An anti aging protocol is the way to be younger than your real age and be healthy at any age

   An anti aging protocol-
   reality or wishful

How Will You Age?

Broken down and sickly as experts predict..

Or healthy and vigorous as you sure can be?

Anti aging protocol to turn back the aging clock. Avoid diseases normally associated with aging by making healthy choices nowUse anti-aging protocol to delay biological aging. Age young and healthy, age related diseases, retain your sex drive. Build and retain lean muscle mass and keep wrinkles at bay. Retain your strength even as you get older

anti aging protocol-how to get older in good health, not old and sickly

How well would you age?

Take a look at this video

Organic Mega Nutrition Super foods Blend-how to Build a Younger healthier You

I don't care how well you think you eat, most of us cannot get ALL the nutrient our bodies need from food nowadays

  • The Soil is depleted of nutrients from over farming , pesticides, inorganic fertilizers etc.

  • Foods are harvested before plants could produce all the nutrients Nature had endowed them with

  • Some foods are not even grown, they are manufactured in a laboratory

  • Our stressful lifestyles deplete nutrients, especially anti oxidants
    We are thus nutritionally deficient on the rare chance that we are even eating right

Well, here is the most nutrient dense food form formula I've had the privilege of of using

Consisting of 8 Organic Power Foods..

Each of which is a Super food by itself!

8 Super-foods for attaining Radiant Health
Here is the Mega Nutrition Organic Super-food

  • Moringa
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Acai Berry
  • Goji Berry
  • Cacao
  • Turmeric
  • Camu-Camu

An anti-aging protocol-the way to delay biological aging and ward off..age related diseases

The World Health Organization says that most diseases are the result of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle

As you can see, leading the list in this Super food is MORINGA

If you haven't heard about Moringa, do some research

and be blown away by this incredible wisdom of nature

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The choices you make everyday determine your over all health

There is nothing you can do about the passage of the years
But you have the choice to determine how those years affect your health
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What you give your body is what it will give you-it's only fair, right?
Give you body what it needs to keep you healthy
Get the full spectrum anti aging supplement and skin care products

Are you aging young and healthy?

You started aging the moment you were born!

Your anti aging protocol should start as soon as you are old enough to make choices

Maybe you say to yourself: I am young and vigorous, why do I have to worry about aging?

BUT consider this:

How well you age

How healthy you are over the years

What diseases you're susceptible to

How good you look

Even how long you'll live..

ALL these depend on what lifestyle choices you make now, and everyday!

The health of your skin is an indication of your health
This is why your skin care products should be natural
Your anti aging skin care products should also be non-toxic
And here are the products that meet that criteria

How well do YOU look?

Looking good is great
But looking good could be achieved with botox, cosmetics and other superficial means


How well do you feel?
That's what is most important
And that's where healthy lifestyle choices such as good nutrition comes in

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Let me introduce you to Ceramides..

the anti aging protocol for your skin and general health

What are Ceramides..
anti aging skin care capsules

Ceramides, the age reversing super food!

Now let's talk about Ceramides

Most people may not have heard about Ceramides
But make no mistake about it, you want Ceramides as part of your anti aging protocol

Which leads to the next logical question:

What are Ceramides and why is it important to your health?

Ceramides anti aging Supplement and Ceramides anti aging Skin Care

Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to aging, you'll never see anything more important than Ceramides

How natural are ceramides?

Well, Ceramides make up about 40% of your skin structure!

Low ceramides level leads to wrinkles and skin aging and sagging


  • Help erase wrinkles

  • Erase age lines

  • Get rid of Skin blemishes from inside out

Unfortunately with the years and environmental assault, the level diminishes

But what IF there is a way to restore your Ceramides level from the inside out

Restore your skin suppleness with plant derived Phyto Ceramides and get younger looking skin with


Get PhytoCeramides Now!

