer fighting power of Selenium:

"Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, the FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive."

Don't expect to get a greater complement from the FDA for what is NOT a drug

Do  you know how important Selenium is to men?

Almost half of a man's Selenium supply is in his sperm store!

And Selenium may protect your testes against cancer

And anything that protects your testes would normally enhance its ability to produce more testosterone

Selenium and Zinc are required for sperm production

 But here is the bad news:

 Most people in the U.S are deficient in Selenium!

The race for female libido booster is on
But these are drugs with serious side effects Forget Dangerous Female Viagra. It's a synthetic drug with nasty side effects
Here is a natural way to boost female libido without risking your health

     Role of Nutrition in

     Testosterone Production

Vitamin C, Collagen are required for the production of testosterone

Poor nutrition robs the body of what it needs to produce what it needs to function at peak health, including the production of testosterone

Even though it seems unrelated, here is one way  sleep deprivation lowers testosterone level and destroys your manhood

            If you know that

1 Selenium  boosts testosterone level

2. Selenium also protects you from certain Cancers-according to the FDA..

3 And that most Americans are deficient in Selenium..

4 And that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone levels..

Then your next move is to rush to the nearest health food store to get your hands on some Selenium..

And sleep like Rip Van Winkle..



   Well, not so fast!

          WHY NOT?

Well, not all Selenium supplements are created equal

 Which form of Selenium is most Bio-available?

Research has proved that the most potent, most bio-available form of Selenium is Seleno-methionine

And remember also the health benefits of Zinc to male health?

Here is a Natural, nutrient dense food form supplement with Seleno-methionine-the most potent, bio-available form of Selenium

  But it gets better!

Zinc is also one of more than 90-yes 90- natural ingredients in this super food
Good nutrition is at the heart of getting your manhood back


Nitric Oxide is the new superstar in helping a man get a hard erection.

1  Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure
2  It helps the blood vessels stay flexible
3  This allows the vessels to dilate and carry more blood to the penis.

Synthesized under instruction from the brain, by the Endothelial cells, nitric oxide is what helps you initiate and sustain erection

From previous, you've seen that lack of sleep can cause obesity, heart disease, unhealthy cholesterol profiles etc.

Well, damage to the arteries would impair their ability to synthesize Nitric oxide

So if you can't get to sleep or you simply refuse to sleep, not only would your testosterone level be low, but so will be the ability of your arteries to produce nitric oxide

And these TWO are absolutely necessary for a rock hard erection

      Lack of sleep causes premature

Refusal to sleep can cause your cells to age faster..

Which makes sense

Lack of sleep depletes body nutrients, causes stress, weight gain, can damage your arteries etc.

These are all risk factors for low testosterone levels

The conclusion from all these is that sleep derivation lowers testosterone.

But the risks to over all health of lack of sleep is more serious than most people realize


Stress is another pathway thorough which lack of sleep depletes testosterone level

A body under stress depletes nutrients, especially Anti-oxidants.

This is the body's way of protection itself against oxidative damage

The very nutrients the body needs to synthesize testosterone are the ones the body uses at a faster rate to defend itself

Such Antioxidants as Viamin C, Selenium, Zinc, B Vitamins etc.

Oxidative damage has been implicated in damaged arteries and other cardiovascular diseases.

Endothelial cells of the arteries are mainly responsible for the production of Nitric Oxide

Your guess is as good as mine as to what would happen if these arteries are clogged

Here is another way  lack of sleep destroys your sex drive..

1 Clogged arteries can cause high blood pressure

2 Prevent proper blood circulation

3 Cause Fatigue

If enough blood is not getting to your penis, it can't maintain the turgidity to stay erect

This is why stress is especially dangerous to your sex drive in particular, and your health in general

Reading this far, there should no doubt in your mind that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone
Want to increase testosterone and have mind blowing sex, get some good night's sleep!

      Why are men afraid of Low

Because low testosterone carries real health risks for men, namely:

1. Brittle bones

2.  Heart Attack or Stroke

3. Nerve Pain or Numbness

4. Skin Problems

5. Inability to lose weight

6. Memory Problems

7. Infertility

8. Weight Gain

9. Depression

10. Loss of muscle mass and muscle tone etc.

And according to this report if your testosterone level is low, you can die an early death

In fact the risk of early death is 33% higher if your testosterone level is low.


