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How to increase your libido without drugs
August 31, 2013

This how to defeat erectile probems without dangerous drugs

FDA warns about the health risks of testosterone drugs

I just made a post that I know you will be interested in. You know everywhere you turn lately, you are bombarded with ads about how to increase your testosterone level.

Sure, men's testosterone levels have been declining over the last 2 decades. And men are understandably worried.


There are many reasons for this. Even young men in their twenties suffer from erectile dysfunction that may be due to low testosterone levels!

The consequences of low testosterone are very serious indeed. Testosterone is not just for getting an erection.

It is involved in many other biological processes in the body.

Did you know that low testosterone can cause premature aging and even premature death?

Your heartache monetized

It is this anxiety that the drug companies are trying to monetize. And that's why you see those ad blitz in the media about increasing testosterone- with their drugs, of course.

But testosterone drugs pose serious risks for men-AND women!

In fact, these health risks are serious enough that even the FDA issued health warnings concerning the dangers that testosterone drugs pose, not only to users but also to women who come in contact with these drugs.

The truth of the matter is, you can increase testosterone level naturally.
Without drugs and their dangerous side effects.

Read the full text of the post here

You know my passion is about natural health. I search for information and products concerning non-toxic health.

The way I see it, it's better not to be sick in the first place.

There are natural alternatives to drugs. These drugs have so many serious side effects that they are constantly being recalled.

In order to stay up to date with the results of my search for information about natural products, suppressed therapies, hidden researches that do not dovetail to drug companies' conditioning, go to any of my pages and subscribe to my RSS feed.

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Remember what someone once said: "If you think knowledge is expensive, wait till you see the price of ignorance!"

Thank you, and good health to you and yours.


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