What motivates me to
get up in the morning?

A commitment to take control of my health!

   Non toxic health, that is!

I have a few mantras that I always recite.
See if they make sense to you..

Here they are:

  • Whatever is going to kill me will NOT get my help
  • My health is my responsibility, no one else
  • My health depends on the choices I make
  • I will seek out information because experts have been consistently wrong
  • A lot of information out there has been corrupted by profit motives and personal agendas
  • These are more reasons to be informed because I am the one who know best how I feel!

What in your possession would you trade for your health?

What motivates YOU to get up in the morning?

The desire to control what happens in your life, right?
If this is your primary motivation-and it should be..


I mean NOTHING is more important than your health!

Would you take a drug that suppresses your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to other diseases? That's what most drugs do. That's why they have side effects!Good health is a choice. The choices you make determine your health. Download FREE Book-learn health secrets of people who are perpetually healthy.

This is why I publish Natural Health News, a weekly newsletter of my latest research on non toxic health.

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After all, its better NOT to be sick in the first place

  • I am very passionate about getting healthy naturally

  • I am offended by dangerous drugs that are allowed in the market place

  • I am offended-so should you-by the collusion of drug companies with governments to monetize ill health

  • Drugs that have higher chances of killing you than the diseases they are supposed to cure, are not medicines-they are toxins!

  What would you find in this Natural Health

  • How about the fact that cholesterol is GOOOOOD for you..?

  • Here is a biggie: Harvard University scientists were bribed by the sugar industry in the 60s to skew research results in favor of the sugar industry!

  • And that Statins [Cholesterol lowering drugs] can give you a heart attack..

  • How about the fact that Viagra is a risk factor for Melanoma-a deadly, aggressive form of skin cancer

  • How about a natural molecule that beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat ED! And it can also help you live longer in good health for good measure!

  • Or the fact that some one actually discovered the major causes of cancer and how to beat cancer naturally!

    When was this research?

   Would you believe IN 1931!!!

   Won a Nobel Prize for it too!

How come those Cancer Telethons never told you about that?

If you were a subscriber to Natural Health News, you would have known that.

How many more of these hoaxes are out there?

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Most of what you've been told about health..

Hi, this is Teejay..

If I were to rename my Newsletter; I would call it:ASK NATURE

Because Nature has the answers

 Do you know what makes people sick the most?

 Do you know that regular medicine as practiced today   kills thousands a year? most people?

 Don't believe me?

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 ..you'll be surprised at what they've been hiding
   from you!

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