Use nitric oxide health benefits get healthy for life

Some of the many nitric oxide health benefits

      harder erection..

      a healthy heart..

     But there are more!!

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The many health benefits
of nitric oxide

The many nitric oxide health benefits include:

  •   Regulation of blood pressure

  •   Increase in sex drive in men and women

  •   Increase in energy/combats fatigue

  •   Boosts immunity

  •   Improves memory

  •   Lowers the risks of Diabetes

  •   Anti aging

  •   Reduces risks of strokes

  •   Treating hypertension etc.

The nitric oxide research story

Ever since it was declared Molecule of the year in 1992, nitric oxide has been generating so much interest..

And rightly so too!

         A Natural Molecule that Delivers

Interest in nitric oxide intensified even further after 3 Professors at UCLA were awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for research into its health benefits

But nitric oxide health benefits go beyond regulation of blood pressure.

This is what research by Dr Louis Ignario and his colleagues-Robert F. Furchgolt, and Ferid Murad, found.

This research also found that nitric oxide boosts sex drive and stamina

Where upon Pfizer jumped on the results of this research to bring you..

NOT nitric oxide supplement..

No sir..

There is no money in a natural product-you can't patent a natural product anyway..

That's how you get Viagra, courtesy of Pfizer!

But, Viagra IS a drug

Viagra has serious side effects that can harm your health big time-including heart attacks!

So says the FDA!!

High Blood Pressure-the Silent Killer

About 36 million people suffer from high blood pressure..

And that's in the United States alone!

And there are millions more who do not even know they have it.

Health Risks of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous to your health.

How dangerous?

Here are some of the consequences:

  • Strokes

  • Heart attacks

  • Brain impairment

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Kidney damage

  • Liver damage

  • Fatigue

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Headaches  etc.

    Won't it be wise to take advantage of nitric oxide health benefits and get healthy?

Health risks of blood pressure medications

High blood pressure is dangerous to your health..

But so are the medications used to treat it!

Some of these medications do not even work even if they are safe..

And they are NOT!

Side effects of Blood Pressure Medications

  • Dizziness

  • Low Libido

  • Kidney Failure

  • Memory Problems

  • Diarrhea

  • Stroke-yes, blood pressure medications can actually give you a stroke!

  • Dry Mouth

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle Pain

  • Constipation

  • Headache

  • Sensitivity to Sunlight

  • Higher risks of Cancer etc.

How do you like these?

 Not at all, I presume!

Why would you subject yourself to these risks?
Especially when a natural product like nitric oxide does all these..

  1. Regulates blood pressure

  2. Jacks up your libido

  3. Helps fight infection

  4. Boosts memory

  5. Prevents inflammation

    AND Much much MORE!
    And it's been scientifically verified
    But it's been more than verified..
    That research was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998!
    You can not get a greater verification than that, can you?


Nitric oxide relieves hypertension
where drugs fail

Here is research that found that nitric oxide normalizes hypertension where drugs fail

This kind of hypertension is the result of the body's inability to synthesize nitric oxide.

This inability is because of a deficiency of an enzyme that facilitates nitric oxide synthesis

Nitric oxide is a Vasodilator

Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure by helping blood vessels dialate This improves flexibilty and lowers high blood pressureNitric oxide regulates blood pressure boosts sex drive in men and women boosts immunity and increases energy

Nitric oxide is an important molecule found in almost all organisms

Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure among its many functions in the body.

Nitric oxide is synthesized by endothelial cells.

Endothelial cells are cells that line the inner walls of blood vessels.


Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure by helping blood vessels dilate.

By  relaxing blood vessels, it increases blood flow

Better blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to every body cell and normalizes blood pressure

Some more nitric oxide health benefits

By protecting the integrity of endothelial cells, nitric oxide:

  1. Reduces the risks of vascular aging

  2. Increases energy and stamina-this is
     why athletes favor it as supplement

  3. Increases blood flow to every part of
     the body
     Better blood flow to all parts of the
     body-especially to the penis and
     clitoris is why nitric oxide is the
     preferred treatment for erectile
     dysfunction in men and low libido in

  4. Makes blood vessels more flexible to normalize blood pressure
    Adequate blood flow is especially  
    important to diabetics
    Diabetics in most cases have low nitric oxide levels

    This is dangerous as poor blood flow can cause nerve damage, resulting in severe nerve pain

    Diabetic nerve damage is responsible for
    most limb amputations
    in the United States!

5. Reduces the risks of strokes.
   Nitric oxide prevents the clumping together of
   blood platelets.
   A stroke occurs when one of these blood clumps
   break free, travels to the
   brain and blocks a blood vessel

6. Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure by
   protecting the inner linings
   of blood vessels from oxidative damage

   One of the most dangerous of all free radicals
   to blood vessels, is homocysteine

   Nitric oxide and B Vitamins neutralize
   homocysteine to protect blood vessels
   Homocysteine damages blood vessels by robbing
   them of their flexibility

7. Nitric oxide boosts libido in men and Women

8. Nitric oxide helps kill viruses after they are
   trapped by macrophages

9. Boosts immunity

10. Is a signalling molecule helping the body
    relay messages back and forth

Nitric oxide and Diabetes

Lack of nitric oxide can lead to inflammation and heart damage

Diabetics have low nitric oxide levels

Damage to the heart as a result of low nitric oxide level can cause poor blood circulation to the extremities

What are the consequences of this?