World Health Organization's
take on aging and diseases

The World Health Organization says that most diseases are the result of poor nutrition and lack of exercises

Best anti aging supplement..
the longevity secrets of Okinawa people

Have you heard about the people of Okinawa in Japan?

They are some of the healthiest people on the planet

They live long.. good health!

They are vigorous into their 80s and nineties!

What is their anti aging protocol?

Their secret of longevity has been traced to a product from the sea

The product?


Health benefits of Fucoidan

What is fucoidan?

An extract of brown seaweed that has so many beneficial health properties such as:

Anti aging benefits of

  • Activates anti aging genes in mice

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Dramatically boosts the ability of the cells to heal themselves and repair injuries

  • Improves general immunity to protect you against diseases

  • Is Anti viral infections

  • Prevents the risks of  blood clots

  • Reduces your risks of osteoarthritis

  • Protects your kidney and liver from diseases

  • Protects against the adverse effects of chemotherapy 

An anti aging protocol to combat the negative effects of aging and avoid age related diseases

I am not being dramatic when I maintain that your anti aging protocol SHOULD include the consumption of Fucoidan.

It is that awesome
Look at the health benefits of this gift of nature from the sea
Look at what it does for Okinawans

What's even more awesome than FUCOIDAN?

Fucoidan combined with other SUPER FOODS..

..and Age Defying amino acids!

Goji Berry

The Chinese have used this fruit for centuries to defeat the aging process


The King of mushrooms considered to be the secret key of Immortality

Ashwagandha Root

The Ancients in India have used Ashwagandha to age young and healthy. It is considered to be the best way to turn back the aging clock

ALL these PLUS++

Anti aging amino acids


An amino acid that improves Cardiovascular health, normalizes blood pressure, boosts memory, boosts erection strength, improves blood flow etc


Anti-Aging amino acid


Cellular defense amino acid


Life Extender amino acid


A natural energy booster

What you get is the most amazing food form supplement that addresses every
aspect of health imaginable

These are what you get in this REJUVENATION COMPLEX!

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   Here are what experts say
   would be your fate as you
   get older

  •  A weak heart

  •  Frail bones

  •  Lung and breathing difficulties

  •  Memory loss and dementia

  •  Aging skin

  •  Painful joints

  •  Vision problems

  •  Poor immunity

  •  Muscle weakness

  •  Premature aging

  •  Wrinkles

  •  Loss of muscle tone

  •  Loss of muscle strength

  •  Loss of libido

  •  Age spots

  •  Weight gain 

Download your FREE copy of this book

Use this anti aging protocol to turn back the hand of aging clock

Is getting older a predictor
of disease?

As you get older, we are told, you are more prone to depression..

Have higher risks of serious diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, and other degenerative diseases

  •  Loss of balance

  •  Loss of bone mass

  •  Higher risk of bone fracture

  •  Menopause in women and Andropause in men

  •  Hair loss

  •  Slow reflex etc.!

I know, I know



And these are just some, not all of the indignities of aging!

If this is true, why not jump off a bridge right now and end it all?


These are NOT what YOU have to look forward to!


Because YOU are on this page!

The anti aging protocol on this page could put a lie to these dire predictions

Getting older Or getting old

You look in the mirror one day..

And suddenly you hardly recognize the person staring back at you

And then you start to wonder:

  • Is this how people see me?

  • What has time to done my face?

  • My hands

  • My reflexes

  • Memory

  • And health in general

Looking frail, constantly getting sick -this is NOT normal at any age!

They are signs of Premature Aging!

Which is why you need an anti aging protocol that is natural

Get older in good health with anti aging protocolHow would you age? Healthy or sickly? What if an anti aging protocol can help you get healthier even as you get older? I am sure you know some uncle, aunt, who seem to defy the aging process. Have you ever asked them IF they are on any anti aging protocol for aging youthfully? Maybe you should!

In case you think this is normal, let me assure you..

It is NOT

Is there any anti-aging protocol that can delay or reverse the aging process?

