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Healing power of super-nutrients
May 27, 2013

These supernutrients will benefit your health

How to be healthy naturally

If you've been reading the newsletter I've been sending you, you know I am very passionate about natural health and living.

I go out of my way to find, and share information about nature's wisdom and how we, as humans, can use this wisdom to enhance our health.

I like to find natural products-not drugs, that people can use to make sure they do not fall sick in the first place.

Trying to get well after you're sick is not the best way to be healthy.

I, especially try to find those products, therapies, that are being actively suppressed, hidden, and discredited-even when they work.

And believe me, they are being suppressed.

Natural health compromised

Notice how drugs, with horrible side effects are allowed to be advertised on television. Their side effects are so dangerous they'll kill you before the disease does

Many cures are allowed to be attributed to these drugs, even in the face of these side effects-and those are ones the manufacturers admit to.

But did you know that no one can claim that a natural product can cure an illness-even if they have hundreds of people who have been brought back from death's door with it?

You could go to jail if you do; and if you're a medical doctor, you could have your license revoked.

Take products like statins, for instance. Statins are cholesterol lowering drugs-the most popular of which is Lipitor. Pfizer, the manufacturer of Lipitor made, and is still making billions of dollars in profit from this product.

And a lot of experts think the cholesterol scare is just that-a scare, but that's another story.

Healthy choices enhance your health

But here is a fact a lot of people do not know: Most of the statins out there are bastardized version of what nature puts in red rice yeast. Eating red rice yeast will not harm you, because it is a food. Statins will-and this is according to the FDA-the regulating agency that approved them in the first place! Statins have serious side effects, because:

  1. It is a "chemical analog" of the "active ingredient in red rice yeast."
  2. They are NOT natural
  3. The body recognizes them as foreign material, and you know what the body does to what it does not recognize-it tries to give rid of it-hence the adverse reactions
  4. This chemical analog from their voodoo chemistry, is NOT the same as what nature includes in red rice yeast. Their statin is an isolate. Nature does not produce isolates, but food-form nutrients.

The body does not, and cannot utilize these chemicals. These products can also harm the body because the liver has to expend so much energy to break them down, and eliminate their metabolites

And this is why these chemicals have serious side effects.

BUT, turning common sense on its head, they can make medical claims on the dangerous bastardized chemical analog, but you cannot make such a claim for the natural product from which theirs was corruptly copied!! George Orwell's Animal Farm is well and alive

Super-nutrient find

You know, this is my philosophy: There is no incurable disease; there are diseases we do not know how to cure-YET!

On a happier note, there are some super-nutrients I've found in my search for these nature's wonders

These include:

  1. Colostrum
  2. Pine Pollen
  3. Raspberry Ketone
  4. Resveratrol
  5. Ellagic acid

These are just a few of many awesome natural products. Go check them out

BUT, the product I am most excited about right now, is MORINGA

Moringa is a true super-nutrient-perhaps the most nutrient-dense product on earth

I mean, every part of this miracle tree is beneficial to health. I can't tell you all about this tree of life here or we'll be here till tomorrow.

But I strongly suggest you go here to read about the healing power of moringa

You'll be impressed as much as I am. You will agree that Moringa is truly nature's pharmacy tree

Thank you very much, and in all you do, make healthy choices

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