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Overcome low sex drive naturally
October 09, 2015
Good Day

Things that destroy your sex drive without you knowing it

I just made a post about how sleep deprivation lowers testosterone and consequently your sex life

Yes, lack of sleep will destroy your libido.

That is true for men and women

But there are many more factors that can destroy your sex life too

Defeat Low Libido

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You will see how seemingly unrelated things can destroy your sex life

One of these factors is Sleep, as I said.

To see how dangerous lack of sleep is to your libido and health in general, read the post on sleep deprivation at the link above.

Another factor that can lower testosterone production?


  1. Smoking is particularly unhealthy
  2. It is a major risk to your health
  3. It also will decrease your sex drive
  4. In fact, smokers have a 33% higher chance of erectile dysfunction than non smokers
  5. Smoking loads your body with toxic gases such as Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc
  6. These will interfere with your ability to breathe properly

Improper breathing causes fatigue

Not only that, smoking depletes nutrients

Vitamin C and collagen are necessary for the production of Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for male characteristics
It is the hormone that makes erection possible

You need an adequate amount of testosterone to get and maintain an erection

Are you scared of Losing your libido?

Maybe you are scared of losing your libido
Most men are!

This is why Testosterone drugs and Viagra have been aggressively marketed.

And they have been very, very profitable-for the manufacturers
And at the expense of your health!

This marketing push is in spite of FDA warnings about the health risks of these two classes of drugs

Many lawsuits against Testosterone drug manufacturers are working their ways through the courts in the U.S

The dangerous side effects of Viagra and Testosterone drugs have scared some men into thinking there are no natural solutions to low T and E.D

There ARE!

>Low libido, the natural solution

Read the post and download your FREE copy of "Male Impotence Cures" above

You can jack up your libido without drugs.

In fact, age has nothing to with it.

If it does, young men in their 20s will not be suffering from erection problems.

And they do..

Millions of them, in fact!

The fact of the matter is that you can enjoy a happy sex life at any age

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