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The cholesterol hoax and the quest to medicate your children
November 22, 2011

I've written about this cholesterol thing before, but there is a new development that I think everyone should know about.

I am sure you've heard the news. In the United States, it is now recommended that 9-11 year olds be screened for cholesterol levels..

AND, if these kids come from families with histories of cardiovascular diseases, and their cholesterol levels are "determined" to be high, they could be put on statin medications.

I don't know about you, but this sounds extremely scary to me.

The cholesterol argument has not even been settled for adults, and now, children are to be medicated for a condition some experts say is a hoax in the first place.!

Is it any coincidence that the patents on some statins such as lipitor, had just expired?

I hate to think this is an attempt to find more costumers for statins, specifically targeting children.

But if children are to take statins{cholesterol lowering drugs}, you are'nt going to prescribe adult statins for them, are you?

Which is what fuels my suspicion of a new class of statins targeting children.

Won't that be a tragedy.

What are the long term implication of this?

Will this predispose these children to drug abuse as adults? Statins as they are today have so many side effects you might as well live with the consequences of high cholesterol.

And some voices are now saying-with justification-that most people on statins DO NOT have high cholesterol, to begin with.

A cholesterol of 240, according to research from Japan, IS actually a healthy level.

AND low cholesterol level is actually a risk factor for heart attack and Alzheimer's!!

If cholesterol is needed for brain function-and it is-, it follows then that a too low level would impair brain function.

This should come as common sense conclusion, except to some self serving experts who have got their cholesterol levels too low to think properly.

Why is cholesterol high in the first place, if it is high at all?

No one seems to bother with that question.

If you lower cholesterol level with medication-assuming it is high-without correcting the cause-,have you really enhanced the health of the patient?

SO the level goes up again, the medication is used to lower the level-a perpetual cycle of profits for the pill's manufacturer.

Would you believe that some experts think the cholesterol noise is largely driven by fraud?

The brain has the highest level of cholesterol in the body. Have you ever wondered why we are not all choking in our brains. We all should be twisting epileptics by now.

The body, ESPECIALLY, the brain, needs cholesterol. That's the only way thinking is possible. Without cholesterol, you would be unable to think. You won't able to have children either, because cholesterol is needed in the production of hormones.

Read this page I wrote months ago about cholesterol and heart disease.

Concerned about your heart health? Listen to what this heart doctor has to say about this cholesterol hoax and how you can make your heart healthy, naturally.

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