The bitter truth about chocolate-we are collaborators with evil

Delicious cacao plantDark chocolate lowers blood pressure can help you lose weight, boosts libido, increases energy

The bitter truth about chocolate was brought home to me by this video..

The video I am about to share with you now!

This video makes my blood boil!

But before I am too upset to write, let me share this video with you

Healthy Delicious Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods on earth-especially if it is the dark one that has not been adulterated.

I even made a post about the health benefits of dark chocolate

The facts about dark chocolate have not changed

What most of us did not know is how chocolate gets to us

With this video, we've run out of excuses.

This is 2016!

If this video does not make you cry, you are either dead or evil to the core


In fact, I was physically sick!!

An agreement is ONLY as good
as the people who sign it

The chocolate manufacturers signed a vaunted protocol agreement in 2001.

That agreement purportedly outlawed child labor or there would no sale

That meant they knew it was going on!

But notice how they gave themselves 7 years, BEFORE anyone needed to comply!

That agreement did not kick in until 2008!

So for 7 years after the so called historic agreement, the farmers could still exploit children..

And the chocolate manufacturers could pat themselves on the back and go home to their own children, with a clean conscience

In spite of that agreement, this evil still goes on!

Could you see the fear and desperation in the faces of these children?

They look so scared hoping someone would help them

Wickedness Colluding with Profits

What do you wish for your children?

What hope do these children have?

What future can they look forward to?

How would you feel IF these are YOUR children?


I challenge you to direct that outrage into action!

Evil Racism and Profits

Now let us be frank with ourselves:

Do you think..

IF it's found that European children are exploited the way these African children are, that it would take as long as seven weeks to stop it?

So while the West munches on this delicious indulgence, in between sips of champagne, desperate mothers in Mali and Ivory Coast cry for their children!

But maybe we are NOT guilty about this bitter truth about chocolate yesterday..
..before we see this video

But we would be guilty by association IF we do not do something about it


         Am I asking you to swear off Chocolate?


I am asking you to get in touch with these chocolate manufacturers, let them know, you know what is going on.

And demand they do something-immediately!

I am also asking you:

Get in touch with your Government, and demand.. yes demand, an International Conference on this modern slavery

With provision to punish

1  The smugglers

2  Chocolate manufacturers-for violating the very agreement they signed
   decades ago

3  The politicians who colluded with or turn a blind eye to this evil

And these in International court!

I am not a lawyer but my understanding is that under international law..

1  Child labor is illegal

2  Human trafficking is illegal

3  Child abuse is illegal

4  Kidnapping is an aggravated felony

Chocolate manufacturers would pretend they do not know what's going on as you see in the video

But they do-and encourage it.

How else are you going to pay 1 Euro for a kilo of cocoa, but for slave labor?

Slavery comes back to Africa!

Slavery has come back to Africa!

The commodity this time is not COTTON

But the usual suspects are the same

1  Foreigners who do not think the lives of locals is worth anything

2  Locals who are willing to sell their country for a pot of porridge

This bitter truth is bitter alright..

To those who have a conscience, that is!

Please, please..

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