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Weight loss Inspiration Discussion Forum
April 29, 2012

"There is strength in numbers...", is a popular saying. True, too!

Which is the rational behind my creating the Inspirational Weight Loss Discussion Forum.

I will like you folks to check it out.

What is the weight loss discussion forum?

  • It is where people who want to lose weight
  • People who had successfully lost weight
  • People who can help people lose weight
  • People who have never been overweight and can help others stay slim and fit forever

....this is where all these people can interact in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

It helps to know that you are not alone. This is the rational for associations and clubs.
People can talk freely about their struggles, trials, triumphs etc.

Not only that, this weight loss community also gives those who have succeeded in losing weight the opportunity to mentor those who are still struggling to shed those ugly pounds.

But maybe you've never been overweight. You especially can contribute to this community; in fact you have a central role to play-after all, there are reasons you are not overweight in the first place.

Other member of this weight loss forum can learn from you, the lifestyles to get to, and stay at their ideal weights.

This then, is the space for like-minded people to connect- be themselves without the fear of embarrassment or condemnation.

You are encouraged to participate in this weight loss forum even if you're not overweight.

Have insight into how to eat healthy? Maybe you're a nutritionist, a fitness expert, a conditioning guru.
Why not share your expertise, help and mentor someone or come to be encouraged and mentored.

Obesity is a world wide epidemic. But there are countries where the rate is very low.

For instance, the obesity rate in Japan is about 5%.

Compare that to the over 30% rate in the U.S!

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