  • Poor blood flow to the extremities can cause Neuropathy

  • Ulcers that are stubborn to heal

  • Amputation of lower limbs


Is diabetes a sugar problem?

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See how Jerry Mathers of "Leave it to Beaver fame" reversed his Diabetes without drugs or needles

Nitric oxide beat Viagra
in head to head tests

             That's right!

Nitric oxide proved more effective in treating erectile dysfunction than the much touted Viagra.

And unlike Viagra, it is natural and has no side effect!

But nitric oxide health benefits are more than boosting libido as you have seen from previous in this post

Viagra can give you a heart attack-according to the FDA.

Use nitric oxide for harder erection. Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure protects your heartNitric oxide is a natural for harder erection In fact nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head to treat ED. Research into nitric oxide won Dr Ignario and colleagues the Nobel Prize in 1998. Nitric oxide gives harder erection, improves blood circulation, improves the flexibility of your arteries, boosts immunity etc.

Nitric oxide Viagra and heart attack

Some of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Hardened arteries

  • Low COQ10 levels

  • Low nitric oxide

  • Poor circulation

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Low Testosterone

  • Smoking

Here is where nitric oxide beat Viagra hands down

One of the major side effects of Viagra is depleting the body's supply of COQ10

What is COQ10?

You put gas in your car to get from one place to the other.
Gasoline supplies the energy your car needs to work.

Well, CoenzymeQ10 is to your heart's gasoline!
It is the nutrient that supplies your heart the energy it needs to operate

Viagra lowers your body's supply of this very COQ10!

What then do you think would happen to your heart..
..and your health in general?

The same thing that happens to your car when there is no gas in it!

A lack of this nutrient can cause heart failure-obviously!!

Whereas nitric oxide health benefits include strengthening your heart, Viagra depletes the very nutrient your heart needs to operate!

What causes high blood pressure?

While some people may be predisposed to high blood pressure, here are some of the major causes of high blood pressure:

  • Sugar

  • Lack of sleep

  • Obesity

  • Poor diet

  • Stress

  • Heart disease

  • Grains 

  • Some medications

  • Some illnesses etc.

    Lower high blood pressure with
    nitric oxide

Here are the ways to lower high blood pressure without drugs:

  • Get some sleep

  • Lower your stress level
  • Consume more Omega 3 oils such as Fish oil and Krill oil

  • Avoid Omega 6 oils such as Corn Oil, Canola Oil

  • Avoid Soy

  • Avoid or at least reduce your intake of refined sugar

  • Stop smoking

  • Get some sun-for your vitamin D.
    Plus.. your skin releases nitric oxide when the sun hits it!

  • Breathe deeply

  • Eat more leafy greens

  • Lose weight

  • Eat some dark chocolate

  • Consume foods rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta carotene, Selenium

  • Exercise

But above all, avoid viagra erection enhancers problems by consuming foods rich in nitric oxide

Eat foods rich in Arginine and Citrulline-these are the precursors to nitric oxide synthesis in your body

And here is the best nitric oxide supplement


Because nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure, and more.

It also reduces inflammation, boosts sex drive in men and women, increases energy, boosts immunity etc.

Inflammation is at the root of a lot of diseases..

Diseases such as heart disease, aging, diabetes, low immunity-to mention just a few.

   Caution about nitric oxide

  1. If you are on blood pressure medication, consult your doctor before you quit taking it

  2. Do not mix nitric oxide with alcohol

  3. Do not mix nitric oxide with caffeine

  4. Do not take it IF you're pregnant-consult your doctor!

           Nitric oxide foods

Nitric oxide regulates blood pressure, boosts sex drive, boosts immunity, is anti aging etc.

But how do you get it?

You cannot take nitric oxide straight
It is a gas

You get it by consuming nitrate foods

Your body then converts nitrates to nitric oxide

                Sources of nitric oxide

  • Dark chocolate

  • Arugula

  • Spinach

  • Lettuce

  • Beets

  • Nuts

  • Pomegranate

  • Kale

  • Cilantro

  • Swiss chard

  • Garlic 

  • Green leafy vegetables etc.

See all nitric oxide foods at this link

Eat your way to good health-
foods high in nitric oxide


Nitric oxide health

By now you know some nitric oxide health benefits

But we also know it does way more than regulate blood pressure

Take advantage of a natural product whose health benefits have been documented by rigorous science .

This science came from one of the most prestigious Universities in the United States


That scientific research was awarded the Nobel Prize!

Oh, did I mention that the synthesis of the drug Viagra was based on the research of Dr Ignario?

But, don't be fooled
Viagra is a drug synthesized in a laboratory..

With very serious side effects!

It is NOT the real nitric oxide

Want the real nitric oxide, jack up your libido and improve your over all health?

Take advantage of nitric oxide libido boosting power, with this nitric oxide erection formula is your safest bet

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