Not according to this Washington Post Article

But before we go any further, go ahead and download your FREE copy of the book:

"Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick"

That way, you can access the full Spectrum of this anti aging protocol

Now, let us use common sense to put a lie to the fact that there is nothing we can do to slow down the aging process

Lifestyle Comparison of 2 Subjects

Let us see if that is true

In order to do that, let us compare the lifestyle of 2 people

And if it is true that anti aging protocol confers no advantage, then let's compare two people with different lifestyles

One with a healthy lifestyle and the other-well-let's just say he's no Hercules

Subject 1

  •  This guy is a chain smoker

  •  He drinks to excess

  •  He stays up all night watching television

  •  He is consequently overweight

  •  He eats fast foods, fatty foods and never exercises

  •  Has never heard about an anti aging protocol or lifestyle, and doesn't care
     one way or the other

  •  Is short of temper and is therefore constantly under stress


Subject 2

  •  This guy eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially colored fruits
     that are loaded with anti-oxidants

  •  He is a teetotaler or drinks in moderation

  •  He gets at least 8 hrs of sleep every night

  •  He exercises and is therefore trim and slim

  •  He drinks plenty of water and never soda

  •  He practices meditation to keep stress down

  •  Protects his skin from the elements

And one more thing

For good measure, Subject 2 takes anti aging supplements, containing anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory components, vitamins and minerals.. food form, mind you etc.

He is essentially implementing an anti aging protocol

Now, according to this Washington Post article -if I understand it correctly-there should be no difference in the health, aging process and susceptibility to diseases between these two people!

Both would probably live long lives, filled with aches and pain, per this Washington Post article, right!

Well, looking at these two subjects lifestyles, we know that would be a big lie

One subject is on a healthy anti-aging regimen, while the other does not care about any anti-aging protocol, products or even a healthy lifestyle

      Common sense trumps stupidity

Now, by just using common sense-no science knowledge needed-which of these two is more likely to die a premature death?

Common sense tells us-and scientific research bears out the fact-that Subject 2 would, in all likelihood-live longer and age healthier than the slob

See how common sense can be very scientific?

Which of these 2 would age faster?

I am sure you know the answer to that

Anti aging breakthrough?

There are tantalizing researches that promise that we can, at least, get older in good health.

Watch the video to see what I am talking about

Telomeres aging connection

What are Telomeres?
Well, let Dr Sinclair tell us. He knows more about Telomeres than anyone alive!

As noted by Dr Sinclair, experiments on rats with NAD had produced remarkable results.
Rats the equivalent of 50 human years reverted to age 20 when fed NAD.

NAD is a form of Vitamin B3

Its remarkable power to rejuvenate at the cellular level is why it has been called ..

The God Vitamin!

That puts a lie to the conclusion of the Washington Post Article I referred to earlier, doesn't it?

And you only have to use common sense to disprove the conclusion of that post

There surely is an anti aging protocol that can delay the aging process.

This can delay biological aging and get you healthy for life

Aging is a "cellular disease!"

If aging is a cellular disease, then an anti aging protocol for curing-or at least slowing it down-has to be targeted at the cellular level too!

Sure there may be a place for cosmetic surgery..
But it will cost you an arm and a leg..
And it does nothing to alter your cellular makeup or improve your health

What do experts say about aging?

Forget what the experts say sometimes

  •  Experts said the earth was flat

  •  Experts said the earth was the center of the universe

  •  Experts say cholesterol is bad for you.

  •  Cholesterol powers the electrical signals in your brain and is used in the production of hormones.

  • Without cholesterol, you won't be able to have babies! 

  • A lot of people who have been told have high cholesterol, DO NOT.

  • Experts said bees should not be able to fly-according to their vaunted aerodynamic calculations

  • Experts say no anti aging protocol can delay biological aging-at least that Washington Post article did!

    So much for experts!

And if you really want to preserve your heart health, instead of falling for the cholesterol hoax, here is some heart healthy information from a former heart surgeon who quit in disgust

His expose can save your life


      Did you know low cholesterol can actually
      age you faster!