        Is why men are scared of low T!

And that's why drug manufacturers are hell bent on monetizing that anxiety..

With what else, but drugs!

But these drugs can kill you-according to the FDA!

The good news is: there is a better way-a natural way.

Now that you know that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone, the logical advice is:

Get some sleep


Several lawsuits are pending against Testosterone drug manufacturers in the U.S

Now, the FDA has approved Female Viagra, a dangerous drug that barely works
Would you believe that lack of sleep will also lower female sex drive?

Get some sleep and increase your testosterone level

Get in sync with Circadian Rhythm

This cycle controls:

  1. Production of hormones such as Testosterone-
    You can see how lack of sleep lowers testosterone level
  2. Tissue repair
  3. Memory
  4. Fertility etc

Lack of sleep

  • Depletes Nutrients
  • Lowers Immunity
  • Is a risk Factor for Stress
  • Is a risk factor for Heart attack
  • Disrupts digestion
  • Is a risk factor for Obesity

Here is another way lack of sleep lowers testosterone production

       Lack of sleep lowers immunity

Low immunity is a risk factor for  many diseases

Low immunity  disrupts hormone synthesis-including testosterone

Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone by virtue of the fact that lack of sleep lowers immunity

Boost your immunity with this natural immune booster

       Lack of Sleep causes Stress

Stress lowers your testosterone level
In fact, stress disrupts hormonal balance in general

Here is another way sleep deprivation lowers testosterone production 
Not only that, Stress is a major cause of Erectile Dysfunction

      Depletion of nutrients lowers
      testosterone level

Vitamin C, and Collagen are required for the production of testosterone.

Poor nutrition robs your body of the nutrients it needs to produce what it needs for good  health, including testosterone production

Zinc, and Selenium are needed for the health of the testes.

Selenium is needed for the production of testosterone and sperm

The testes is the organ that secrets testosterone in your body
In fact, almost half of a man's Selenium is in his sperm store!

Even the U.S government acknowledged the importance of Selenium to health and against Cancer!

Unfortunately,  most people in the U.S are deficient in  Selenium, according to government reports

Selenium is abundant in most nuts

Lack of sleep lowers testosterone in a cascading and inter connected channels.

Which should not surprise anyone..

Because we should spend a third of our lives sleeping for good health

      Poor Digestion Lowers

Digestive System ImageGood digestion increases Testosterone Poor digestion can cause malnutrition, toxic and acidic system, low immunity, fatigue and obesity. All are risk factors for low T

  Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone through another pathway of risk..


You know sleep deprivation lowers testosterone, but did you know lack of sleep also disrupts digestion

Poor digestion results in poor absorption of nutrients

80% of your immunity is tied to digestion.

You've seen how low immunity is a risk factor for low testosterone

Here is another way sleep deprivation lowers testosterone

      Obesity can cause Sleep

As if you need more proof that lack of sleep lowers testosterone, here is another one!

Lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity
Obesity is a risk factor for a lot of diseases, including:

  • Sleep Problems

  • Heart disease

  • Type II Diabetes

  • Memory problems

  • Stress

  • High blood pressure

  • Poor digestion

  • Disruption of hormonal balance etc.

Here again is another strong evidence that lack of sleep lowers testosterone level

     Lack of sleep causes fatigue

Fatigued and Exhausted PictureGet your energy back, Increase testosterone Chronic fatigue lowers immunity. Low immunity is a risk for low testosterone Depression is another risk of fatigue and low testosterone

Fatigue is another factor that lowers testosterone level                       
Another proof of the connection Good sleep and Testosterone production

Fatigue is even more dangerous than that.

Lack of energy is a risk factor for Cancer

Fatigue can cause disruption of sleep patterns

Another avenue through which sleep deprivation lowers testosterone level

There are other factors that can affect testosterone level.

Did you know that low testosterone can cause premature aging?

See why men are scared of low testosterone?

I'll talk more about that in future blog posts

Don't miss it!


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