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Getting healthy and living longer is a choice
March 17, 2013

Healthy heart and good cholesterol profile without drugs

Your most important asset is actually your health.

If you lose it, you've lost everything-because there is nothing you can do without good health.

And your good health depends on you, not the government, or the drug companies.

Nor does it depend on experts, who for the most part have conflicting interests.

Take the noise about cholesterol for instance.

For decades, we've been bombarded with ads telling us of the need to lower cholesterol.

This we are told will improve our heart health.

During those decades, Statins [cholesterol lowering drugs], made billions in profits.

The deafening noise of profits

During those decades too, some experts were warning about the dangers that statins pose to health.

But profits generate more noise than common sense.

What are the risks of statins? Consider these risks:

  • Brain impairment
  • Muscle damage
  • Liver damage
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vision problem
  • Risk of heart attack!

And these are just some of the dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs.

What are statins anyway?

They are a class of drugs that are suppossed to lower cholesterol.

Why lower cholesterol in the first place?

To improve heart health and prevent cardiovascular diseases-at least that's the argument.

But this is a profit driven hoax.


Because most people who are told have high cholesterol, do not!

In fact, research all over the world have shown that a cholesterol that's too low is a risk factor for heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, memory problems, to name just a few.

And here is the problem:

Statins deplete the level of the body's Coenzyme Q10.

What is CoQ10?

C0Q10 is the fuel the heart uses to power itself and keep its rhythm

Now you can see what kind of risks statins pose to health.
Now, is cholesterol really bad for you?

The answer is NO!!

  • Cholesterol is what the brain uses to power electrical signals. Thinking will be impossible without cholesterol
  • The body uses cholesterol to synthesize hormones. Without cholesterol, you would not be able to have children

Why then has cholesterol been maligned?

The simple answer is, PROFITS

Now, the FDA is now warning about the dangers of cholesterol-after the statin manufacturers have made a mint in profits, and after the patents on some of the first statins had run out.


You be the judge.

But if you're worried about heart health, here is some shocking news from a heart doctor.

This heart surgeon used to cut peoples' chest open to fix their hearts-that is until he quit this lucrative enterprise.


Because he realized that this might not be the right approach. He also found out that the cholesterol noise and the push of statins is just a money making hoax.

He also found out that, even if your cholesterol is high, the solution is NOT statins.

Because-and this is very significant-the cause of high cholesterol IS poor nutrition!!!

If you lower it with drugs, the liver will just make some more.

Radical, right?

But, this notion is now gaining more traction.

BECAUSE, it is the truth.

The "lower your cholesterol with statin" argument is a hoax. Listen to what this heart doctor has to say about how to maintain your heart health naturally.

This information can save your life.

Make sure you tell your loved ones.
It could save their lives too.

Click the link to assess this life-saving information.

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