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The Great Statin Scam Exposed
February 25, 2015

Get Your Cholesterol higher than 160-it's good for you!

The Statin Scam has now run its course

The authorities have finally admitted what I've been saying for a long time. I am talking about the sratin scam that have been foisted on the public for almost 3 decades.

Statins are poisons. There is no dispute about that anymore

O.K, I'm not going to brag-I won't say to the regulating agencies-and the government-I told you so.

After all, all I've been reporting are the researches of diligent and honest scientists.

How dangerous are Statins?

Take a look at this post to see how dangerous Statins are

Of course you already know that because you read this blog and/or subscribe to my Newsletter

I made a post about this statin scam..
In 2010!

We've known this statin scam is a profit driven hoax for a long time
It's just hard for ordinary folks to be heard amid the loud din of profits from the sale of cholesterol drugs

You and I have neither the deep pocket, nor the megaphones of statin manufacturers

And for years, the government-at least in the United States-put out guidelines about cholesterol that dovetailed with the mantra of statin manufacturers

Here is the new post I made concerning the about-face of the government about this statin hoax

Not that the government is just now aware about this cholesterol scam
But because the researches documenting the health risks of cholesterol drugs have been so overwhelming, they can no longer be ignored

Heck, the government even put out an advisory, warning that statin drugs damage your liver

So, you see, the health risks of these class of drugs have been known for a long time

But that didn't stop statin manufacturers from scaring people with the perfect boogeyman-Cholesterol
Lower your cholesterol or else..

Why take Statins?

When you ask them why, you are told it's because of your heart


Well, here are the facts..

  • Low cholesterol is a risk factor for a heart attack-isn't that ironic?
  • Low Cholesterol can cause Erectile dysfunction. Cholesterol is required for the synthesis of testosterone
  • Low cholesterol is a risk factor for Infertility
  • Cholesterol level that's too low causes Memory Problem-The brain uses cholesterol to power electrical signals
  • Cholesterol drugs can cause Kidney damage
  • Cholesterol drugs deplete COQ10. COQ10 is the fuel your heart uses to power itself just as your car uses gasoline to generate power.
  • Liver Damage is another risk of cholesterol drugs

These by no means exhaust the health risks of low cholesterol

Read more about the health risks of Statins and low cholesterol

Now if cholesterol drugs deplete COQ10-the very nutrient the heart needs for its energy-how can it benefit cardiovascular health?

But this statin scam went on for decades even in the face of researches that contradict the lower your cholesterol mantra

Cholesterol-the perfect Boogeyman

If your cholesterol level is too low, you run the risks of the above list.

But why did the regulating agencies allow this stain scam to go on for so long?
Why did these regulating agencies wait so long to sound the alarm about the harm cholesterol drugs have been doing to you and your loved ones?

Could it be because the patents on these poisons are now running out?

Which to stain manufacturers does not matter, since they have made billions of dollars in profits from a drug that is at best, useless!

What does that say about the drug regulating agencies that are supposed to protect you against these kind of scams

Whose side are they on anyway?

Not on yours, it turns out!

Cholesterol Drugs can Kill You

But cholesterol drugs are worse than useless.

They are dangerous!

One of the most vital organs in your body is the liver.
Cholesterol drugs will damage your liver.

But what do I know?
Here is where the FDA warns about the health risks of cholesterol drugs to your liver

But in spite of that, the statin scam was allowed to continue

But wait!

The government is not banning statins-at least, not yet. It just changed its advisory

How many drug scams will you fall for?

So, ask yourself..
If cholesterol is really NOT a health risk-at least not as scary as we've been made to believe-how come the drugs made to lower it have not been pulled off the market?
Especially now that their health risks cannot be ignored?

Cholesterol drugs are still being advertised.
So, the statin scam continues

But don't fall for it

Because cholesterol IS good you!

Here is the point:

Most diseases result from poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle
Good nutrition heals more than any drug.

In fact good nutrition will prevent diseases from afflicting you in the first place

Thank God this cholesterol scam has now been acknowledged for what it is-a fraud

But there are other drug scams out there.
I plan to expose them too!

Did you read the post I made a while ago about how to beat cancer without chemo

If you missed that, read the post at the link
There is a drug scam about Cancer too.
Read about it in the above link too

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