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Lose belly fat and flatten your tummy
January 27, 2014

How to lose belly fat tone your stomach and get in shape

I've just made a post you should check out. Here is the post:
It is about how to lose weight and flatten a fat belly

Why should you lose weight? Look at these risks of obesity in this pictures

health risks of fat tummy

Now, I don't have to tell you about the obesity epidemic that now spans the whole world

And every one is pushing all manners of weight loss pill that's supposed to get you fit without you lifting a finger

Do you believe that?

That you can get something for nothing?

Even the drug companies have joined the race.


Because the weight loss market is huge, and it is going to get bigger What with millions of overweight men and women

Not to mention millions of children who are already obese, even before their teenage years!

These children are potential costumers for weight loss pills and for drugs to treat the complications of obesity

The market is going to be extremely lucrative.
Which is why the drug companies are so very interested in this market

Except for the fact that the drug companies have not been able to come up with a safe weight loss pill.

Their effort so far have resulted in drugs that have so many side effects you might as well stay fat.

The weight loss drug, Mediator killed many people in France before the authorities pulled it from the market

Now, let me repeat my mantra. I know I sound like a broken record:

Nature will not yield anything without effort.

Nature punishes laziness and rewards effort. Using this reasonable and fair knowledge, it is fair to say that you would have to DO something to lose weight

You want to lose weight, build lean muscles and lose belly fat?

Then you have to make an effort. You're not going to lose weight slouched on the couch, petting Fifi while watching an episode of Survivor.

The inability of the drug companies to succeed in their pursuit of weight loss profits, suggests to us that being overweight is a lifestyle disease-unless there is an underlying medical reason, such as parasite infection, or a malfunctioning thyroid.

Even then, a drug approach may not be the best option

Losing weight then requires a program of good nutrition, safe, effective exercises-and I don't mean the ones you see in television infomercials, full of hyped up testimonials.

There are also some habits that prevent you from losing weight
Besides, these exercises are not suitable, or safe for everyone.


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No pain, no gain?
Don't believe that nonsense! Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong and demand your attention

The correct adage is :

No effort, no gain!

Get fit now, and good luck to you.


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