Have you fallen fallen for the cholesterol hype?

If you are taking Statins to lower your cholesterol, do not be surprised 


  • You start to forget things

  • You suffer erectile dysfunction 

  • You have low sperm count

  • You suffer from infertility

  • You start to wrinkle like a prune etc


Read this post on money making scam of cholesterol drugs

See how wrong experts can be!

Experts are they, who manufacture those drugs that would kill you faster than the diseases they are prescribed for..

Drugs that are routinely recalled!

Is there any anti aging protocol to get you healthy for life?

You bet there is!

An anti aging protocol is the way to delay biological aging, AND ward off age related diseases

These experts say anti-aging protocol, however much they cost, cannot delay the aging process

They are wrong!

You can retain and reclaim your youth!

So, when experts tell you any anti-aging protocol is ineffective, and that we should be resigned to getting old, sick and broken, take it with a bucket of salt

Experts have been saying so much lately, not just about anti-aging concerns, but also about things that seem to contradict common sense

Credibility of Experts or lack of it

Remember the Stanford University research conclusion that said that eating organic foods confers no health advantage?

That set off many dissenting voices-including that of yours truly

Anyway, a lot of what ail man is tied to lifestyle-and this is even more true, when we are talking about anti-aging lifestyle

The aging process-are you just going to take take it lying down?

 Remember I said earlier on that aging is caused by:

  •  Free radical damage

  •  Inflammation

  •  Poor Nutrition

  •  Lack of Oxygen for the cells etc.


Getting Older without Getting Old

I will be introducing some incredible anti aging products on this page-products that would help you age young and healthy

There is nothing you can do about the passage of years
But there are things you can do to control how it affects you

An effective anti aging protocol helps you get older without getting old, weak, sickly and decrepit

Why is an anti-aging protocol

necessary in the first place?

Well, as we all know, as the years go by..

  1. The body gets less efficient

  2. Takes longer to heal

  3. And may not respond as fast as it used to.


    Why implement an anti aging protocol program?

Here are the reasons an anti aging protocol makes sense for you-even IF you are a teenager.

How you would feel years from now depends on what, and how you live..


      Turning back the aging clock

IF you can defeat, or at least minimize these causes with an effective anti-aging protocol, you can considerably slow down the aging process

There are plenty you can do to delay the aging process

And I don't mean at the superficial level.

I mean, you can delay biological aging and prevent the diseases normally associated with the aging process

Why do we age anyway?

You know, some doctors are starting to look at aging as a disease..
..a disease that can be-if not curable-at least, manageable..
A disease that can be considerably slowed down

    Aging is primarily caused by..

  1.  Free radical damage

  2.  Inflammation

  3.  Stress

  4.  Medications

  5.  Poor Nutrition

  6.  Lack of exercises

  7.  Smoking

  8.  Illness

  9.  Obesity

  10.  Drug use

  11.  Excessive Drinking

  12.  Sleep Deprivation

  13.  Depression

  14.  Unhealthy lifestyle

  15.  Environmental toxins that can damage/reprogram DNA

  16.  Poverty  etc.

There is nothing you can do about getting older, but there are things you can do to delay the aging process

How to eat to delay the aging process and get older in good health


The role of good nutrition in an anti aging protocolHow would you age? Weak and sickly or health and strong and being able to keep up with your grandchildren. A good anti aging protocol could help you do just that without dangerous drugs

Eat right get healthy age young

May be you think getting old and creaky is inevitable.
If you think this way, I have good news for you..

A healthy anti aging protocol can have you age young and healthy-give you a high quality of life at any age

       Nutrition aspects of an anti aging protocol

This is so obvious, it's not even worth mentioning.

But our diet today consists of unhealthy substances, some of which are not even foods!

We consume so much calories with little nutrition

Our diets consist of..

  • Refined sugars

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Sodas

  • Unhealthy fats

  • Chemical preservatives etc.

