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Collusion With Slave Labor
October 23, 2016

Would You Knowingly Buy Something Produced With Child Slave Labor?


I saw a video a few weeks ago

This video generated so much outrage in me that I made a post about it

Believe me, when you see this video, you'll even be more outraged than I was

Slave labor is bad enough.. ..but when a commodity is produced with child labor, not speaking out makes us ALL guilty of the crime

Maybe you didn't know about this

But I am going to give you a link where you can see this disturbing video

Here it is

After that, you can't pretend NOT to know

Make sure you leave a comment after watching the video

Share the page also in your social circles

Everyone has to know about this wickedness
That way WE, the consumers can do something about it

Here is the link again

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