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The Bitter taste of High Fructose Corn Syrup
October 31, 2011

Yes, I've been away for a little while. I hope you are doing well, especially in these uncertain times.

Isn't it something! The holiday season is almost upon us-again. Was it not yesterday that the kids were screaming for the latest must-have toys? Hmmmmm, time flies.

And how about all those resolutions from last year, especially that one about losing weight after the holiday indulgence?

Want to know how to make that resolution stick this year, then you should take a look here

And now, since it's the holidays-almost, maybe it's time for a little confession. I'll go first: I've not been working out as much as I promised myself. Yeah, I know, whatever happened to all those resolutions? Next confession?

Well, the experts are getting close to finally admitting that the cholesterol hype is a profit driven hoax, as I noted in this post some months ago.

The pressure is building.

It had been reported several times by researchers, that low cholesterol could actually be linked to higher health risks.

You have not heard these reports because they are published in Specialized, professional journals that are in low circulation among academics.

Do not expect these academics to be invited as guests on the evening news any time soon, because they might contradict the messages of their advertisers.

You would not suspect the conclusions of these researches from the shrill ads on television on how we should lower our cholesterol, and how we are one step from the grave if we don't.

But contradicting evidence have been coming out for years, and the sound you're hearing, drowning out these researches is the sound of cash register profits of statin drugs.

Consider this research from Harumi Okuyama, of the University of Nagoya University in Japan, for instance;

People with high cholesterol-all other things being equal-actually have a lower risk of cancer and premature death-AND, lower cholesterol levels increase the risks of these risks.

Wait a minute, you say, can't be.

NO? Why not?

Those who push for lowering cholesterol at any cost, will not take on these contradicting researches on facts; at least, they haven't done so. Which is curious, considering the fact that this particular paper was published in 2005!

In case you think Harumi Okuya had lost his marbles, here is another study along the same line-this one from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

This research covered over 52,000 folks. It found that women, 20-74 years of age-all things being equal-with high cholesterol more than 270,{Oh, me God, they're walking dead!} have a 28% lower risk of death, compared to those who have cholesterol count under 193!!

These people with the high cholesterol level, also have lower risks for heart attack and strokes. Don't these researches contradict every thing you've heard on television?

If you are worried about your heart health, now or in the future, listen to what a former heart surgeon, who used to rip open people's chest says, before he quit in disgust. His information on natural heart health could save your life.

You haven't heard about these researches, have you? You may never hear about this kind of news either, unless you subscribe to this kind of newsletter.

So tell your friends about this newsletter, so they too can enjoy this kind of timely, life saving information.

Statins side effects include muscle damage, liver damage, brain impairment, etc.

Do not expect them to be recalled any time soon. They are a multi-billion dollar a year business. It's up to you to protect yourself. Talk to you soon.

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