    The list of harmful foods goes on
    Some of these have been linked to cancer and other serious diseases 

    An anti aging protocol is NOT just about looking young.
    It is about being healthy as you get older

       Want to age young and healthy?

These are some of the healthy stuff you can eat..

  1. Healthy proteins

  2. Essential fatty acids

  3. Anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals 

  4. Brain foods to protect your brain from cognitive decline

  5. Heart healthy foods to protect your heart and  cardiovascular system etc.

  6. Good digestives such as the best Probiotics for better digestion and healthy intestinal flora

Role of good Nutrition in anti aging protocol

Good nutrition is perhaps the most important aspect of an effective anti-aging protocol

To get the proper nutrition, use what is the most nutrient dense product in nature-no synthetic ingredients..

Just straight from mother nature herself.

This is what I consider a super nutrient..

A nutrient dense food form health product of 93 of the most powerful natural products on earth:


  • Natural Vitamins and minerals

  • Mushrooms

  • Antioxidants

  • Green Foods such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfafa etc.

  • Digestives

  • Cleansers

  • Essential Fatty Acids

  • Immune Boosters etc

Here is that product-the most nutrient dense food form health formula

AND it is all natural!

No synthetic inorganic ingredients!!

         Get older in good health

Another product considered nature's super food is pine pollen.

Read more about this wonder of nature here

Buy pine pollen here

    Ward Off Diseases with Colostrum

Here is another weapon in your anti aging protocol:


            What is Colostrum?

One-if not-the best immune booster known, that's what.

This super food has ALL known immune factors.

It also has ALL known Probiotic factors!
Probiotics are essential for good bowel health.

About 80% of your immunity is tied directly to digestion!

Read all about Colostrum at this link

Get Enough Sleep

Do you know getting enough sleep is one of the most important anti-aging habits you can engage in?

Lack of sleep is a risk factor for:

  • Stress

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Cancer

  • Depression

  • Heart disease

  • Obesity

  • Memory problems

  • Type II diabetes

  • Slow reflex

  • Low immunity

  • Disruption of your internal biological clock

  • Premature aging etc

Would you agree then that sleep is one the factors in longevity that deserves great attention?

In fact, sleep is so important that we spend a third of our lives doing it.

Or we should

A good night's sleep is one powerful anti aging protocol


You can't be a couch potato and hope to stay young as you get older

Here are the reasons you should you bother exercising


  1. Lower blood pressure

  2. Elevate moods

  3. Help circulation

  4. Help detoxify the body

  5. Boost your immunity

  6. Boosts your libido by improving blood flow

That's not all either.

Exercises, especially strength training, help release growth hormone.

This helps in cell regeneration and repair

Exercises also ward off Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis by increasing bone mass

Exercises improve blood flow to all parts of the body and improve memory-reducing the risks of Alzheimer's

Increase blood flow prevents wrinkles, boosts immunity and prevents premature aging

Exercises also lifts moods as it increases the production of the good mood hormone, Oxytocin!

   Reduce Stress

    Stress is deadly!

That's not a figure of speech

I mean it literally

Stress is a risk factor for:

  1. Depression

  2. Obesity

  3. Strokes

  4. Heart disease

  5. Erectile dysfunction

  6. Premature aging

  7. Premature Death

  8. Depletion of Nutrients

  9. Suicide etc.

Stress will kill you before your time.

Implement this anti-aging protocol of eliminating stress..

Today, not tomorrow!


Use Good Nutrition

And Harmonic Frequencies to relax and banish stress

     Avoid Sugars/sodas

Sodas will kill you-and I mean that in a literal sense

You really want to know how dangerous sugar is to your health?

Download the book on this page-it is FREE!

    And SODAS?

These sugared poisons will leach calcium from your bones.
What are the implications of this?

