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Government Fessed Up on Cholesterol
February 21, 2016

Government Confesses to Bogus nature of Statins

Did you see the new cholesterol guidelines?

While we were all distracted by our ipods, iphones and the blather on social media, the government all but admitted that the cholesterol hype is a money making hoax.

But many people, including those taking cholesterol lowering drugs might have missed it

Here is how the Los Angeles Times described it in its January 8 2016 edition:

"It's OK to eat foods rich in cholesterol.... and enjoy a range of long disparaged fats."

That's the Government talking

We should not be concerned about cholesterol but the government approved drugs for treating it anyway

If that confuses you, you're not alone

I've been telling readers about this cholesterol hoax for more than four years

Let's repeat; Cholesterol hype is profit driven hoax!

Will the FDA now ban Statins?

Don't be your lunch on that. There is just too much money in it

Read the post I made some years ago warning not only about the bogus nature of cholesterol drugs, but also the danger cholesterol drugs pose to your health

Till next time, stay healthy, naturally


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