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A workout pill to get buff without any workouts at all?
July 30, 2015
Good Day

Will the workout pill build muscles without exercises

Couch potatoes rejoice

Research from Britain says you could get the benefits of exercises without ever leaving your couch

It is a pill that researchers from Britain's University of Southampton announced they had synthesized to make slobs look like "The Rock"..

Without as much as ever lifting a dumbbell!

This pill, christened "Compound 14" works by tricking your cells into thinking it has no energy left.

By some bio-chemical voodoo, the cell then produces the same benefits as if you had worked out with Mr Universe

Here is where you can read about this Something from Nothing Pill

Well, I am sorry to bust the bubble of those who would like to flip their remote, pet Fifi all day, and still look like the Incredible Hulk

I am not buying this research.

Call me a professional skeptic-a charge I would deny.

Where have we seen this movie before?

Oh yes, with a lot of drugs that generate lots of profits for their manufacturers, but compromize your health.

Such drugs as Statins!

Now, the authorities say you don't have to worry that much about your cholesterol level

I could have said I told you so; but I am not going to
Oh did I say just that?

Anyway, this has not stopped drug manufacturers from continuiung to advertise cholesterol lowering drugs

While the hype about cholesterol lowering drugs was in high gear, I warned about the fraudulent nature of Statins

Now, even the U.S government agrees with me and with other researchers who over the years, have been warnign about the dangers of Statins.

Read here my 50 cents take on this cholesterol hoax

Another example? Hormonal Replacement Therapy!

No doctor worth his/her Stethoscope would dare swear about their safety
The problem is that when you interfere with the normal functioning of the body, the body will surprise you.

And in most cases, the surprises are very unpleasant.
This is why drugs have side effects

The idea of getting buff without ever lifting a finger sounds like wishful thinking to me.

See, because some research looks good in a Petri dish does not mean it will translate to an effective, safe product for humans

I am not a big shot researcher with all of the letters of the alphabet after his name.
But what I have is common sense.

And common sense tells me you can't get something from nothing.
That has been the experience of humans for millions of years

And if this research proves me wrong, I'll be the first to jump on it
I mean, I am tired of the constant routine of spending time to exercise everyday

Besides, we can cure the obesity epidemic that's now world wide
The number of men who seem to be carrying twins is depressing-this could be how they can lose belly without trying!


I hate to be the kill-joy again, I am not betting on it.

Want to lose weight and flatten your stomach, I advice you not wait for this Cindarella Pill.

My gut feeling is that this pill will fizzle out!

And if by some intrigue-that's how Aspartame got on your dinner table-it gets into the marketplace, the side effects will be as unpleasant as the other synthetics that have destroyed people's health.

You want the benefits of exercise?


Exercises-the right exercises-confer on you more benefits than a pill can ever deliver.

And that's assuming such a pill works.

My bet is that this won't!

If you want to lose your beer gut, you better not fall for false promises regardless of the number of degrees the experts have

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