How about:

  1.  Increasing your risks of osteoporosis
  2.  Bone fracture
  3.  Disrupting your ph balance resulting in body acidity-body acidity is a major risk factor for Cancer.
  4.  Consuming too much soda is also a risk factor for diabetes.
  5. Sugar has been implicated in so many diseases, including heart disease.
  6. Sugar is about 8 times as addictive as Cocaine!

    Refined sugar is bad enough, but most sodas and soft drinks contain Aspartame!

    Of Sugar Aspartame and Poor Health

Aspartame was rejected by the FDA on health safety grounds!

Not once, not twice..not even three..


     16 TIMES!

Now this poison-through political corruption-is in many of the foods you and your family consume!!

Find out how Aspartame wormed its way into your diet in the book:

"Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick"

FREE to download on this page

    Drink enough water

It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
But you would be surprised to find that a lot of people drink sodas instead of water

We can say without exaggeration that ALL biological processes in the body require water.

And why not?

You neglect drinking water at your own risk
The processes of:

  1. Digestion
  2. Absorption of nutrients
  3. Elimination of wastes
  4. Blood circulation
  5. Cell repair etc.

    All these-and more-require water.

    In fact, your body is about 70% WATER!

    Can you imagine what would happen if there is not enough water in your system?
    You would be on your way to becoming a dry twig!

      Quit Smoking

Smoking puts in your body poisons such as:

  • Cyanide

  • Arsenic

  • Formaldehyde

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Strontium

  • Inorganic chromium etc.

    And these are just a few of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarette smoke

 Smoking is a risk factor for:

  1. Hardening of the arteries

  2. Heart disease

  3. Emphysema

  4. Lung damage

  5. Brain impairment

  6. Wrinkles

  7. Premature aging

  8. Erectile dysfunction etc.

    In fact, a smoker has a 22% higher risk of developing erection problems
    than non-smokers

  Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction

That's right

Smoking is a risk factor for ED

From previous, you see that smoking can cause hardening of the arteries
You've heard so much about Testosterone as the magic hormone for male erection


Would you believe there is another nutrient that is as important-maybe even more important-for male libido than testosterone?

That natural nutrient is NITRIC OXIDE!

Nitric oxide is synthesized by the walls of the arteries
Damage to arterial walls caused by smoking impairs their ability to synthesize nitric oxide

Smoking makes you stupid!

Honestly, I am not making this up

Adequate blood flow to the brain is essential for memory and brain health
Smoking impairs proper blood flow to every part of the body, especially the brain

The hardening of the delicate arteries that supply blood to the brain, dramatically impairs their ability to carry the proper amount of blood


It gets worse!

Smoking and aging

We now know that smoking damages the heart and the arteries

The heart is the organ that pumps blood to every part of the body

But here is the problem

  • Smoking damages the heart

  • Smoking damages the arteries-the highway of blood to the body

The blood carries oxygen and nutrients

to every part of the body

Without adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients

  • The cells become inefficient

  • They are more susceptible to infection because of depressed immunity

  • Low oxygen supply causes the cells to switch to anaerobic respiration-which is a form of fermentation

    This is a ripe environment for the development of Cancer and other diseases

  • The risks of mutation is now higher than normal

  • The cells may atrophy and die

Smoking and the brain

But the news is even worse for the brain!

Though ONLY 5% of body weight..

 the brain consumes over 20% of the body's oxygen supply!

You do not need me to tell you what happens IF the brain is deprived of oxygen for a few minutes!

Now imagine if the brain does not get adequate oxygen over a period of years of smoking

  • You would get old before your time

  • You'd develop wrinkles

  • Your immune system would be depressed

  • Your brain would get older than its chronological age

  • In short, you age faster than normal 

  • You'll be more susceptible to age related diseases

Would you agree that IF you are a smoker,

quitting smoking is an important part of an

anti aging protocol?


Click this link Quit smoking now.

Getting rid of this unhealthy habit is another strong aspect of your anti aging protocol

Access ALL anti aging products

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The unique natural non surgical facelift

with Electronic Magic Anti wrinkle Wand

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