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What is Your blood type and how important is it?
October 18, 2020

What if your blood type could save your life?

Since my last email, the President had contracted Corona virus..
and "recovered" from it

But this is what you need to know

You and I DO NOT have access to the medical expertise that the president has at his disposal

In fact, the only other person who probably has access to this kind of incredible medical treatment is, the vice president

So YOU STILL need to take precautions to protection yourself, regardless of what politicians say

O K, here is my question to you today..

What's your blood type?

This is a very important question


Because a recent study found that your blood type may determine if you get corona-virus or not..
Or if you die from it in case you are infected

If you have blood type O, you have a lower risk of contracting Corona-virus!

You have a higher risk IF your blood type is A, B or AB!

Here is where you can read about this Danish study

Here is something else that can reduce your risk..

An effective immune system!

You would remember that in my last e-mail, I pointed you to a product to do just that..

A combination of 10 mushroom combination that does more than boost your immunity

Your health is your responsibility

Guard it jealously!

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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