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Did you know statins cause rapid aging-Do you take them?
January 25, 2016

How do statins cause rapid aging-Well, read on

Here is a new wrinkle on the health dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs

Statins cause rapid aging

That means these drugs hurry you to your grave

By now you know that the cholesterol hype has nothing to do with your health

It ALL has to do with profits!

See here how the cholesterol drugs is a money making scam to scare people to part with their hard earned money

In 2013, a new directive was even given that would more than double the number of people taking Cholesterol lowering drugs. And this including children as young as 12!

If statins accelerate aging, how long do you think a 12 year old would live if s/he starts ingesting Cholesterol lowering drugs at this tender age?

But the side effects of statins [Cholesterol lowering drugs ] are so many AND serious

If you have been reading the Newsletters I send you, you would remember that Statins put you at a higher risk of Melanoma, a deadly form of skin Cancer!

Now here is another research that says that Statins damage your body at the cellular level and cause Premature aging.

And this on top of the fact that these dangerous class of drugs can cause heart attacks-according to the FDA.

But the other risks of cholesterol drugs are many and as serious.

Read more about this Statins-aging connection here

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