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Do you know what statins do to your sex life?
July 12, 2020

If you know what Statins do to your sex life, you would be hopping mad

I know you have seen the ad on television that pairs Statins with Ounol?

The question to ask is..


Why would the manufacturer of cholesterol drugs also encourage you to take CQ10 if you take their drugs

They did not tell you why in their ads

Well, I'll tell you

But first..

What is Co-enzyme Q10?

CQ10 is an important nutrient and antioxidant

This nutrition power house is what your heart uses to power itself keep its rhythm

So why should you take it alongside cholesterol lowering drugs..


Cholesterol drugs deplete your body's CQ10 level!

You can guess the implication of that

IF Statins deplete the very nutrient your heart uses for energy..
..Isn't it reasonable to deduce that Statin use can cause heart attacks and heart failure!
That is exactly the case!

Your heart is the organ that pumps blood to every part of your body in general.. and to the penis and clitoris in particular, to get them hard!

Now you know why those Statin ads also advise you to pair their drugs with CQ10

Oh, by the way, that was the recommendation of the FDA a few years ago-that cholesterol drug manufacturers "FORTIFY" their drugs with CQ10

That's right!

The FDA is aware that cholesterol drugs deplete your CQ10 supply

But that's not the only way Statins destroy your sex life Another important nutrient cholesterol drugs destroy is Testosterone-the male hormone that's responsible for your maleness!

Cholesterol drugs can take away your manhood
Cholesterol drugs lower a man's testosterone level

I am writing a post on how cholesterol drugs destroy your sex life
I'll let you know when it is ready

Meanwhile, IF you are on cholesterol drugs and you can't get it up like you used to..

If you have persistent ED, your body may be warning you of an impending heart attack!
You need to do something about it

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

Protect yourself and your loved ones

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